How to create WhatsApp Business Account in 10 minutes (2024)

updated on 30 March 2024

If you're looking to create a WhatsApp Business account to handle marketing & support for your business, you're at the right place.

You can create 2 types of WhatsApp Business Accounts:

  1. A normal WhatsApp Business account created via WhatsApp Business App
  2. A WhatsApp Business API account created with an official WhatsApp Marketing Platform like AiSensy.

A WhatsApp Business account is completely free to create and use. You can create this easily via the WhatsApp Business app. However, it's certainly not enough if you wish to connect with thousands of users in one go. 

Meanwhile, a WhatsApp Business API account can only be created with an official WhatsApp Business Solution Partner (WhatsApp BSP) like AiSensy, and you need to pay the platform fee and a WhatsApp Conversation fee to use a WhatsApp Business API account. 

In this blog, we'll tell you how to create business account on WhatsApp through both WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp Business API.

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At a Glance

WhatsApp Business Account Vs WhatsApp Business API Account

How to create WhatsApp Business Account (with Business App)

Limitations of WhatsApp Business Account

How to create a WhatsApp Business API Account

7 Advantages of WhatsApp Business API Account (with AiSensy)

Which is better - WhatsApp Business Account or WhatsApp Business API Account?

If you're wondering which account is more useful for your business, here's a quick walkthrough:

WhatsApp Business Account suits small & individual businesses with lower message volumes. With WhatsApp Business App, you can:

  • Setup a Business Profile,
  • Send Broadcast to 256 people in one go (only to people who've added you to their contacts),
  • Add product catalogue along with pricing
  • Use WhatsApp Business on 5 devices (1 Mobile + 4 PCs)

Meanwhile, WhatsApp Business API account suits smallmid & large-sized businesses & startups looking to reach a wide audience on WhatsApp. It's perfect for businesses who want to scale their sales by Broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of users, providing multi-human Live Chat support, automating notifications & install WhatsApp Chatbots.

Create a FREE WhatsApp Business API account with AiSensy👇

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Here's a comparison table for the difference between WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp Business API

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To know more, check out our detailed blog for WhatsApp Business App Vs WhatsApp Business API.

Now, let's check out how to create a WhatsApp Business account via WhatsApp Business app

How to create WhatsApp Business Account (via WhatsApp Business App)

Creating a Business account on WhatsApp via WhatsApp Business App is extremely easy.

It'll take you less than 10 minutes to set up!

If you already have an account on WhatsApp, all backed-up media, then chats & images will automatically shift from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business upon confirmation.

Now, follow the below steps to know how to create WhatsApp Business Account:

  1. Download WhatsApp Business App

First, go to Play Store / App Store & download WhatsApp Business App.

Step 1 - How to create WhatsApp Business Account
Step 1 - How to create WhatsApp Business Account

2. Verify your Phone Number

Upon opening WhatsApp Business App, it'll ask whether you want to use your existing WhatsApp number or create a separate WhatsApp Business Account using a different number.

Go ahead & verifying your existing/ new number.

Step 2 - How to create WhatsApp Business Account
Step 2 - How to create WhatsApp Business Account

3. Create your WhatsApp Business Profile

Next, you'll be asked to fill in your Business details including Business Name, Category, Description & Address. Fill in the details & click 'Next'.

Create a WhatsApp Business Profile
Create a WhatsApp Business Profile

4. Add a Catalog

On the next screen, create a Catalog of your Products. Here, add detailed information including Item name, price, description, country of origin, purchase link & the Item Code as we've done in the image below

You can run your own WhatsApp Ecommerce Store with WhatsApp Business App (on a limited scale)

Step 4 - Add your Products
Step 4 - Add your Products

Here's how the added items will look in the product Catalog👇

That's it!

You've set up your WhatsApp Business Profile.

But, there's more.

Click the three white dots at the top of your screen & choose 'Business Tools'.

WhatsApp Business Tools
WhatsApp Business Tools

There are more Business Tools you can use to make the most out of the WhatsApp Business App. Here's a brief about these tools

1 Greeting Message - Setup an automatic welcome message that gets automated instantly whenever new customers message you on WhatsApp. Here's how it works:

  POV - User's ScreenGreeting Message  
  POV - User's Screen
Greeting Message  

2. Away Message - Set up away messages for off days or when you're on vacation so that customers don't feel ignored. Here's how it work

  POV - User's ScreenAway Message  
  POV - User's Screen
Away Message  

3. Quick Replies - Setup Quick Replies to reply to common customer messages with a click of a button. 

E.g. Below, a user asks for the 'time duration of open hours' of the Flour Mill. The person already has a Quick Reply set up for this question and automates this:

  POV - User's ScreenQuick Replies  
  POV - User's Screen
Quick Replies  

4. Labels - Organize chats & customers by assigning them different labels. E.g. Create labels of different colours with tags like New customer, new order, pending payments etc.

