How to Create WhatsApp Link easily in 2 Steps

updated on 04 April 2024

Wish to drive 3x more users to your WhatsApp for Free? But, how to get people to land on your WhatsApp & have a 1:1 Real-time conversation?

That's easy—through a WhatsApp Link!

  A WhatsApp Link is basically a link to your WhatsApp, clicking which redirects the user to your WhatsApp from where you can engage them in a 1:1 conversation using AiSensy, answer all their queries & convert them into a customer.  

We've got the perfect FREE tool for you to generate a WhatsApp Link - WhatsApp Link Generator.

Go ahead, click the above link to create your Free WhatsApp link or read ahead to know more about how to create your WhatsApp link & share across social channels. 

At a Glance

How to create your Free WhatsApp Link for your numbers

You can generate your own unique Free WhatsApp Link with AiSensy for FREE. To create this link, head on to the AiSensy WhatsApp Link Generator tool and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select your country and fill in the phone number at which you wish to receive messages.
Type your WhatsApp number to create WhatsApp Link
Type your WhatsApp number to create WhatsApp Link
  • Type a message under the 'Custom Message' section. This would be the pre-filled message that the user will see when they reach your WhatsApp after clicking the link.

    While creating this, think about what a user might generally type when sending you a message. Preview the message side-by-side to get a feel of how it will look to your customers.

WhatsApp Link message preview
WhatsApp Link message preview
  • Last, hit the 'Generate Link' button.

  • Share your Free WhatsApp Link with your audience on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You can also download the WhatsApp QR & add it to your product's packaging to get more traction.

Where can you use WhatsApp Link?

There are multiple use cases of a WhatsApp Link through which you can drive user engagement on WhatsApp.

Here's how you can use this link to drive leads to WhatsApp:

  • Add WhatsApp Link to your Social Media bios

We know that you'd rather prefer to keep your website link on Social Media Bios. But, Get this- your users can find you by searching on the web easily. However, they won't find your WhatsApp Link on search engines.

So, adding your WhatsApp Link to your Social Media Bios can help you connect better with potential leads & convert them into customers.

You can also create a Linktree link or Astra's link in bio templates using which you can add & share multiple links to your social media bios.

  • Add WhatsApp Link to your Instagram Story

    Instagram stories are the 2nd most viewed feature on Instagram. Here's how to add WhatsApp Link to your Instagram story.

    1. Download WhatsApp Icon
    2. Tap '+' on Instagram App & create a 'New Story' post.
    3. Now, link the URL of click to chat WhatsApp feature & add the WhatsApp Link.
    4. To add the story to highlights, go to the Bio page & select the WhatsApp image story under 'New Highlights.'
  • Share WhatsApp Link on Facebook

Don't go by the default thinking that nobody uses Facebook in 2024!

Facebook is a very important Marketing Channel and you shouldn't feel reluctant in juicing out its potential by sharing your WhatsApp number Link in your Newsfeed. You can attach the WhatsApp link along with posts like images, captions & more.

By using this link, users can click to chat with you on WhatsApp.

  • Share it through Twitter posts

Twitter is slowly jumping to become one of the most preferred Marketer channels. This is due to its advanced search engine that people use to find whatever it is they are looking for.

After the Elon Musk takeover, you can certainly expect a big boom on the micro-blogging platform.

Utilize this by being active on Twitter & sharing a Link to WhatsApp along with your Twitter posts.

  • Share it on Pinterest

If you use Pinterest as a Marketing Channel, you can public your WhatsApp redirect Link along with your pins. Explorers might like your products & services & would want to connect with you. So, adding a direct WhatsApp Link can be beneficial.

  • Add the link to Youtube's video descriptions

Another creative place where you can add your WhatsApp Link is in your YouTube Video's description. 9 out of 10 people have a habit of randomly checking out descriptions while watching a video & clicking the links provided there!

Well, these were some places where you can attach your WhatsApp number link.

Benefits of sharing WhatsApp Link

  • Get people to connect with you directly on WhatsApp
  • Get people engaged in 1:1 Real-time conversations on WhatsApp
  • Drive 45-80% more increase in conversions and sales through WhatsApp.
  • Get immediate user opt-in when they click your WhatsApp number link & send a message. (User opt-in is essential to send them messages on WhatsApp)

Well, these were some dominant benefits of using links to WhatsApp.

However, that's not it!

You can also:

You can do all this with AiSensy, the #1 WhatsApp Marketing Platform based on the official WhatsApp Business API. 

Want to fire up these AiSensy features to boost your business sales? Sign up on AiSensy for Free today.

How do WhatsApp Links compliment AiSensy?

There's an intuitive AiSensy feature that you can combine with WhatsApp Links for better customer segregation.

Let's consider you want to track the number of users clicking the WhatsApp Link from Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

With AiSensy's 'First Message Tag' feature, you can segregate the audience from each social media platform.

First Message Tag in AiSensy
First Message Tag in AiSensy

Simply create a different WhatsApp Link for each social media platform with a customized message & create a first message tag with the platform name as the tag.

Make sure to add the same message while creating the 'First Message Tag'.

The tag will automatically allot depending on the platform the user arrives from after clicking the link.

Here's how the tag will appear in a user's profile in AiSensy App.

First message Tag (1)-ijtx4

What do you need to pay to create one WhatsApp Link?

Nothing! You can generate unlimited WhatsApp Links with AiSensy's WhatsApp Link generator.


WhatsApp Link is your unique WhatsApp URL Link with a predefined message that you can share with your audience across all social media platforms! By clicking this link, users will redirect to your WhatsApp with a pre-filled message that'll show in their textbox chat window. It is a great tool to engage an audience on WhatsApp & boost your sales by 3x."

You can add your WhatsApp Link on Instagram in 2 simple steps. 1. Go to your Instagram 'Bio Page' & click 'Edit Profile'. 2. Under Links section, add your unique WhatsApp number link & press the tick button to save your settings.

You can easily create your unique WhatsApp Link using WhatsApp Business App. 1. Go to WhatsApp Business App👉‍Click more options👉‍Business Tools. 2. At the bottom, you'll see the option to create a short link to WhatsApp Business. Now, just copy & share the link.

1. On an iPhone, open WhatsApp Business App👉‍Settings👉‍Business Tools. 2. Scroll down & create 'Short Link'. 3. Copy & share the WhatsApp link on all social media platforms.

Nothing! You can generate unlimited click to chat Links with AiSensy's WhatsApp Link generator.

Before you leave

WhatsApp is one of the best marketing & customer support channels gaining momentum right now!

It can notch up your customer experience, satisfaction & boost sales by 3x & more if you are willing to put in the hard work & efforts.

WhatsApp Link is a great way to begin! With AiSensy's free WhatsApp link generator tool, you can create your WhatsApp link & share it across all social media platforms to engage with users on WhatsApp. 

However, to reach a wider audience & connect with them, you'd need a bigger platform like AiSensy, based on WhatsApp Business APIs allowing you to send up to 1,00,000 messages in one go on WhatsApp.

Get started with Free WhatsApp API

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