How to create WhatsApp Link with AiSensy for FREE?


Q What is a WhatsApp Link?

 A WhatsApp link is basically a link to your WhatsApp, clicking which will redirect the user to your WhatsApp Business.  

A WhatsApp Link guides a user to your Business' WhatsApp, helping them connect with you in real-time. Whenever a customer lands on your WhatsApp, there's a 45-80% chance that they'll end up converting into a customer.

WhatsApp Link is like your unique WhatsApp URL Link with a predefined message that you can share with your audience across all social media platforms! 

With a WhatsApp Link created with AiSensy, you can:

  •  Get people to send direct messages to you using WhatsApp, 
  • Get people engaged in 1:1 conversations on WhatsApp,
  • Drive 45-60% more increase in conversions and sales through WhatsApp 

Benefits of sharing a WhatsApp Link

  • Get people to connect with you directly on WhatsApp.

  • Get the user’s name & number added to your Contact List instantly when they send a WhatsApp message.

  • Get people engaged in 1:1 Real-time conversations, and provide customer support on WhatsApp.

  • Get people to add your phone number to their contact list to engage them multiple times.

  • Drive 45-80% more increase in conversions and sales through WhatsApp.

  • Get immediate user opt-in when they click your WhatsApp number link & send a WhatsApp message. (User opt-in is essential to send them messages on WhatsApp)

How to create WhatsApp Link for Free with AiSensy

Creating a WhatsApp Link is quite simple. Just follow the below steps to create your free WhatsApp Link with AiSensy. 

  • 1

    Reach the WhatsApp Link Creator Page

    First, go to the WhatsApp Link generation tool page to create your own unique WhatsApp Link. 

    Go to aisensy whatsapp link generator
  • 2

    Add necessary Fields

     Select your country and fill in the phone number on which you wish to receive messages.  

    Add necessary fields
  • 3

    Customize the Pre-filled text

     Type a message under the 'Custom Message' section. Make it unique & interesting with the use of emoji. This would be the pre-filled message that customers will view & send after clicking your unique WhatsApp Link. 

    Preview the message side-by-side to get a feel of how it will look to your customers.  

    Customize prefilled texts
  • 4

    Generate the Link

    Last, hit the 'Generate Link' button. AiSensy’s WhatsApp link generator provides you with a WhatsApp Web QR code that you can use on product packaging & other places. 

    Generate whatsapp link

How to use WhatsApp Chat Link for maximum engagement?

There are multiple use cases of a WhatsApp Link using which you can bring people to your WhatsApp & engage with them.

Here's how you can use this link to drive leads to WhatsApp 👇 

Add your WhatsApp Link to your Social Media bios

 We know that you'd rather prefer to keep your website link on Social Media Bios. But, Get this- your users can find you by searching on the web easily. However, they won't find your WhatsApp Link on search engines.

So, adding your WhatsApp Link to your Social Media Bios can help you connect better with potential leads, send them WhatsApp messages & convert them into customers.

You can also create a Linktree link using which you can add & share multiple links to your social media bios. 

Add WhatsApp URL to your Instagram Story

Instagram stories are the 2nd most viewed feature on Instagram. Here's how to add WhatsApp Link to your Instagram story.

1. Download WhatsApp Icon
2. Tap '+' on Instagram App & create a 'New Story' post.
3. Now, link the URL of click to chat WhatsApp feature & add the WhatsApp Link.
4. To add the story to highlights, go to the Bio page & select the WhatsApp image story under 'New Highlights.' 

Share WhatsApp Website Link on Facebook

 Don't go by the default thinking that nobody uses Facebook in 2022!

Facebook is a very important Marketing Channel and you shouldn't feel reluctant in juicing out its potential by sharing your WhatsApp number Link in your Newsfeed. You can attach the WhatsApp link along with posts like images, captions & more.

By using this link, users can click to chat with you on WhatsApp.

Share it through Twitter posts

Twitter is slowly jumping to become one of the most preferred Marketer channels. This is due to its advanced search engine that people use to find whatever it is they are looking for.

Utilize this by being active on Twitter & sharing a Link to WhatsApp along with your Twitter posts.

Share it on Pinterest

 If you use Pinterest as a Marketing Channel, you can public your WhatsApp redirect Link along with your pins. Explorers might like your products & services & would want to connect with you. So, adding a direct WhatsApp Link can be beneficial. 

Add the link to Youtube's video descriptions

Another creative place where you can add your WhatsApp Link is in your YouTube Video's description. 9 out of 10 people have a habit of randomly checking out descriptions while watching a video & clicking the links provided there!

Well, these were some places where you can attach your WhatsApp number link.

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