Like this:

  POV - User's ScreenOrganizing Labels  
  POV - User's Screen
Organizing Labels  

5. Advertise on Facebook - Setup Direct to WhatsApp Ads on Facebook & Instagram to get users to directly land on WhatsApp where you can further engage with them & convert them into customers. For better handling of conversations, try out WhatsApp engagement suite, AiSensy.

6. Short Link - Short Link is an invite to Chat link that you can share on social media to boost customer engagement on WhatsApp.

Like this:

Setting up Click-to-chat link
Setting up Click-to-chat link

Limitations of a WhatsApp Business Account

There are multiple downsides of using the WhatsApp Business App for communication with users like:

1. WhatsApp Broadcast Limit of 256 users. Also, it will only reach people who have added you to their contacts. 

2. No option to track  analytics

3. Can't track agent's performance.

4. Can't integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate customer support

5. No option to Integrate with 3rd party Software & CRMs 

6. Automated Notifications are not available

7. Can't send Messages with Clickable Buttons

8. Getting a WhatsApp Green Tick isn't possible 

To counter these limitations, you should create a WhatsApp Business API Account. As we discussed above, the WhatsApp Business API Account can only be created with official platforms like AiSensy. 

Let's check out how to get started with WhatsApp Business API.

How to create WhatsApp Business API Account? (with AiSensy)

Like WhatsApp Business Account, you can quickly set up a WhatsApp Business API account with AiSensy within 10 minutes.

You only need these 2 things to create a WhatsApp Business API Account:

  1. A Business Website - A Business Website is a must to get access to the WhatsApp Business API.
  2. A Fresh Phone Number - You need an active phone number that isn't currently registered with any of the WhatsApp accounts. You can use an old phone number too but you'll have to permanently delete the WhatsApp App/Account active on it. Read here how to do it.

If you meet these pre-requisites, follow the below steps:

  1. Signup on AiSensy App

Go to AiSensy Signup Page by clicking here.

You can signup with your Google account or if you use a different business email, fill in the form.

2. Enter OTP (for Form signup only)


If you signed up by filling out the form, you'll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Enter it & press 'Submit' to proceed.

3. Add Personal & Company Details

  • Enter important Business details like Company Name, size, industry, billing currency & timezone so that we can customise your experience.
  • Once done, click on the “Complete Sign Up” button to proceed ahead.

4. You've now activated the 14-Day FREE Trial


You've now entered your 14-Day FREE Trial which includes:

  • Free WhatsApp Business API Verification
  • Free 2000 Monthly Active Users
  • Free 50 WhatsApp Conversation Credits to test out the platform & messaging.
  • Access to all features & get going!

5. Click 'Continue with Facebook' to apply for FREE WhatsApp Business API

  • Click on the “Continue with Facebook” button to start the application process of WhatsApp Business API procurement.
  • Make sure you have admin access to the Facebook Business Manager account to continue with the application.

*Note - Make sure to get your Facebook Business Manager Account verified to get complete access to WhatsApp Business API. You can get it verified simultaneously while applying for WhatsApp Business API or even after procuring the WhatsApp Business API.

6. Click 'Get started'


Clicking the button will redirect you to the Meta window where you can apply for WhatsApp Business API.

Click on the 'Get started' button to start filling out the WhatsApp Business API procurement application.

7. Connect your Facebook account with AiSensy


On the next screen, read the permissions shared & click 'Continue' to connect your Facebook account with AiSensy.

8. Select your Facebook Business Account


Next, select your Facebook Business Account which you wish to be associated with your WhatsApp Business API Account.

Reminding you again to verify this Facebook Business Account to enjoy complete access to WhatsApp Business API.

After selecting the one, click 'Continue'.

9. Fill in Legal Business Details


Fill out the WhatsApp Business API Account form carefully 👇

  • Your Legal Company Name
  • Business Phone number - This can be different from the phone number on which you need to get WhatsApp Business API.
  • Business website
  • Business email
    Press 'Continue' to proceed.

*Note - This window might not appear for a few accounts. If it doesn't, there's no need to worry! This won't have any effect on you getting approved for WhatsApp Business API.

10. Add your Business address details


Fill in official details about your company headquarters, location & press 'Continue'.

*Note - Again, this window too might not appear for a few accounts.

11. Create / Select your WhatsApp Business Account


In the next step, you'll need to create a new WhatsApp Business Account or set up an existing business account.

*Note - This is not the Display Name you need for your WhatsApp Business API that will be visible to the end users. This is just the name of your WhatsApp Business Account created inside the FB Business Manager.

To create a new Business account, add your Business name & Timezone and press 'Continue'.

12. Create a WhatsApp Business Profile


WhatsApp Display name is the name that will be visible to your users. If your Display Name is different from the Legal Name of the company, you can provide a relevant business website to proceed ahead and establish the relationship between both.

There are specific rules you must follow to create this Display Name which you can view in this WhatsApp Display Name Guide.

13. Choose the Category & add the Business Description


Pick the category most relevant for your business & add a suitable description (optional) that will be visible to customers when they click your profile button. The description can be added/changed anytime in future as well.

Once you do this, continue to the final step of your WhatsApp Business API application.

