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Tap into the power of WhatsApp Marketing & achieve:

  • Upto 150x ROI
  • 7x Conversions
  • 3x Boost in sales 

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WhatsApp Marketing for Business

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

 WhatsApp Marketing is essentially implementing the power of WhatsApp to optimize brand visibility, drive organic traffic, and boost conversions. 

By leveraging WhatsApp's 2.4 Billion active user base and viral potential, businesses can enhance their online presence, generate qualified leads, and establish valuable customer connections

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Drive 3x Sales from Day 1

 AiSensy customers have seen 5x more open rate & click-through rate than Emails & SMS. Marketing on WhatsApp helps 3x your sales, skyrocket revenue & increases your brand's visibility 

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Build Trust & Boost Business Authenticity

The WhatsApp Green Tick helps establish your Business as Trustworthy & Authentic in the users' eyes. 

Why WhatsApp Marketing is a must in 2023?

 During times when Email & SMS open rates are going dreadfully downhill, WhatsApp tops the chart with: 

  • 2.4 Billion Global Users
  • 98% Message open rate
  • 45-60% Click-through rate
  • 38 Minutes Average Engagement per user daily
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Ways to get started with WhatsApp Marketing

 There are 2 ways to get started with WhatsApp Marketing for your Business:

  • WhatsApp Business App - WhatsApp Business App is a free-to-use application that fits the needs of individuals and small businesses with comparatively lower message volumes. 

  • WhatsApp Business API - Whatsapp Business API was launched by WhatsApp to help mid-large-sized businesses communicate with their leads, users & customers at Scale on WhatsApp!

    It's the Official way to scale your user engagement on WhatsApp and grow your Business. NO more Number Blocks! You can get started with WhatsApp Business API with an official platform like AiSensy.

How to do WhatsApp Marketing with AiSensy?

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    Broadcast Promotional Offers to Unlimited Users in One Go

     WhatsApp messages have a 98% open rate. Sending bulk WhatsApp Marketing messages & offers on WhatsApp is the best way to reach a wide audience & boost your sales.

    You can bulk broadcast UNLIMITED WhatsApp promotional messages to opted-in users on WhatsApp like discount offers, promotions on festivals & much more

    Whatsapp promotional message
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    Automate your Notifications & Reminders on WhatsApp

    Forget Emails & SMS. Get 5x more open rates & responses when you automate notifications to users on WhatsApp.

    You can set up automated notifications on WhatsApp for multiple events like order, shipping, delivery, abandoned carts & more to users via integration. 

    Automate notifications on whatsapp (1)
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    Run Direct to WhatsApp Ads

    By running Direct to WhatsApp Ads on Instagram & Facebook, you can drive instant lead generation & reduce cost per lead.

    With 'Direct to WhatsApp Ads', users instantly redirect to your WhatsApp where you engage them in a live 1:1 conversation.

    A major benefit here is that when a user lands on your WhatsApp, you'll instantly get their name & Mobile number (without having them fill out tiring landing page forms).

    You can create, run & monitor analytics for your Click-to-WhatsApp Ads directly via AiSensy

    Direct to WhatsApp Ads
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    Send WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns

     Segregate Audiences Smartly on basis of Read, Delivered, and Replied behaviours and retarget messages accordingly  

    Retarget users who are 3x more likely to convert into customers with AiSensy's WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns. 

     You can retarget users based who have Read your WhatsApp Broadcast Campaigns, haven't read the Broadcast, & many more use cases easily. 

    WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns
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    Sell your products on WhatsApp

    Drive 10x more orders via WhatsApp by creating your Catalogues & Cart seamlessly in just 10 minutes. 

    The all-new Flow Builder allows you to create & send single & multi-product messages on WhatsApp.  

    Flow builder banner

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Top Notch Features

AiSensy Platform offers you all features you need to drive WhatsApp for marketing & customer support.

  • Broadcasting & Automation

    • Smart Campaign Manager
    • Template Message Approval Dashboard
    • Automate Notifications via API
    • Real time Campaign Analytics
    • Smart Audience Segmentation
  • Customer Support

    • Multi-Human Chat Support
    • 1 Admin + 2 Agents FREE
    • One Click Dialogflow Chatbot Integration
    • Mobile Responsive Dashboard
    • No Code Chatbot Templates
  • CRM & Integrations

    • Add Tags & Attributes
    • Shopify, WooCommerce & more (Separately Charged)
    • Import & Export Contacts
    • Zapier & Pabbly Integrations
    • Hubspot, Salesforce & more CRM Integrations

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