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  • No Results via Email/SMS Marketing
  • Cannot Bulk Broadcast to 1000+ Whatsapp users
  • Got Blocked using Unauthorized Bulk Softwares

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It's time to grow with Whatsapp Business API

WhatsApp has a 98% Message Open Rate & 45-80% Click-through Rates making it the best platform to reach customers where they already are!

Whatsapp Business API was launched by WhatsApp to help mid-large sized businesses communicate with their leads, users & customers at Scale on WhatsApp!

It's the Official way to scale your user engagement on Whatsapp and grow your Business. NO more Number Blocks!

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How is WhatsApp Business API Different?

Here is a comparative how Whatsapp Business API is different from Whatsapp Business App

Growing Businesses
Whatsapp Business API
Small Businesses
Whatsapp Business App
Broadcasting Limit
✓ UNLIMITED Users/ Day
✗ 256 Contacts
Multi-User Access
✓ Unlimited Users
✗ Up to 5 Devices
Install Chatbots
✓ Yes
✗ Not Possible
Automated Messaging
Connecting your Lead Forms, CRM, Payment Portals for automated event based notifications and messaging.
✓ Yes
✗ Not Possible
Broadcast Reaches
In Whatsapp Business App , A Broadcast only reaches a contact if they've saved your number. In Whatsapp Business API it reaches all contacts you have.
✓ All Users
✗ Only who have saved your number
Coding Required
If you just get the Whatsapp Business API, to setup all the above,you'll need a developer.
✗ Yes, But Not Required if you use AiSensy
✓ No, As App given by Whatsapp
Verified Green Tick
Get an Officially Verified Green Tick account on Whatsapp. Users will see your Business name even when they don't save your business number.
✓ Yes
✗ Not Possible
Clickable Messages
Sending Message which contains Reply buttons and Link Buttons
✓ Yes
✗ No

3X Sales with CTA Notifications

Experience the power of Smart CTA-based Notifications which include Clickable links and Quick Reply Buttons

Whatsapp CTA Notifications drive 45-60% Click rates & Instant Conversions! Boom!

WhatsApp Abandoned Cart Recovery Use Case

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AiSensy Whatsapp Marketing & Automation Platform

One Platform you need to drive Marketing & customer Support on Whatsapp

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Top Notch Features

AiSensy Platform offers you all features you need to drive marketing & customer support on Whatsapp

  • Broadcasting & Automation

    • Smart Campaign Manager
    • Template Message Approval Dashboard
    • Automate Notifications via API
    • Real time Campaign Analytics
    • Smart Audience Segmentation
  • Customer Support

    • Multi-Human Chat Support
    • 1 Admin + 2 Agents FREE
    • One Click Dialogflow Chatbot Integration
    • Mobile Responsive Dashboard
    • No Code Chatbot Templates
  • CRM & Integrations

    • Add Tags & Attributes
    • Shopify, WooCommerce & more (Separately Charged)
    • Import & Export Contacts
    • Zapier & Pabbly Integrations
    • Hubspot, Salesforce & more CRM Integrations