Integrate WebEngage with WhatsApp via AiSensy

Boost 3x Revenue- Automate Notifications on WhatsApp

You can integrate WebEngage with WhatsApp via AiSensy to automate Ecommerce notifications like order, delivery, payment, abandoned cart & more notifications! 

Connect webengage with whatsapp via aisensy
Integrated system

Do you want to connect WebEngage with WhatsApp to automate WhatsApp API campaigns like sign up confirmation, event reminders, Abandoned Carts, orders, application dropoff, and more? 

You can do it easily by integrating WebEngage with AiSensy, an official WhatsApp Business API based marketing platform.

Here, we'll tell you how you can integrate AiSensy with WebEngage via Saasific (Free Platform) to automate API-based campaigns on WhatsApp👇 

Steps to integrate WebEngage with AiSensy

  • 1

    Sign Up with Saasific for Free

    To integrate AiSensy with WebEngage, you must have a Saasific Account. (If you already have, skip to the next step)

    Sign up on Saasific with your Google Account for Free by clicking here

    Sign up with sassific
  • 2

    Click "App authentication"

    After signing up, you'll reach Saasific's Dashboard. Here, click, "App Authentication". 

    In saasific dashboard, click app authentication
  • 3

    Choose "AiSensy" and "WebEngage"

    On the next screen, search for "AiSensy" & "WebEngage" in Apps as shown in the image to the left. 

    In apps, choose aisensy & webengage
  • 4

    Copy WhatsApp API Key from AiSensy

    Go to AiSensy App by clicking here

    Now Click Manage 👉 API Key 👉 Copy API Key. 

    Copy api key from aisensy dashboard (1)
  • 5

    Paste in Saasific Dashboard

    Paste the copied API Key in the Saasific Dashboard & click, "Authenticate". 

    Paste api key in saasific dashboard (1)
  • 6

    Copy WebEngage API Key & License Code

    Now, go to WebEngage Dashboard & click "Integrations". 

    Copy the API Key & License Code and proceed to the Saasific Dashboard.

    Copy api key from webengage (1)
  • 7

    Paste in Saasific Dashboard

    Paste the API Key & License Code one by one in the Saasific Dashboard & click "Authenticate" 

    Paste in saasific dashboard
  • 8

    Click Publish

    Now, click "Publish" in Saasific Dashboard!

    Clicking publish will open up a dialog box. Copy the link provided here. 

    Click publish (1)
  • 9

    Configure "WhatsApp SetUp"

    Next, go to WebEngage Dashboard & press Integrations. 

    Scroll down till you find "WhatsApp Setup" & click "Configure". 

    Configure whatsapp setup in webengage (1)
  • 10

    Fill whatsapp Service Provider details

    On the next screen, fill in these WhatsApp Service Provider details:

    1. WhatsApp Service Provider- Add "Private WSP" here. 

    2. Configuration Name- Name the Configuration "AiSensy".

    3. WhatsApp Business Number- Here, add the number with which you registered for the WhatsApp Business API.

    4. URL- Here, paste the link that you got in the dialog box after clicking 'Publish'. 

    5. Request Type- Here, choose "Send Personalized Variable".

    Now, press "Add WSP". 

    Fill whatsapp service provider details
  • 11

    Click '+' in WhatsApp Templates

    In the next screen, hit '+' to add WhatsApp Templates that you can set up for automation. 

    Click '+' on whatsapp templates
  • 12

    Add WhatsApp Template Message Details

    On the next screen, pick a pre-approved template message from AiSensy App that will be sent to a user. Add details like:

    1. WhatsApp Service Provider (WSP)- Here, choose AiSensy (Private). 

    2. Template Type- Choose the message type you want to send. Here, we'll be sending a simple text message. 

    3. Template Name- Copy the Template Name exactly as it appears in AiSensy App & paste it here.

    4. Template Text- Copy the approved Template Message Text from AiSensy App & paste it here.

    4. Template Language- Choose the preferred language of your Template Message. 

    After configuring these details, press "Add Template". 

    Configure template message details
  • 13

    Visit Campaigns Manager

    Now, go to Campaigns Manager & click '+' on WhatsApp. 

    Under campaigns name, choose 'AiSensy Test' & click "Message" on the next screen. 

    Visit campaigns manager (1)
  • 14

    Fill in Template Message Variables

    Here, choose the template message you added previously & fill in the variable. 

    For that message, the variable is the 'Name'. Add the name of the person to whom the WhatsApp Test Campaign will be sent. 

    The variable, however, changes depending on what you need to add: Name, number, Institute Name & more!

    Fill template message variables
  • 15

    Send the Test Campaign

    After adding the variable value, hit "Send Test" to send the Test Campaign. 

    Send the test campaign
  • 16

    Campaign Sent Successfully 🎉

    If you perform all steps correctly, you'll see the "Send Campaign Success" message as shown in the image. 

    Campaign sent successfully
  • 17

    Campaign received on WhatsApp

    Here's how the test campaign will be received on WhatsApp once you see the "Campaign sent success" notification. 

    As you can see, the person receives the message with their name instead of the brackets as we added in the template message. 

    Magic Done! That's it. Now, go on & connect WebEngage with WhatsApp Business API based platform AiSensy to automate WhatsApp Campaigns easily. 🎉 

    Test campaign received on whatsapp

 Magic Done!

That's it. Now, go on & connect WebEngage with WhatsApp Business API based platform AiSensy to automate WhatsApp Campaigns easily. 🎉