14. Verify your WhatsApp Business Number


Last, you need to enter the Phone Number on which you need to get the WhatsApp Business API. Make sure the number is connected and able to receive code via SMS or Voice for verification.

After adding your number, press 'Send Code'.

Finally, add the code you receive & press 'Submit'.

15. Your WhatsApp Business API Application is now under review


Congratulations! 🎉🎉

If you see the above screen, you've successfully applied for WhatsApp Business API.

You're one step closer to growing your business with AiSensy.

The majority of reviews are completed instantly (with 10 minutes) - only the Display Name can take max. 3-4 hours to get approved.

16. Hurray! Your WhatsApp Business API is live


The change will show in the AiSensy Platform where the status of WhatsApp Business API will now show LIVE.

After getting approval for WhatsApp Business API, you'll be able to:

  1. Send WhatsApp Broadcast to unlimited users in one go
  2. Automate notifications for events like Order Confirmation, payment links, delivery updates & more
  3. Install WhatsApp Chatbots to automate customer support
  4. Use WhatsApp Business for multiple users
  5. Get verified Green Tick for your business
    And much more...

All, with the AiSensy App!

7 Benefits of using WhatsApp Business API Account with AiSensy

There are multiple WhatsApp Business API providers across the globe. Then, why choose AiSensy to create your WhatsApp Business API account? Here are 7 reasons to hit this Signup button & get started with WhatsApp Business API in 10 minutes

1. Send WhatsApp Broadcast to unlimited users - Using AiSensy, import your contacts easily & Broadcast promotional messages to unlimited users in one go. Track performance of Broadcast Campaign in Analytics section.

2. Send Retargeting Broadcast Campaigns - AiSensy automatically segregates your broadcast audience by Delivered, Read, and Replied Audiences. Run Retargeting Campaigns on the Basis of these filters. Retargeting Campaigns have proven to increase sales and engagement for Businesses.

3. Automate Notifications for Orders, Payments & more - Connect your CRM, Payment Portals, and eCommerce Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Hubspot. Zapier via APIs. Automate notifications for Abandoned Cart, Application Drop-off, Order Confirmation, Event Updates & more

4. Provide Live Chat support on multiple devices - Have multiple team members drive Live Chat Support on the Same Whatsapp Business Number. Filter Chats according to tags, campaigns and attributes for Smart Agent Chat Routing.

5. Integrate WhatsApp Chatbot seamlessly - Connect Smart A.I. Chatbots from Google Dialogflow seamlessly & monitor conversations from the Live Chat Dashboard. Solve Customer Queries, Send Images, Files & Videos in a Smart Automated Manner.

6. Apply for Verified WhatsApp Green Tick for Free - Get a verified Green Tick Checkmark & establish a trustable Brand Identity. AiSensy helps you apply for the esteemed WhatsApp Green Tick for Free. 

7. Unmatched Customer Support from the Support Team - If you get stuck at any place; from applying for WhatsApp Business API to getting Template Messages verified, AiSensy's support team is available via Calls, Google Meet, Email & WhatsApp. 

Want this for your Business? 

Get started for Free

WhatsApp Business Account FAQs

Using WhatsApp Business app, you can Broadcast to 256 people in one go, create a Business profile, list your products, add a catalogue, add labels to chats & more. With WhatsApp Business API, you can Broadcast to Unlimited contacts, get an official Green tick, integrate Chatbot & do much more.

If you're an individual business with low message volume, then yes, the WhatsApp Business app is worth it! But, if you get hundreds of messages each day on WhatsApp & wish to send messages to thousands of users in one go, then maybe it's time to shift to a WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy.

While WhatsApp Business is tailored for small businesses & individual owners, WhatsApp API is built for medium to large businesses with large message volumes. But, if you want to: Use WhatsApp on multiple devices, Send WhatsApp broadcasts to over 1,00,000 users in one go, Automate WhatsApp Chatbot, and Send clickable buttons with messages, Then choose WhatsApp Business API.

Anyone can create a WhatsApp Business Account on the WhatsApp Business App for Free But, if you’re using WhatsApp Business API, you need to have a Business website & a fresh phone number not active on any WhatsApp Apps to get started.

WhatsApp Account created with the Business App is absolutely free to use. However, a WhatsApp Business API account isn’t free to use. You can create a WhatsApp Business API account for free with AiSensy but you need to pay for WhatsApp conversations & platform charges to use the Business account.

There are 2 ways to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices - WhatsApp Business App - You can use WhatsApp Business on a total of 5 devices - 1 Mobile + 4 PCs. WhatsApp Business API - By using a WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy, you can have unlimited Live chat agents answering customer queries on WhatsApp.

Final Words

Well, that's it on how to create WhatsApp Business Account using WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp Business API.

Both accounts offer their own unique use cases suitable for different businesses. While WhatsApp Business App suits individual & small businesses, WhatsApp Business API is the way to go if you're running a startup or enterprise with high message volumes.

Want to know more about WhatsApp Business API? Check out our guide here.

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