Integrate LeadSquared with WhatsApp via AiSensy

Seamless. WhatsApp Communications.

AiSensy x LeadSquared integration helps you drive WhatsApp Communication with your Leads & Customers on LeadSquared CRM seamlessly. 

You can broadcast offers to 1000s of users, automate WhatsApp notifications and solve for customer support via Live Chat / Chatbots.

Aisensy Leadsquared

LeadSquared is a cloud-based marketing automation & customer relationship management (CRM) solution for businesses of all sizes. 

The AiSensy x LeadSquared Integration allows you to effortlessly handle all your WhatsApp Communications and sync the data between AiSensy & LeadSquared.

With this integration, you can:

⚡️ Broadcast offers to thousands of users

⚡ Automate payment reminders, event updates etc

⚡️ Solve for Customer Support via Live Chat / Chatbots

⚡️ Customer Data sync between AiSensy & LeadSquared

⚡️ Track your Message Delivery rates & Analytics

In this tutorial, we'll cover:

  • How to Connect LeadSquared with AiSensy
  • How to create & store WhatsApp Template Messages in LeadSquared
  • How to handle Live Chat (Converse) from LeadSquared

So, let's get started👇 

Pre-Requisites for this Integration


WhatsApp Business account live on AiSensy

You must have a WhatsApp Business API account live on AiSensy to use this integration. You can read more about it here .

LeadSquared account should be live

You must have a Live LeadSquared account to connect AiSensy. You can check it out here .

Follow the steps to Integrate AiSensy x LeadSquared

  • 1

    Sign Up on AiSensy

    You first need to sign up on AiSensy & create a WhatsApp Business API account.

    After signing up 👉 Create a new Project (the Project name can be anything).

    Skip to the Step (3) if you are already an AiSensy user.

     Tap the images for an enhanced view. 

    Aisensy signup (1)
  • 2

    You've entered 14-Day FREE Trial

     You've now entered your 14-Day FREE Trial which includes:

    1. Free WhatsApp Business API Verification

    2. Upto 2000 Monthly Active Users for Free

    3. Free 50 WhatsApp Conversation Credits

    4. Sandbox testing

    😎 Access to all features & get going!

    14 day free trial
  • 3

    Go to Integrations Page

    In the AiSensy Dashboard, go to Integrations & Choose LeadSquared.


    Go to aisensy dashboard (1)
  • 4

    Apply for WhatsApp Business API

    You'd need an approved WhatsApp Business API Account to integrate LeadSquared with AiSensy.

    If you already have an approved WhatsApp Business API account, SKIP to the next step.

    Click the "Apply Now" Button to apply for WhatsApp Business API. 

    Follow the steps mentioned in the below doc to apply for WhatsApp Business. 

    Go to aisensy dashboard (2)
  • 5

    Connect LeadSquared Account with AiSensy

    Enter a 2-way Username & Password created on the LeadSquared Dashboard.

    Make sure to save these credentials safely as these will remain same for both AiSensy & LeadSquared. 

    After entering the Username & Password, Click 'Connect LeadSquared' to connect AiSensy account with LeadSquared.

    Jump to the next step to know how to create Username & Password in LeadSquared.

    Go to aisensy dashboard (3)
  • 6

    Login to your LeadSquared Account

    Now, head to LeadSquared & login to your LeadSquared Account 👇 

    Leadsquared home (1)
  • 7

    Go to "Apps Marketplace"

    In the top bar, hover the cursor over apps & click "Apps Marketplace". 

    Go to apps marketplace
  • 8

    Search for & Install "WhatsApp Business" App

    In the Marketplace, search for "WhatsApp". 

    From the results, Install the app named "WhatsApp Business".

    Install whatsapp business
  • 9

    Add Connector

    On the next screen, click, "Add Connector" to connect WhatsApp Business Account with LeadSquared.

    Add connector
  • 10

    Configure settings for WhatsApp Business

    After the app installs, go to App Settings & click "Configure"

    Configure whatsapp business
  • 11

    Add WhatsApp Business API Number

    Click on Add Number and submit the details in the next step.

    Add your whatsapp business api number
  • 12

    Add your Basic Business Details

    Add your WhatsApp Business API number which is live on AiSensy. ✅

    After adding the number, submit Basic Business Details including your Account Name & Lead Source. 

    Here, the Account name could be anything e.g. Your Business Name. 

    Under Lead Source, add the source from where you want to track leads. "AiSensy" could be used as a Lead Source.

    Add basic details
  • 13

    Select "WhatsApp Client" under Service Provider

    On the next screen, choose "WhatsApp Client" under Business Service Provider. 

    Leadsquared whatsapp client
  • 14

    Authenticate your Service Provider

    Next, authenticate the details of your Service Provider. 

