How to generate WhatsApp QR Code in 3 Simple Steps

updated on 21 March 2024

If you're looking to drive users to your WhatsApp through a WhatsApp QR code, you're at the right place. 

Whether you run a retail/ ecommerce Store, a chain of guest houses, restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Car Servicing & more; a WhatsApp QR code is the best way to acquire users for FREE!

A WhatsApp QR Code is one of the most useful tools you can add to your arsenal to acquire new customers & drive user engagement.

A WhatsApp QR Code creates a click to WhatsApp Chat Link which redirects users to WhatsApp from where you instantly collect their name & WhatsApp number by using a WhatsApp Engagement platform like AiSensy

In this blog, we'll tell you how to create a Free WhatsApp QR Code in 3 step easily using the AiSensy QR Code Generator tool.

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How to create WhatsApp QR Code (in 3 Steps)

Where can you use this WhatsApp QR Code

How to utilize WhatsApp QR Code for your Business


How to create WhatsApp QR Code?

You can generate & download your own unique Free WhatsApp QR Code using AiSensy. Along with the WhatsApp QR, you also get your unique WhatsApp Link that you can share on all social media channels to acquire users & drive engagement on WhatsApp.

To create this QR Code, head on to the WhatsApp QR Code Generator. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select your country and fill in the phone number on which you wish to receive messages.
Go to AiSensy WhatsApp Link & QR Code Generator
Go to AiSensy WhatsApp Link & QR Code Generator
  • Type a message under the 'Custom Message' section. This would be the pre-filled message that the user will see when they reach your WhatsApp after scanning the QR Code.

    While creating this, think about what a user might generally type when sending you a message. Preview the message side-by-side to get a feel of how it will look to your customers.
Pre-filled message which will display after user scans WhatsApp QR 
Pre-filled message which will display after user scans WhatsApp QR 
  • Last, hit the 'Generate Link' button to create the WhatsApp QR Code & a shareable URL link.

Download the QR Code & add it to your product's packaging to get more traction. Share your Free WhatsApp Link with your audience on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and more.  

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  Also, If you wish to create a QR code that has an image imprinted within, you can try out this free QR code generator. 

Where can you use WhatsApp QR Code?

WhatsApp QR Code is an extremely useful tool for businesses. Here are a few creative WhatsApp QR Code Use Case Scenarios:

  1. Add it to the Product Packaging - 70% of users purchase a product after viewing its packaging. Attaching the WhatsApp QR Code to your product's packaging is a great way to connect with users to WhatsApp. Also, what you can do is entice users to scan the code by offering Exclusive discount coupons on WhatsApp.

2. Paste it into your Retail Stores - Pasting the WhatsApp QR Code to your storefront is a great way to engage users on WhatsApp. Encourage visitors to scan the QR Code & have them place their orders on WhatsApp itself.

3. Guest Homes & Hotels - Attaching the WhatsApp QR Code outside Hotels & Guest rooms is a great way to let them know room availability & send room images. Also, add it to all rooms inside the menu book to allow users to order hassle-free.

4. Marketing Banners & Hoardings - Add the WhatsApp QR Code to your Marketing banners & Hoardings to provide viewers with an option to connect & engage with you on WhatsApp.

For E.g. You're a Skincare Brand launching a new Sunscreen. Adding the QR Code to your banners will help users instantly connect with you on WhatsApp without having to manually save your contact.

5. Hospitals - To avoid long reception queues, Hospitals can add a WhatsApp QR Code to facilitate easy cash-free payments with WhatsApp Chatbot. First, a user scans the code & redirects to WhatsApp. From there, the WhatsApp Chatbot can take over & assist the user with payments, appointments & more.

Along with the QR Code, you also get a WhatsApp Link which you can share everywhere - emails, social media, product packaging & many more places.

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How to utilize complete potential of WhatsApp QR Code?

By adding a WhatsApp QR Code, you've encouraged user engagement on WhatsApp.

So, how do you handle user engagement?

Well, you can do that through:

  1. WhatsApp Business App
  2. WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business App is an app built for small businesses that allows businesses to:

1. Send WhatsApp broadcast to up to 256 people,
2. Upload images of your products and services and,
3. Have 1:1 conversations with your customers.

WhatsApp Business API

But, if you are a mid-large-sized business looking to do bulk WhatsApp Marketing & engage hundreds of thousands of users on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API is the best way to go.

WhatsApp Business API was launched by Facebook in 2018 allowing businesses to Broadcast & receive Unlimited messages to a Global audience & drive better customer experiences on WhatsApp.   

WhatsApp Business API fits the needs of startups & medium-large businesses, with huge volumes of incoming messages on a daily basis.  

WhatsApp doesn't provide a platform to use WhatsApp Business APIs & you'd need the help of official WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSPs) like AiSensy to get started. 

WhatsApp Business API-based platforms like AiSensy allow you to:

1. Send WhatsApp Broadcast to Unlimited users

2. Automate Notifications on WhatsApp via Integrations. 

2. Provide live chat support to users in a 24-hour window.

3. Use WhatsApp Business for multiple users (unlimited device access).

4. Install WhatsApp Chatbots to automate common customer queries.


A WhatsApp QR Code creates a click to WhatsApp Chat Link which redirects users to WhatsApp. With this QR Code, users can connect with you easily just by scanning the QR code without adding your number to their contacts.

If you want to have your customer support team answering user queries only with WhatsApp Business App, here's how you can do it: 1. Go to 2. Now, open WhatsApp Business on your phone  3. Hit the three-dot menu👉Click Linked Devices👉Click on Link a device👉Scan the WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp Business App allows you to share your unique WhatsApp QR Code. Follow these steps to share your unique WhatsApp Business QR Code using Business App: 1. Tap the three Dots👉Click Business Tools.  2. Choose Short LinksTap 'View QR Code'👉Press Share Code.

To print your WhatsApp QR Code, follow these steps: 1. Create & Download QR Code from AiSensy WhatsApp Link Generator 2. Print & use the WhatsApp QR Code for your Business.

If for any reason you don't want audiences to find you using the WhatsApp QR Code, reset your WhatsApp QR Code. If anyone scans the previous code, it won't provide a link to your WhatsApp Business. Here's how to do it: 1. Go to AiSensy WhatsApp Link Generator 2. Create a new QR Code & print it to reset your WhatsApp QR Code.


WhatsApp is one of the best marketing & customer support channels gaining momentum right now!

WhatsApp QR Code is a great tool to elevate your engagement & conversions on WhatsApp. With AiSensy's free WhatsApp QR Code Generator tool, you can create your unique QR Codes for WhatsApp & use them to increase Business engagements and Conversions.

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