How to build WhatsApp Chatbot in 10 Minutes

updated on 26 March 2024

Want to automate 80% of your common customer queries for your business?  Want only qualified leads to reach your sales team? Or are you looking to free your customer support agents for more important work? 

If your answer to any of the above questions is "YES" then all you need is a WhatsApp Chatbot!!

A WhatsApp Chatbot that will work 24x7 answering common customer queries, freeing up your agent's time from such manual work. 

And in this blog, we'll be telling you how you too can create a WhatsApp Chatbot in just 10 minutes. 

Without any coding experience. 

So, are you excited? 

Let's get started!!

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At a Glance

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot functions on WhatsApp & can deliver a human-like customer experience by answering common customer queries, completing sales, nurturing leads & collecting important user information that helps you segregate qualified leads from the rest. 

In short, it's your virtual assistant that keeps your business running 24x7, answering customer queries on the go, collecting useful information, qualifying users, and driving sales for your business. 

Below is an example of WhatsApp Chatbot in action:

A WhatsApp Chatbot resolving customer query
A WhatsApp Chatbot resolving customer query

How to get WhatsApp Chatbot for your Business?

As promised in the title, here's exactly how you can create a WhatsApp Chatbot code-free. 

To build a WhatsApp chatbot code-free, you need to use a platform like AiSensy, a smart WhatsApp engagement platform that allows you to build a WhatsApp chatbot with simple drag-and-drop functions. 

All you need to do is drag & drop elements into the chatbot builder and create your chatbot flow. 

Let's give you a quick demo of how to build a WhatsApp chatbot in just 10 minutes with AiSensy. 

1. Unlock Flow Builder

The very first step you need to do is unlock the AiSensy Chatbot Flow Builder. Flow Builder is an Add-on feature you must purchase to unlock or claim your 14-day free trial (for existing and new users). 

Unlock the Flow Builder by logging in to AiSensy or sign up for a 14-day FREE Trial. 

AiSensy provides a 14-day free trial of the flow builder as well. Just tap the "Claim Trial" button to start your Flow Builder's free trial. 

Unlock Flow builder to create WhatsApp Chatbot
Unlock Flow builder to create WhatsApp Chatbot

2. Create a New Flow

Now, go to Flow Builder and click Create Flow to create the flow for your WhatsApp Catalogue.

Create WhatsApp Chatbot Flow
Create WhatsApp Chatbot Flow

3. Add Keywords that will trigger the Catalogue

Clicking the button will open the Flow Builder. Here, you can build the complete flow for your WhatsApp Catalogue.

To start creating your flow, you first need to add Keywords to the "Flow start" element that will trigger the WhatsApp Chatbot flow.

Enter common keywords like Shop, products, and e-commerce, depending on what your users enter most, to ensure the catalogue gets triggered.

In the below image, we've added multiple keywords that will trigger the chatbot like 'hi', 'Hello' etc.

Enter keywords to trigger WhatsApp Chatbot
Enter keywords to trigger WhatsApp Chatbot

4. Use relevant elements & link them carefully

Building a WhatsApp Chatbot with AiSensy is as easy as it can get. All you need to do is choose the correct elements from the content block and link them to the right element using threads.

It's that simple!!

With AiSensy's Chatbot Flow Builder, you can include message replies in the form of text, media (image, video, file), list, single & multi-product messages. You can also automate a template message through the Chatbot builder. 

You can choose from advanced actions such as "Ask location," "Ask a question," & much more, allowing you to qualify users.  

If you wish to know the in-depth use case of each content block, check out this help guide

Enter keywords to trigger WhatsApp Chatbot
Enter keywords to trigger WhatsApp Chatbot

5. Your Chatbot is ready to go LIVE

In the below image, you can see that we have created a chatbot in which the end goal is to showcase the relevant products to the users and hot deals currently active.

You can see that we have different responses based on the user's reply. If they reply with 'View all products', they'll receive a Multi-product message with all your products, and if they respond with 'Hot deals', they'll receive a single-product message mentioning the hot deal.

You can make as many changes as you want in the Chatbot. After creating the Chatbot, press 'Save Changes' to save your progress.

Drag & Drop WhatsApp Chatbot - Made via AiSensy Flow Builder
Drag & Drop WhatsApp Chatbot - Made via AiSensy Flow Builder

6. Enable the Chatbot

Last, return to 'Flow Builder' and enable the Chatbot you've just created.


You just activated your first flow!

Enable your WhatsApp Chatbot
Enable your WhatsApp Chatbot

7. Test the Chatbot

This is how the chatbot will work whenever a user enters the keyword that triggers the Chatbot.

This is just an example. You can create a flow with 100s of elements in just one Chatbot.


How to build a WhatsApp Chatbot for FREE (Google Dialogflow Chatbot)

Besides the drag-and-drop Chatbot flow builder, you can also create a WhatsApp Chatbot via Google Dialogflow & integrate it with AiSensy.

