Top 10 Official WhatsApp Marketing Softwares Compared(2024)

updated on 16 February 2024

To use WhatsApp Business API, you first need to find the Right WhatsApp Marketing Software for your business.

Whether it's WhatsApp Broadcasting, WhatsApp automation, WhatsApp Payments, Live Chat or WhatsApp Chatbots; the WhatsApp Bulk software you choose should offer a complete package.

We have done the research & come up with the Top 10 Official WhatsApp Marketing Software that will help you utilize the complete potential of WhatsApp for your business.

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Benefits of using a WhatsApp Marketing Software

Before diving into the top 10 WhatsApp Marketing platforms, check out these 6 benefits of using a software for WhatsApp Marketing.  

  • Strengthen Customer Relations - Using WhatsApp Marketing Software, you build personalized relationships with customers through 1:1 Live Chat support in real-time on WhatsApp.

  • Mind-Blowing Message Open Rates & Click-through rates - WhatsApp messages have a 98% message open rate & 45-60% click-through rate. This is 5x more than emails & SMS.

  • Increase Conversion Rates by 7x - Official WhatsApp Marketing Softwares like AiSensy allow you to send WhatsApp Broadcasts to unlimited users, thus helping you increase conversions by 45-60%.

  • Reduce Marketing costs - WhatsApp is highly affordable! It costs close to nothing in comparison with the ROI you can achieve with this marketing channel. For reference, our client Skullcandy gets 150x ROI from WhatsApp.

  • Provide Top-notch Customer Support - WhatsApp Marketing Software give businesses the flexibility to enhance customer support with WhatsApp Chatbot & Live Chat support on multiple devices.

  • Get Verified on WhatsApp - Using an official WhatsApp Marketing Software, you can apply for a verified Green Tick on WhatsApp which can boost your brand's credibility.

Top 10 Official WhatsApp Marketing Software

While searching for WhatsApp Marketing Software, you'll come across a hue of unofficial WhatsApp software offering bulk WhatsApp services at a cheap price. But, choosing such software can be disastrous for your business in the long run.

These will do more harm than good for your business. That's why you must avoid them at all costs.

All bulk WhatsApp senders listed below are official & won't get your number blocked on WhatsApp. So, let's get started.

At a Glance

1. AiSensy

2. Infobip


4. Zoko

5. Interakt

6. Wati

7. DelightChat

8. Gallabox

9. Picky Assist

10. Trengo

11. Which WhatsApp Marketing Software should you choose?

1. AiSensy

AiSensy - Smartest WhatsApp Marketing Software
AiSensy - Smartest WhatsApp Marketing Software

AiSensy is the Smartest WhatsApp Marketing software built on official WhatsApp Business APIs allowing you to channel the power of WhatsApp to scale your business to thousands of WhatsApp users.

AiSensy is a complete WhatsApp Engagement Suite along with a set of Smart Platform features like WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns & unmatched Customer Support available via Phone Call, WhatsApp, E-mail or Google Meet.


  • Get WhatsApp Business API for Free within 10 minutes
  • Customer Support is active via Call, Google Meet & WhatsApp
  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to Unlimited users in one go (to opted-in users only)
  • Send a variety of WhatsApp Template messages including Carousel messages, Time bomb messages, multi-button messages and copiable coupon code messages. 
  • Automate payments, abandoned carts, order confirmation & delivery notifications via WhatsApp Automation
  • Provide 24x7x365 Customer Support with AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot.
  • Multi-human live chat support is available
  • Get the same features same across all plans
  • 2000+ Integrations are available for leading CRMs & Ecommerce Portals like Hubspot, Shopify, CleverTap, WebEngage, WooCommerce etc.
  • Send Razorpay payment links on WhatsApp to receive 3x faster payments (AiSensy exclusive) 


  • As such, there are no cons. Let us know if you find one after using AiSensy.

Free Trial

Yes, you get a 14-day Free Trial with all premium features included in the base plan and 50 Conversation Credits you can use to communicate with customers & send WhatsApp Broadcasts.


AiSensy offers two Unlimited Users Pricing plans:

  • You can start with the AiSensy Platform for as low as Rs 999/ month for the Basic Unlimited users' plan. This means that you can send messages to Unlimited users by only paying Rs 999/ charged monthly for features including Live Chat, Broadcast, Chatbot & more. You get 10 tags & 5 Attributes with this plan. 

