Top 10 Use Cases of WhatsApp Business API for Edtech

published on 02 August 2023

Looking to Transform Your Edtech Business with WhatsApp Business API? You've Come to the Right Place!

In the ever-evolving world of education technology, staying connected with students, educators, and parents is paramount. That's where WhatsApp Business API comes into play.

With an impressive 98% message open rate and over 45% click rates, WhatsApp Marketing is revolutionizing the way Edtech businesses engage with their audience. It's 10x more effective than traditional emails & SMS.

In this blog, we'll delve into the top 10 use cases of WhatsApp Business API for the Edtech industry, all achievable with the AiSensy Platform. Let's get started!

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is a powerful tool launched by Facebook in 2018, allowing businesses to broadcast and receive unlimited messages to a global audience. It's designed to enhance customer experiences, manage support, and boost growth on WhatsApp.

Platforms like AiSensy make it possible to harness the full potential of WhatsApp Business APIs for your Edtech business.

WhatsApp Business API Use Cases for Edtech Industry

1. Recover 45-60% Application Dropoff Rate

WhatsApp Business API for Edtech Industry
WhatsApp Business API for Edtech Industry

If you run a financial business or sell online courses, you must have seen many potential customers leaving mid-way into filling out the applications.

Well, that sucks!

But, you don't need to worry as you can boost 3x more signups by automating an application dropoff reminder on WhatsApp.

Businesses across industries such as Finance, Banking, Online Courses, Education, Automobile & more can boost their application signups by sending an application drop-off reminder on WhatsApp. 

2. Get Real-time Feedback for your Courses

WhatsApp Business API for Edtech Industry
WhatsApp Business API for Edtech Industry

"Good feedback is the key to improvement"

Generally, Businesses send an email or SMS politely asking the users to provide feedback on your products & services.

And 65% of the time, those emails are ignored or left unopened.

But, on WhatsApp, you not only receive instant feedback for your products 98% of the time but you can also get users to re-engage.

Request feedback from customers by sending Quick Reply buttons to make it more comfortable for them.

As they click the button to provide feedback, your WhatsApp Chatbot automates an offer enticing them to purchase another product.

3. Instant Student Engagement

Engage students instantly by placing a FREE WhatsApp Button on your website.

With a WhatsApp button in place on your website, users need to just 'click-to-chat to talk to connect with you on WhatsApp. 

Imagine the number of website visitors you can easily convert into leads by placing this WhatsApp button on your website.

Click, connect, and start the conversation right away! This immediate connection fosters a sense of community and encourages active participation in learning.

You can create a FREE WhatsApp Button on your website using the AiSensy WhatsApp Button Generator

4. Course Updates and Announcements

Broadcast messages to unlimited users about new courses, updates, and educational content.

This real-time communication ensures that students and educators are always in the loop, enhancing the learning experience.

5. Virtual Classroom Support

Provide virtual classroom support through WhatsApp. Share video tutorials, documents, and interactive content, allowing students to access educational resources remotely. It's like having a classroom in your pocket!

6. Personalized Educator Support

Build trust with personalized one-to-one live chats on WhatsApp. Address queries in real time, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. This personal touch can make all the difference in a student's educational journey.

7. Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Utilize AiSensy's WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns to filter and target specific audiences.

Using the Retargeting Campaigns feature, you can easily retarget users based on advanced filters & segregate them on whether they read, replied, or clicked on your message.

Drive more conversions by reaching the right people at the right time, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

8. Scheduling & Reminders

Automate class schedules, reminders, and notifications. Simplify the booking process for webinars, live sessions, and more. This seamless integration ensures that no important dates are missed, keeping everyone on track.

Here are 10 WhatsApp templates you can use to promote your educational webinars & events

9. Boost your Brand's Authenticity with a Green Tick

WhatsApp Green Tick
WhatsApp Green Tick

Showcase your brand's credibility with WhatsApp Green Tick. Apply for this symbol of trust through AiSensy, absolutely free of cost. It's a visual affirmation of your commitment to quality and integrity.


Offer post-course support and resources through WhatsApp. Maintain strong relationships with students and educators, encouraging lifelong learning. This ongoing support is essential for building a loyal community of learners.

Final Words

WhatsApp Business API is reshaping the Edtech industry. From instant student engagement to personalized support and streamlined communication, this versatile platform is a game-changer.

With AiSensy, you have the right tools and features to unlock the complete potential of WhatsApp Marketing under one single platform.

Make the right choice. Transform your Edtech business with WhatsApp Business API today!

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