    Enter your WhatsApp Business API number & the Client Base URL which is the same for everyone.

    Click Base URL:

    Copy and paste the above link as it is. ☝️

    Untitled design (14)
  • 15

    Login Credentials in LeadSquared

    Create a unique Username & Password which will be used in AiSensy as well - Step (5).

    As soon as the Username & Password is created, jump to AiSensy dashboard and paste the same Username & Password.

    This Username & Password expires in sometime after getting created. Hence, needs to be submitted asap on AiSensy dashboard. 

    Authenticate leadsquared account
  • 16

    Enable Converse in LeadSquared

    Now, enable Converse & configure the options as per your business requirements. 

    You can configure settings for User Access - Whether User access will be based on role or user level.

    Converse settings (2)
  • 17

    Advanced Settings

    Under advanced settings, map the activity for which you want to track Lead generation, set the default country code, WhatsApp number field, rich media support & compliance type. 

    After configuring all settings, press "Save & Close".

    Advanced settings
  • 18

    Ready to go live! 🚀

    Your next screen will show Connection 'enabled'. 

    This means you've successfully connected your LeadSquared Account with AiSensy

    Connection success

How to create & store WhatsApp Template Messages in LeadSquared?

Template messages are created directly via AiSensy Dashboard. Once it gets approved, it needs to be stored in LeadSquared in order to use it from there.

  • 1

    Go to "WhatsApp Templates"

    To store WhatsApp template message in LeadSquared, go to LeadSquared Dashboard 👉 Hover the cursor over Apps 👉 WhatsApp Templates.

    Manage whatsapp templates (1)
  • 2

    Click "Add Template"

    On the next screen, click "Add Template".

    Add template
  • 3

    Add WhatsApp Template Details

    👉 Add details of your WhatsApp template Message as submitted on AiSensy 👈

    1. Name - Name of your Template Message

    2. Language - Language of your template Message

    3. Namespace - You'll get the namespace from AiSensy Dashboard or you can reach out to our support for the same at

    4. Message Content - Copy-paste the Message Content along with parameters {{}}. 

    5. Variable Mapping - Map the variables with default values. E.g. {{1}} will be Name. 

    6. Media Type - Add this if the message contains Media like an Image/ video/ file.

    7. Attachment Type - Select 'Static' in Attachment Type. 

    More template details are mentioned in the below steps 👇 

    Add template details
  • 4

    Save the WhatsApp Template

    8. Media Link - Add the Media Link for your Image/ File/ Video. 

    9. Button template - If your Template Message includes Buttons, then add the name & destination link of the Template. 

    10. Available in Converse - Converse is the Live Chat in LeadSquared. Check this section if you want the Template Message to appear in Converse. 

    After filling in all the details, press Save.

    Add template details (1)
  • 5

    Map Template Message details in both Dashboards

    It's important that you enter the same Template Message details in both AiSensy & LeadSquared for the message to send successfully to users. 

    Map values including:

    • Template Name, 
    • Template Label, 
    • Parameters, 
    • Language

    It's recommended that you create the Template Message at the same time in both AiSensy & LeadSquared Dashboard to avoid errors. 

    Map Template message details
  • 6

    WhatsApp Template created in LeadSquared

    You'll find the created template in the 'Manage WhatsApp Templates' section. 

    Template added

How to use Live Chat in LeadSquared (Converse)

  • 1

    In LeadSquared Dashboard, click Text Icon

    In LeadSquared, Converse is synonymous to Live Chat. 

    Click the 'text box' icon to open Converse which will display a list of recent Chats. 

    You can as well search for Chats right from Converse. 

    Leadsquared converse (1)
  • 2

    Chats in Converse

    Tap on a Contact Name or number to open their chat. 

    In the image, you can see that the Chat is inactive as it's been over 24 hours since the user's last message. 

    You can send them template messages from the chat. The chat window will be open for any regular messages once you receive any message from the user.

    Click on 'Please select a Template' to choose a Template Message to initiate the Conversation. 

    Chats in converse
  • 3

    Select a template message to initiate a Conversation

    Select a pre-approved WhatsApp Template Message to initiate a Conversation with the user. 

    As you can see, we've added a Text message along with a media file to initiate the conversation.

    Last, press the 'WhatsApp' icon to successfully send the selected message to the user. 

    Select a template message
  • 4

    Template message sent to contact

    As the image shows, the Template message has been sent successfully to the user on WhatsApp. 

    Here's how the message appears in the user's screen. 👇

    Template message sent to contact (1)
  • 5

    Message received on WhatsApp

    The Template message sent from Converse is successfully received by the user on WhatsApp. 🎉 

    Whatsapp message received

Magic Done!

That's it. Now, go on & connect LeadSquared with AiSensy to seamlessly manage WhatsApp Communications with your users. 😍

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