  • There's also a Pro-plan that costs Rs 2399/ month which includes all features of the basic pan & offers additional features like Broadcast Scheduler, Click-tracking, Campaign Budget & up to 100 Tags & 20 Attributes.

Get started with AiSensy for Free

2. Infobip

Infobip - WhatsApp Marketing Software
Infobip - WhatsApp Marketing Software

Infobip is an omnichannel communications platform meaning that using Infobip you can manage communications for multiple platforms like email, WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger through one Dashboard.

Infobip is a good WhatsApp Bulk Software that gets the job done by providing a hue of features like Broadcasting, WhatsApp Chatbot & automated notifications.

What sets Infobip apart from others is its smooth sailing experience & robust customer service.


  1. Mobile App is available.
  2. Robust customer support
  3. Multiple integrations available
  4. Omnichannel Capabilities


  1. Pricing is quite high in comparison with other WhatsApp Marketing Softwares providing the same features.
  2. While the UI is easy to use, it is quite old-school & un-exciting.
  3. You need to pay separately for customer support.
  4. Since their focus is on building Omnichannel relations, WhatsApp isn't their major expertise. 
  5. Omnichannel can be overwhelming for new users. 

Free Trial

Yes, a free trial is available. You get 100 Conversational points that you can use to talk to customers. Once they exhaust, the trial gets over.


Infobip offers customized pricing for each business. You need to connect with their customer support team to know their pricing.

3. - Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software - Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software is a good WhatsApp Marketing Softwares that helps you easily connect with thousands of users on WhatsApp. Just like Infobip, they too are an Omnichannel platform; not focused entirely on WhatsApp.


  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Great platform for providing customer service
  • Free Plan available with unlimited messaging to up to 100 contacts
  • WhatsApp Chatbot integration is available


  • No option to automatically delete inactive contacts
  • Pricing is a bit on the higher side in comparison with other WhatsApp Marketing Softwares
  • Customer support only via email (takes 2-3 days to reply)
  • Very high pricing

Free Trial

Yes, a Free trial is available for 3 days during which you can send unlimited conversations with up to 50 contacts. You can also opt for a free plan in which you can message to up to 100 unique Contacts.

Pricing's pricing starts with $29/ month (Rs 2264) for the base plan suits small businesses where you get unlimited messaging to up to 1000 unique contacts & 5 agent access.

There's another plan for $79 (Rs 6168) with 25 user access & 5000 Monthly Active Contacts suitable for large businesses. For higher plans, you need to connect with their customer support.

4. Zoko

Zoko WhatsApp Marketing Software
Zoko WhatsApp Marketing Software

Zoko is a bulk WhatsApp Marketing software out there, especially if you're an Ecommerce Business. What differentiates Zoko from the rest is its clean, easy-to-use UI that you can use for multiple purposes like WhatsApp Broadcast, WhatsApp automation, recovering Abandoned Carts & more.


  1. Clean, well-organized User Interface
  2. WhatsApp Broadcasting feature available
  3. Useful Features for Ecommerce Businesses including Cart Recovery, COD Confirmation & collecting review
  4. Mobile App available
  5. Multiple Live Human Chat Support on one number


  1. Pricing is too expensive in comparison with other WhatsApp Marketing Softwares providing the same features
  2. Another major con is that you can't connect to WhatsApp Chatbot
  3. Very limited integrations; only integrates with Shopify
  4. No Free Trial is available
  5. Their target market is the US, not India. Hence, they don't focus much on Indian users. 

Free Trial

Zoko doesn't offer a Free Trial


Zoko's base plan starting at Rs 2650/ month is suitable for small teams while its Business plan costing Rs 15,845/ month is more suitable for large businesses. You also need to pay a separate charge of Rs 1.17/ conversation to Zoko as well as WhatsApp Conversation charges for UICs (User-initiated conversations) & BICs (Business initiated conversations)

5. Interakt

Interakt WhatsApp Marketing Software
Interakt WhatsApp Marketing Software

Interakt is a WhatsApp Engagement Suite allowing you to Automate notifications on WhatsApp, Send Bulk Campaigns and Use Multi-agent team Inbox (to manage agents & chats).


