Top 7 Strategies to get WhatsApp Opt-in from users easily

published on 26 December 2022

Meta has made it important for businesses to take WhatsApp Opt-in from users before sending messages for all conversations happening via WhatsApp Business API. This is done to ensure that you're sending messages to only those users who really wish to receive WhatsApp updates from your business.

We want to help people receive useful, expected information from businesses they want to hear from.


Thus, it's crucial that you take an opt-in from all users before pushing that first WhatsApp Notification.

Don't know anything about how to convince users to opt-in for your WhatsApp updates?

Don't worry! By the end of this blog, you'll know exactly how to drive Opt-in on WhatsApp from users.

What is a WhatsApp Opt-in?

WhatsApp Opt-in is the permission businesses must obtain from users to send them notifications on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Opt-ins can be used to send promotional messages, updates, or other types of communication to users who have agreed to receive them.

This consent can be taken directly on WhatsApp or from other channels like the website, checkbox during the signup process & social media ads.

Opt-ins are a way for businesses to build a list of users who are willing to receive updates from them on WhatsApp. 

The opt-in message must include the communication including:

  • The Business name from which the person is willing to receive WhatsApp Updates
  • The person's consent to receive WhatsApp Updates from the business.

Now, you must be thinking that getting opt-in on WhatsApp would be a difficult task! We are here to tell you that it's much more easier than you think.

There are multiple strategies that you can implement to ensure a higher in-flow of users to your WhatsApp. All opted-in users.

7 Strategies to drive WhatsApp Opt-in from users

1. Add WhatsApp Opt-in Pop up on the Website

WhatsApp Opt-in via Website
WhatsApp Opt-in via Website

The easiest way to obtain Opt-in on WhatsApp is by adding a pop-up on your website asking users to opt-in for WhatsApp Notifications.

This way, you can directly drive website visitors to WhatsApp, engage them with promotional offers, answer queries & much more to convert them into customers.

You can use AiSensy, the Smartest WhatsApp Engagement platform to directly get users' Names & Mobile numbers as soon as they land on your WhatsApp.

2. WhatsApp Opt-in on Signup Page

Opt-in on WhatsApp via App Signup
Opt-in on WhatsApp via App Signup

Your signup page is another one of the best places to obtain Opt-in for WhatsApp from users.

After collecting all important user details, offer users an option to signup for WhatsApp Updates.

Make clear the types of messages users can expect you to receive on WhatsApp. E.g. promotional messages, transactional notifications, OTPs & more.

3. Take Direct Opt-in on WhatsApp

Opt-in on WhatsApp directly from WhatsApp
Opt-in on WhatsApp directly from WhatsApp

Earlier, WhatsApp had made it mandatory for businesses to take opt-in via 3rd party sources like SMS, emails etc. 

However, in July 2020, WhatsApp made an update allowing businesses to take direct WhatsApp opt-in via a WhatsApp message. 

If you already have the user's WhatsApp number, you can directly take opt-in permission by shooting a WhatsApp message.

Greet customers with a warm welcome & ask if they wish to receive updates from your business on WhatsApp.

Count users who reply with 'Yes' as opted-in.

Be crystal clear with your communication & provide an opt-out option as well.

4. Send SMS & Email for WhatsApp Opt-in

WhatsApp Opt-in via SMS
WhatsApp Opt-in via SMS

Another great way of taking WhatsApp Opt-in is by running Email & SMS Campaigns.

Let users know that you're available on the WhatsApp channel where they can easily reach out to you for all their queries & customer support.

Since, Emails & SMS have 10x less open rates compared to WhatsApp's 98% open rate, shifting communication from Emails & WhatsApp can be quite effective for Business Growth.

Using AiSensy, you can have unlimited customer support agents answering user queries on the go via Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop PCs.

5. Place a WhatsApp Button on Website to collect Opt-in

Place WhatsApp Button on Website
Place WhatsApp Button on Website

One of the most creative ways of receiving Opt-in on WhatsApp is by integrating a WhatsApp Button to your Website.

By placing a Free WhatsApp Button on your website, you can seamlessly drive website visitors to WhatsApp & take WhatsApp Opt-in.

Add a pre-filled message that users can send you on WhatsApp showing their intent on receiving updates from your business on WhatsApp.

The pre-filled message here is one that automatically fills a user's text window when they click the WhatsApp Button on your website.

Create FREE WhatsApp Button for your website

6. In-store WhatsApp Opt-in

You can drive Opt-ins on WhatsApp by adding WhatsApp QR Codes to your retail stores.

By using AiSensy's Creator tools, you can easily create a WhatsApp QR Code for FREE & drive user engagement on WhatsApp.

Here again, add a pre-filled message that users can send showing their consent to receive updates from your business on WhatsApp.

Read: How to create a FREE WhatsApp QR Code

7. Use Social Media Platforms

The best place to drive user engagement on WhatsApp & obtain WhatsApp Opt-in is via social media.

You can utilise the potential of social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram & more to drive more users on WhatsApp.

