Engage with Users on Whatsapp at Scale

  • Broadcast Promotional messages to 100,000 Users 
  • Automate Messages via Integrations
  • Enable Multi-Agent Live Chat for Customer Support
  • Install A.I. Chatbots and be available 24 x 7

⚡️Powered by Official Whatsapp Business API

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Broadcast Promotional Messages (Officially)

Well, WhatsApp recently allowed Businesses to Broadcast and Automate Promotional Messages via Whatsapp Business API

You can Now Send Exciting Offers, Discount Coupon Code and Festival Wishes without getting your Number blocked!

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The Most 'Complete' Whatsapp Platform

Everything you need to notify, chat & engage your users All in one place

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    Import & Broadcast Instantly

    You can simply Import all your Contacts and Broadcast Approved Messages Instantly. 

    See real-time analytics on the AiSensy Platform for delivered, read rates and more

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    Multiple Human Live Chat

    Have multiple team members to drive Live Chat Support on the Same Whatsapp Business Number. 

    Filter Chats according to tags, campaigns and attributes for Smart Agent Chat Routing.

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    Solve Customer Queries 24x7

    Connect Smart A.I. Chatbots from Google Dialogflow seamlessly & monitor conversations from Live Chat Dashboard

    Solve Customer Queries, Send Images, Files & Videos in a Smart Automated Manner.

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    Connect your CRMs with APIs

    Connect your CRM, Payment Portals, eCommerce Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Hubspot. Zapier via APIs.

    Automate notifications for Abandoned Cart, Application Drop-off, Order Confirmation, Event Updates & more

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    Manage Contacts, tags & more

    Our In-Built CRM enables you to add various tags and attributes to each customer. 

    AiSensy provides you with an extensive User Profile to drive important Insights 

Save your Drop-offs

Recover Abandoned Carts, Application Drop-offs within minutes using Whatsapp Smart Notifications. 

These Notifications have special CTA(Call-to-Action) Buttons that drive Engagement

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Official Whatsapp Business API

AiSensy Platform is powered by Official Whatsapp Business APIs and is in alignment with all Whatsapp Rules. 

  • Get Verified Green Tick on your Whatsapp  
  • Broadcast upto 100,000 Notifications
  • 24x7 Chat Support by AiSensy Team
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Why Choose Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is the One Platform that brings together Actionable Notifications & Customer Support! 

Let's hear it from our Successful Customers!

Onboarding, Product & Support

We Excel at all of it! 

WhatsApp chatbot created using AiSensy has been a game-changer for our Business. For my e-learning business, I get a ton of questions from students before they decide to join the program. WhatsApp bot answers them 24x7! 

A lot of precious time saved and we have seen increase in sales because of the timely intervention of the chatbot.

Antony Chacko, 

Founder - Alpha Marketer

AiSensy helped us send timely notifications to our customers and reduce our manual efforts. 

The Support provided by AiSensy team was great efficient & personalised.

Nitin Bajaj, 

CEO - EasyLeadz

  • Zero Setup Fee

    Get Started with AiSensy Instantly. Pay only for the Messages
  • The Friendliest Support

    Our lovely support team is always happy to talk to you and help with any issues 24 x 7

Your Customers are on Whatsapp! Are You?