Top 7 Myths about WhatsApp Cloud API

updated on 04 July 2022

The recent launch of WhatsApp Cloud API by Facebook has created plenty of confusion in the minds of customers.

This has led to rows of myths muddying people's minds about WhatsApp Cloud API.

In this blog, we bust those myths.

So, let's get started.

But, first, let's understand what exactly is the Cloud API!

WhatsApp Cloud API: What is it?

Image Above: Mark Zuckerburg announcing WhatsApp Cloud API
Image Above: Mark Zuckerburg announcing WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API is the cloud version of WhatsApp Business API, which allows businesses & developers to build on top of WhatsApp to customize their experiences and respond to customers quickly & easily.

The major advantage of Cloud API is that businesses will get lightning-quick access to WhatsApp Business API in minutes. This is because Facebook will now directly provide approval for WhatsApp Business API via the Cloud API.

Besides the quick approval time, there are multiple advantages to WhatsApp Cloud API such as:

  1. You pay nothing - Facebook promises that businesses can get approved for WhatsApp Business API without paying anything. Earlier, few WhatsApp partners used to charge to provide access to WhatsApp Business API. 
  2. Get New Updates instantly - Get all new updates added to WhatsApp Business API, as now you have direct access to WhatsApp Business APIs via Cloud APIs.

7 Myths & Facts about WhatsApp Cloud API

We hope you got the basic hang of WhatsApp Cloud API! So, here are 7 myths about the Cloud API & their facts.

1. Facebook will provide a platform to use WhatsApp Business API

Facebook now provides direct access to WhatsApp Business API for Free. But, that's it!

You still need a WhatsApp partner or BSP like AiSensy to use WhatsApp Business API. Facebook won't provide you with a platform to use the Business API. So, you'd need the help of a WhatsApp partner like AiSensy to get started.

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2. Messaging is free with WhatsApp Cloud API

Since Facebook is hosting servers for storing messages sent via WhatsApp Cloud API, businesses might think there won't be any messaging charges involved.

That's just a myth.

Businesses still need to pay for messaging based on Conversational based pricing. Facebook only provides free approval of WhatsApp Business API. Businesses still need to pay for conversations based on UICs & BICs.

3. The same Phone Number can be used with On-Premise & the Cloud WhatsApp API at the same time

You can't use the same WhatsApp number for on-premise WhatsApp Business API & cloud WhatsApp API.

Though, you can migrate your phone number from on-premise WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Cloud API. 

You can either use a phone number with on-premise WhatsApp API or with the Cloud WhatsApp API.

4. WhatsApp Business API Messaging features won't be available on WhatsApp Cloud API

Another myth about the Cloud API is that the messaging features might be less or different in comparison with the on-premise WhatsApp Business API.

The fact is that all on-premise WhatsApp Business API messaging features will be available on Cloud API. Few on-premise WhatsApp Business API features might not currently be available on Cloud API.

But, Facebook will soon be rolling them out via monthly updates that you can check here.

5. Messages sent via the WhatsApp Cloud API are unsafe

 Given Facebook's reputation for data leaks, businesses might think messages exchanged between users & businesses via Cloud API might be unsafe.

Now that's just another myth.

Facebook promises that messages sent by users to businesses are end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp can't access any message content exchanged between the users & the business.

Moreover, users will receive exact communication whether the business is using WhatsApp Cloud API or on-premise Business API.

6. The role of BSPs has ended with the launch of WhatsApp Cloud API

 With Facebook providing direct access to WhatsApp Business API, you might think that the role of BSPs/ WhatsApp partners has ended.

Well, that's just a myth.

Facebook will only provide you access to WhatsApp Business API. They won't provide a platform where you can use the Business API. You can either build your own platform or choose one like AiSensy to get started!

7. On-premise WhatsApp Business API will be removed

 Now that WhatsApp has introduced an easier alternative to obtaining WhatsApp Business API, on-premise WhatsApp Business API will be removed.

That's just a myth!

Facebook specifically mentions that it will continue to provide on-premise WhatsApp Business API. So, a business can still directly get access to on-premise WhatsApp Business API via a WhatsApp partner like AiSensy.

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Well, we hope this blog clears up myths about WhatsApp Cloud API.

WhatsApp Cloud API has made WhatsApp Business API much easier to procure & accessible to businesses across the globe.

Check out the complete WhatsApp Cloud API Guide to know more.

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