Add a WhatsApp Link to your business bio to direct users to WhatsApp & run direct-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.

Once you drive users to WhatsApp, you can use AiSensy to engage them & drive conversions.

Soon, you'll also be able to create WhatsApp Ads for Instagram & Facebook directly via AiSensy App. Stay tuned!

Create FREE WhatsApp Link

5 Tips to 3x your WhatsApp Opt-in & prevent WhatsApp Opt-outs

Here are 5 tips you can follow to ensure 3x more opt-ins on WhatsApp from users:

  • Make your communication crisp, clear & convincing -  Explain in simple words how the users will benefit if they opt-in for your WhatsApp updates. 

  • Don't spam - Spamming users will only lead to users blocking you on WhatsApp. Try to Broadcast only when it's utmost necessary. 

  • Run Click-to-WhatsApp Ads -  Running Ads on Facebook/ Instagram that lead users to your WhatsApp Business API account is the best way to drive WhatsApp Opt-ins. AiSensy allows you to create click-to-WhatsApp ads and convert leads instantly. 

  • Allow users to Opt-out - Not every user will want to receive updates on WhatsApp. Make sure to respect their privacy & provide an Opt-out option in each message. 

WhatsApp Opt-in Rules & Regulations

You must follow these rules to obtain WhatsApp Opt-in from users:

1. Businesses must get the Opt-in on WhatsApp itself or via other platforms before sending their first promotional message to customers on WhatsApp.

2. In case a customer initiates the conversation, you can get the opt-in during the first conversation.

3. Ensure that the opt-in clearly states that the user is willing to receive notifications from the business on WhatsApp.

4. Mention in advance the types of messages the user can expect to receive from your business. E.g. Transactional (shipping updates, order confirmation, promotional offers, OTPs & more).

5. Make sure that users always have an option to opt-out from receiving updates from your business. The opt-in & opt-out flow must be seamless & intuitive for all users.

How to effortlessly manage WhatsApp Opt-in & Opt-out using AiSensy?

What if we told you that you can effortlessly opt-in & opt-out users directly based on the messages users send on WhatsApp?

Yes, it's possible!

AiSensy allows you to automatically Opt-in/ Opt-out users with the smart Opt-in Management feature. 

Here's how to enable automatic Opt-in & Opt-out on WhatsApp using AiSensy.

Before we begin, if you haven't yet signed up with AiSensy, do it now! You can use AiSensy FREE for 14 days. Here's the complete guide to getting started with AiSensy. 

1. Go to Opt-in Management

Go to manage in AiSensy App
Go to manage in AiSensy App

To set up Optin & Optout for users, go to 'Optin Management' in Manage Section on AiSensy App.

Enable API Campaign Opt-out as shown in the image to enable users to get automatically opted out. 

2. Add Opt-out Keywords

Add opt-out keywords
Add opt-out keywords

Now let's look at how you can automatically opt-out users in AiSensy.

  • First, Enable Opt-out response. This will automatically send an opt-out notification to users who wish to opt-out from your WhatsApp updates.

  • Notice from your chats & add the Keywords users send to opt-out of your WhatsApp updates.

  • Keywords can include a simple 'STOP' or 'Don't send me messages'. After adding keywords, press Save settings. 

Any user who replies with these keywords will automatically get opted out of your WhatsApp updates. 

*You can add a maximum of 5 Opt-out Keywords in AiSensy App.

3. Configure the Opt-out message (Optional)


In case you wish to personalize the Opt-out message, you can do that easily. 

๐Ÿ‘‰Just click Configure message   

๐Ÿ‘‰Choose a pre-approved message or create a new one  

๐Ÿ‘‰ Choose the message type  

๐Ÿ‘‰ Add a new message (if creating a new message ๐Ÿ‘‰ Click on Save Configuration.) 

4. Setup automatic Opt-in for users


Repeat the steps to set automatic WhatsApp Opt-in as performed while setting up Opt-out management. 

  • Enable Opt-in Response
  • Add Opt-in Keywords (Yes, I am in etc)
  • Configure message (Optional)
  • Save settings

WhatsApp Opt-in FAQs

To promote a safe & spam-free environment on WhatsApp, Meta has made it mandatory for businesses to take consent from users before sending them WhatsApp Notifications. This way Meta ensures that users only receive communication from businesses they wish to connect with.

WhatsApp implements the Opt-in policy by monitoring if more & more people are blocking a business from which they're receiving messages. If that's the case, the business' Quality Rating will drop down. From Green to yellow to Red. If a business continues Broadcasting even with a low-Quality Rating, there's a high chance of their WhatsApp API number getting disabled.

Yes, WhatsApp Opt-in is mandatory. Businesses need to collect Opt-in from users before sending their first Business-initiated message outside the 24-hour session window.

No, customers reaching out on WhatsApp don't automatically count as an Opt-in. To convert them into Opted-in contacts, you need to send an Opt-in message asking for the user's permission to send notifications & updates on WhatsApp.

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