However, to build this Chatbot, you'll need to invest 3-4 hours to understand the Chatbot development process. 

From this WhatsApp Chatbot masterclass

Once you've watched the tutorial, check out how to create a Chatbot from Google Dialogflow and integrate it with AiSensy. 

Advanced Use Cases of AiSensy Chatbot Flow Builder

With AiSensy's Chatbot Flow Builder, you can not only trigger Chatbots via keywords. 

There are many use cases you can achieve using AiSensy's Chatbot Flow builder tool including:

  1. Trigger WhatsApp Chatbots through Template Messages: Yes, you can also trigger WhatsApp Chatbots through Quick-reply button based template messages. When the user clicks any of the Quick Reply buttons, the Chatbot will trigger. 

  2. Integrate with Click-to-WhatsApp Ads: AiSensy allows you to run Click-to-WhatsApp ads through the platform itself. Not just this, you can also integrate your Click-to-WhatsApp ads with the Chatbot. The chatbot flow will trigger when a user reaches your WhatsApp through a Click-to-WhatsApp ad and sends you the pre-filled message. 

  3. Send single & multi-product messages: Let's raise the bar up a notch! AiSensy's Chatbot builder allows you to integrate your WhatsApp catalogues to send single & multi-product messages to your users. Imagine automating your product catalogues while a user is talking to your chatbot. Not only would this be impressive, it will also help you drive 3x sales as we've seen in the case of our clients. 

  4. Lead Qualification: Another major use case of the chatbot builder is lead qualification without the need of human intervention. Your WhatsApp Chatbot will automate the Lead qualification process & nurture leads by collecting important user attributes like their email address, their preferences, age, gender etc.

 In AiSensy, the User Attributes get updated in the User profile automatically as the Chatbot collects these attributes from the user. E.g. User's enquiry name, Industry

5. Build Dynamic Chatbots: One of the most advanced use cases of the AiSensy Chatbot is that you can connect it with your CRM via webhooks and send the data collected from users directly to your CRM. 

6. Fetch attributes & tags: You can collect data from users and organize the data into multiple tags & attributes by simply capturing the data into various tags & attributes. 

7. Ask Location & Address: Another awesome use case of the chatbot is that you can ask the user their location & address and save it to your CRM.

8. Collect Payments within WhatsApp: Last and most amazing use case of the Chatbot is that you can collect payments directly within WhatsApp using the Chatbot flows feature. For this, you'll first need to setup WhatsApp payments and then connect it with the Chatbot flows to implement the system. 

9. Automate FAQs

Customers have tons of common questions they'd like to have an answer to before purchasing your product/ service. 

Using AiSensy's Flow Builder, you can create in-depth FAQ Chatbot flows that answer all common queries about your brand, products & services.

10. Automate Feedback

WhatsApp Chatbot automating offer after user provides feedback
WhatsApp Chatbot automating offer after user provides feedback

Feedback is detrimental to upgrading the level of your products & services.

To ensure customers provide feedback : automate a feedback message 6-7 days after the product gets delivered.

You can automate a WhatsApp message with Quick reply buttons via WhatsApp API Campaigns.

Once the user provides feedback, have your WhatsApp Chatbot send enticing offers to get the user to convert again.

You can provide a 10% discount or some other benefit to entice the user to purchase again.

WhatsApp Chatbot FAQs

A WhatsApp Chatbot functions on WhatsApp & can deliver a human-like customer experience by performing tasks like answering common customer queries, Completing sales, nurturing & Collecting User Attributes.

Yes, you can create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot free of cost with Google Dialogflow & integrate it with a WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy to get started. Or you can use AiSensy's Drag & Drop Chatbot Flow Builder to create simple no-code chatbots in just 10 minutes

A WhatsApp Chatbot works just like an actual human agent by instantly responding to customer queries. Whenever a user messages you on WhatsApp, the Chatbot instantly responds. If the user still wants to talk to a customer support agent, the Chatbot transfers the query to a Live chat agent.

You can create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot for free easily with Google Dialogflow & further integrate it with AiSensy. Also, you can create Chatbot easily with AiSensy's Drag & Drop Chatbot flow builder.

Before you Leave

Here's a summary of everything you read in this blog:

  • A WhatsApp Chatbot is a smart chatbot that functions just like a human agent, answering common customer queries & handle sales without human intervention. 

  • You can create a WhatsApp Chatbot using AiSensy's Chatbot Flow Builder by simple drag & drop function. 

  • You can use the Chatbot for various Use Cases including Lead Qualification, automating customer queries & sales, sharing product details, course details, after-sales support & much more. 

  • With WhatsApp Chatbot, you can achieve your automation goals as well as drive 3x more sales by Broadcasting messages to unlimited users, providing live chat on multiple devices & enable WhatsApp automation with integrations.

That's everything you need to know about a WhatsApp Chatbot. We hope this article answers your queries.

Businesses aiming to provide robust customer support & enable high-converting campaigns can use AiSensy to drive 25-60% revenue with WhatsApp.


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