#1 Secret hack to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices

published on 07 December 2021

Are you finding it difficult to answer every customer query on WhatsApp using just one or two devices? Do you want to run WhatsApp Business on Multiple devices? You're at the Right Place!

46% of customers expect a reply within the first hour!

And, answering every query with the same attention span isn’t possible for one person.

Here, we'll tell you how you can use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices using WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp Business API


At a Glance

1. Can WhatsApp Business be used on Multiple Devices?

2. How to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices (with Business App)?

3. How to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices? (with Business API)?

4. How to answer customer queries via AiSensy?

So, let’s get started!

Can WhatsApp Business be used on Multiple devices?

Yes, there are 2 ways to use WhatsApp Business on Multiple devices:

1. WhatsApp Business App

2. WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business App allows you to use WhatsApp Business for multiple users, earlier accessible only through one smartphone and one PC.

However, after the recent Update (in 2024) to WhatsApp Business App, you can link WhatsApp Business on up to 5 devices.

You can use WhatsApp Business App on 1 Mobile Device + 4 Additional Devices (PC/ mobile/ tablet).

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WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API, launched back in 2018 by WhatsApp, is suitable for medium to large enterprises.

With WhatsApp Business API, you don’t need to worry about the 256-contact WhatsApp broadcast limit. You can:

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Want to use WhatsApp Business API for your business?

Signup to AiSensy & get started with WhatsApp Business API for FREE.

Here's how the WhatsApp Business app differs from WhatsApp Business API-based platform AiSensy.

WhatsApp Business App Vs WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business App Vs WhatsApp Business API

Let's check out how you can use WhatsApp Business for multiple users using both - WhatsApp Business App & the Business API. 

How to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices (using WhatsApp Business App)?

WhatsApp Business application fits the needs of individuals and small businesses with comparatively lower message volumes. 

WhatsApp Business App can be used on 1 Mobile + 4 Additional devices (PC support only).  You can use WhatsApp Business on 5 different devices including:

1. PC

2. Smartphone/ Tablets

WhatsApp Business on Multiple PCs

Follow these steps to use WhatsApp Business on multiple PC or laptop:

1. On your PC or MacBook, open the webpage: web.whatsapp.com

2. Pick your phone and click the three white dots. Click on WhatsApp Web.

3. Choose 'Link a device' and scan the QR code on your PC screen to connect your WhatsApp Business account.


With the same account, your agents can now enable WhatsApp Business login on 4 PCs.

Run WhatsApp Business on Two Phones

You can perform WhatsApp Business Login on multiple phones easily.

Just follow these steps:

1. First, download WhatsApp Business App on your mobile device if not already!


2. Open any browser on your mobile phone and access the webpage: ‘web.whatsapp.com

3. Under browser settings, click the ‘Desktop site mode’ option to view it in desktop mode.


3. Verify the QR code and successfully login to WhatsApp Business App on two mobiles.

Magic Done! By logging in to WhatsApp Business on 2 phones, your agents can use the same WhatsApp Business Account on 2 mobile devices & 3 PCs.

But, there are several limitations to using the WhatsApp Business App, especially for mid-large-sized businesses.

Limitations of WhatsApp Business App

There are multiple downsides of using the WhatsApp Business App for communication with users like:

1. WhatsApp Broadcast Limit of 256 users.

2. No option to track  analytics

3. Can't track agent's performance.

4. Can't integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate customer support

To counter these limitations, you can use WhatsApp Business API for multiple users.

How to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices (with whatsApp Business API)?

WhatsApp Business API allows enterprise-level businesses to manage customer support, boost conversions & business growth on WhatsApp.
With the Business API, businesses can:

1. Send WhatsApp Broadcast to Unlimited users (to opted-in users)

3. Provide Live Chat support on Unlimited Devices (using same Phone Number).

WhatsApp Business API fits the needs of startups & medium-large businesses, with huge volumes of incoming messages on a daily basis.

Get started with Free WhatsApp Business API

Once you connect to a WhatsApp Inbox system like AiSensy, you can use WhatsApp Business for multiple users by adding team members & assigning them roles.

Here’s how to add & assign roles to multiple users:

(1)  Sign up with AiSensy & create a FREE Demo account (active for 14 Days). Generally, it takes 10 minutes to 6 hours to get your WhatsApp Business API account approved.

(2) Add users & assign them suitable roles - Once the setup's in place and you've got the nod from WhatsApp, go to settings & add users in the AiSensy App. 


(3) Once you assign roles, your support team of agents & managers will be able to reply to customer queries from different devices with just one number. Agents & Managers have separate Login IDs using which they can Log In to AiSensy using multiple devices at the same time (mobile/ pc/ tablet).

How to manage Multiple User Queries via AiSensy App?

Now that you've your agents set,  let's discuss how your agents will be able to respond to user queries via WhatsApp. The AiSensy App organizes all chats efficiently into 3 different Chat columns: Requesting, Active & Intervened Chats.

Active Chats- When a user messages you on WhatsApp, the chat automatically adds to Active Chat that is handled by the WhatsApp Chatbot in AiSensy App. The chats here don’t require any human agent intervention.

Consider you have an incoming active chat handled by Chatbot. Here's how it'll appear:

Untitled design(4)-4pbp9

Requesting Chats- Whenever there is a query that the chatbot isn’t able to solve or if the user wants to speak to a human agent, the Chatbot goes from Active Chat to Requesting Chats.

All the chats in this section basically mean they are waiting and need human agent intervention to get solved. Also, all these requesting chats appear on the top bar as well so that it is instantaneously seen by the agents.

Untitled design(19)-pgq31

Now, this is where intervention is required on your agent's part. Coming to the next chat- Intervened Chats.

Intervened Chats- Once the Requesting Chats are intervened, they go from Requesting Column to Intervened Column.

Now, the Agents can reply to the user’s query and once they solve the user's query, they just need to click on the ‘Resolve’ button on the top to transfer the chat again to the chatbot. This brings the chat back in the Active column. Similar to Requesting Chats, Intervened Chats also stays in the top bar as well.

Untitled design(20)-523ci

When an agent clicks on 'Intervene Chat', it activates the Live Chat Textbox using which they can have a 1:1 conversation with the user. They can send any message to the user including images, text, videos, files etc to answer the user's query.

That's how you use WhatsApp Business for multiple users with AiSensy.


Yes, you can open WhatsApp Business on multiple devices. You can now use WhatsApp Business on a total of 5 devices - 1 Mobile + 4 PCs."

There are 2 ways to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices - WhatsApp Business App - You can use WhatsApp Business on a total of 5 devices - 1 Mobile + 4 PCs. WhatsApp Business API - By using a WhatsApp API based platform like AiSensy, you can have unlimited Live chat agents answering customer queries on WhatsApp.

If you're an individual business with low message volume, then yes, the WhatsApp Business app is worth it! But, if you get hundreds of messages each day on WhatsApp & wish to send messages to thousands of users in one go, then maybe it's time to shift to a WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy.

While WhatsApp Business is tailored for small businesses & individual owners, WhatsApp API is built for medium to large businesses with large message volumes. But, if you want to: Use WhatsApp on multiple devices, Send WhatsApp broadcasts to over 1,00,000 users in one go, Automate WhatsApp Chatbot, and Send clickable buttons with messages, Then choose WhatsApp Business API.

Before you Leave

That covers just about everything you need to know to use WhatsApp for multiple users.

By using these tips, you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices or use WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy's WhatsApp Marketing platform.


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