  • Free Green Tick Verification
  • Quick approval & access to WhatsApp Business API
  • Track analytics (Chat & agent analytics)


  • No WhatsApp Chatbot is available. This is a major disadvantage as most WhatsApp API platforms like AiSensy offer WhatsApp Chatbot integration. 
  • Smart Dashboard features are unavailable.
  • Only email support is available from the Interakt team that can take up to 2-3 days to reply. No facility for direct calling for queries.

Free Trial

Yes, a 14-day Free Trial is available with no credit card required. You can apply for WhatsApp Business API for free & get started.


Their base plan costs Rs 999 for 2000 active contacts and offers limited features. To access all features like Chat automation, conversation analytics, agent performance reports & more, you need to purchase a growth plan of Rs 2499 which includes up to 3500 unique users/ month. After exhausting the Active Contact Limit for the month, you'll pay Re 1 for further contacts. 

6. Wati

Wati WhatsApp Marketing Software
Wati WhatsApp Marketing Software

Wati is a bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software, product of the parent company Wati is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) enabling businesses to engage in real-time with clients through their WhatsApp tool.


  • No-Code Chatbot builder is available. However, in the standard plan, you get a basic Keyword-based Chatbot builder that only performs basic tasks & doesn't understand human language.
  • 5 Live Chat Agent support in Base Plan. 


  • You need to pay $500 (Rs 35000) for a separate customer support agent.
  • There are separate charges for Green Tick Verification (which other providers like AiSensy offer for Free)
  • You can connect with Wati support only via email- customer support is extremely disappointing as reported by many Wati customers (who switched to AiSensy)
  • No provision for Template Message Strategy or consultation.
  • Chatbot integration is self-serve. 

Free Trial

Wati offers a 7-Day Free Trial which unlocks their sandbox-testing mode. You can test their platform & send WhatsApp Broadcast only to yourself. You can't send messages to your contacts. In comparison with other WhatsApp Marketing Softwares, Wati's Free Trial doesn't offer much value to the users.


Wati offers 2 plans, charged monthly. Their standard plan costs Rs 2900/ month where you get a basic Chatbot builder along with all other features. Their professional plan costs Rs 5800/ month with the only upgrade being that you get an Advanced Chatbot builder. Wati also charges separately for BICs & UICs

7. Delighchat

Delightchat WhatsApp Marketing Software
Delightchat WhatsApp Marketing Software

Delightchat is a bulk WhatsApp sender providing end-to-end WhatsApp Marketing Solutions tailored specifically for Ecommerce Businesses. What makes the Delightful Software stand out is its shared team inbox, WhatsApp Broadcasting feature & Ecommerce Use Cases.


  1. It's an Omnichannel Platform allowing you to manage WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email etc
  2. WhatsApp Broadcasting Feature available
  3. Mobile App Available
  4. Easy ROI Tracking with analytics
  5. Shopify Integration
  6. All features same across all plans


  1. WhatsApp Chatbot integration is not available
  2. Very less integrations are available. No integration for WooCommerce, OpenCart etc.
  3. Use Cases limited to Ecommerce Clients. 

Free Trial

Yes, 14-Days Free Trial is there where you can check out their features & connect your Shopify Ecommerce Store.


DelightChat offers contact-based pricing with a base plan starting at Rs 2250 for 2500 contacts. Their growth plan costs Rs 19530 for 30000 unique contacts. You get limited support tickets with each plan exceeding which will require you to pay extra (charges vary depending on your plan).

8. Gallabox

Gallabox WhatsApp Marketing Software
Gallabox WhatsApp Marketing Software

Gallabox is a WhatsApp bulk Software built using official WhatsApp Business APIs. What sets it apart from other players is its no-code Chatbot builder which you can set up in minutes to automate customer queries & sales.


  1. Easy to set up No-code Chatbot Builder
  2. WhatsApp Broadcasting available
  3. Shared team inbox is brilliant and allows for easy collaboration
  4. Ecommerce integrations available with platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify


  1. Analytics could be better
  2. In the base plan, you only get Email support with a 24-hour SLA (service level agreement). Even in higher plans, you might have to wait 24 hours before receiving a response. 

Free Trial

Yes, a 14-Day Free Trial is available.


Gallabox's growth plan costs Rs 2000/ month for 5 agents while its pro plan costs Rs 6500/ month with 10 agent access & is suitable for mid-large sized businesses. For each extra agent, you need to pay a separate charge of Rs 1500/ month.

9. Pickyassist

Pickyassist WhatsApp Marketing Software
Pickyassist WhatsApp Marketing Software

Pickyassist is an affordable WhatsApp Marketing Software built on WhatsApp Business APIs. What makes it unique from others is that it offers multiple features including WhatsApp Broadcasting, automation, WhatsApp Chatbot & more at highly affordable pricing.


  1. Affordable Pricing
  2. WhatsApp Broadcasting feature available
  3. WhatsApp Automation available
  4. No-code WhatsApp Chatbot integration is there
  5. Free assistance for WhatsApp Green Tick


  1. UI experience is not at all good
  2. Customer Support can be better
  3. Complicated Pricing as initial 3 plans don't offer WhatsApp Business API access

Free Trial

Yes, Free Trial is available where you get Rs 150 to test out all their features & send test messages.


Pricing starts from Rs 379/ month where you don't get WhatsApp Business API access. You can connect with 500 unique contacts & send 2500 Broadcast messages. For that, you'll need to opt for an unlimited plan costing Rs 2656/ month for 5000 contacts. You need to pay separately for all integrations mentioned on their website.

10. Trengo

Trengo WhatsApp Marketing Software
Trengo WhatsApp Marketing Software

Trengo is a WhatsApp Business Platform allowing you to provide customer support across channels like WhatsApp, emails, messenger & more through one shared inbox. What sets it apart from others is its friendly UI & multiple channel support.


  1. Friendly customer support easily accessible through calls & WhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp Automation available
  3. WhatsApp Bulk Broadcasting is available


  1. No WhatsApp included in Basic Plan
  2. No WhatsApp Chatbot builder
  3. Pricing is a bit too high for small businesses
  4. Reporting feature can be better
  5. Even though the interface & design are clean, its Omnichannel capabilities can be a bit overwhelming for new users.

Free Trial

Yes, 14-day free trial is available to try out their platform.


Trengo has a unique pricing structure. They charge based on the number of unique users. Their starter plan costs $18 (Rs 1400)/ agent while the enterprise plan costs $40 (Rs 3125)/ agent.

How to choose the best Software for WhatsApp Marketing?

Wondering which of the above WhatsApp Marketing Software fits best for your business needs?

After all, you wouldn't want to waste time hopping from one software to another, would you? 

Here are 8 things you should evaluate while deciding on the best Software for WhatsApp Marketing.

1. Figure out your WhatsApp Marketing Goals

2. Pick a software from the above list

3. Evaluate the software's features, UI, pricing

4. Find whether they provide quality customer support or not (Most Important)

5. Onboarding & Implementation process offered by the Software Vendor

6. Verify the vendor's Reputation & Expertise

7. Find out if the software supports 3rd Party CRM & Software Integrations

8. Book a demo to know more

We have talked in-depth about these evaluation facts in this guide - How to find the best software for WhatsApp Marketing.

Now, if you want to test out all premium features of the official WhatsApp Marketing software AiSensy for Free, then apply for a 14-Day Free trial today. AiSensy provides 14-day Free Trial with access to all its premium features.

The best WhatsApp Marketing Software is one which is official & provides robust features like WhatsApp Broadcasting, WhatsApp Automation, Live Chat & Chatbot Integration & quality customer support at an affordable solution."

Yes, WhatsApp Marketing is legal, if you’re using an official WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy! Many top-tier businesses like Skullcandy, Flipkart, Rentomojo, Vivo & Byju’s use WhatsApp Marketing to drive sales & answer customer queries on WhatsApp.

You can use a WhatsApp Marketing Software like AiSensy to Broadcast messages to Unlimited users, automate notifications for orders & delivery by integrating CRMs, software & e-commerce portals, provide Live chat on multiple devices and integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate sales & support.

Using an Official WhatsApp marketing software is better because it won’t get your number blocked. Using unofficial WhatsApp software increase the chances of getting your number blocked.

The Bottom Line

Above were the top 10 Official WhatsApp Marketing Softwares that you can use without any worries for your business.

These softwares are official, meaning they won't get your number blocked!

Pick the one which you feel offers the most valuable proposition for your Business.

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