How to create Free WhatsApp Chatbot No-code: Complete Guide

updated on 30 January 2023

This is the complete guide to understanding what exactly is a WhatsApp Chatbot, how it works, how to make a WhatsApp Chatbot for Free & integrate it with WhatsApp Business API to automate your customer support efforts 24x7!

A WhatsApp Chatbot is one of the most widely used Chatbots for business purposes.

80% of medium & large businesses using the WhatsApp Chatbot agree that it helps them improve marketing & customer support.

Here's an example of WhatsApp Chatbot in action:

In the above video, you can see how a WhatsApp bot works. Built for an automobile company, the WhatsApp Chatbot can automate test drive booking, lead generation & complete sales!

And that's not even 10% of what a WhatsApp Chatbot can do!

Let's dive deep into it.


At a Glance

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot functions on WhatsApp & can deliver human-like customer experience by performing tasks like answering common customer queries, Completing sales, nurturing & Collecting User Attributes

You can only use WhatsApp Chatbot by integrating it with a WhatsApp Business API platform like AiSensy.   

Fun Fact - WhatsApp Chatbot is the only customer support agent that works 24x7 and doesn't ask for a raise😉.

Here's all that a WhatsApp Chatbot can do:

1. Solve common customer queries 24x7x365. It understands human language & can respond just like a human agent.

2. Automate sales by showing personalized recommendations to users.

3. Nurture leads by collecting important user information such as email, address, gender, country & many more attributes.

Below is an example of the Dialogflow WhatsApp Chatbot in action:

A WhatsApp Chatbot resolving customer query
A WhatsApp Chatbot resolving customer query

In the above image, you can see how WhatsApp Chatbot works to automate the sales process, making the journey equally comfortable for the user.

However, given that it's a Chatbot, you might have doubts about its credibility.

Well, rest assured!

WhatsApp Chatbots are smart enough to answer 80% of the standard questions accurately.

Predictions are that a WhatsApp Chatbot will help save 2.5 Billion hours as of 2023 by answering 85% of customer interactions, reducing the need for customer agents. It can help cut off over 30% of operational costs.

Above infographic- WhatsApp Chatbot Statistics
Above infographic- WhatsApp Chatbot Statistics

If you want a reliable WhatsApp Chatbot for your business, you can choose Google Dialogflow and further seamlessly integrate it via WhatsApp Business API based platform AiSensy.

With Google Dialogflow, you can create a smart, AI-based WhatsApp Chatbot without any coding requirement.

Now, this might seem unreal but with Google Dialogflow, you can create WhatsApp Chatbot without programming

Or you can ensure smooth WhatsApp Chatbot Integration with assistance from the AiSensy Team.

WhatsApp Chatbot Use Cases

We’ve discussed the origin & meaning of a WhatsApp Chatbot. Now, let’s look at the various WhatsApp Chatbot use cases that make it an asset for businesses.

  1. WhatsApp Chatbot as a customer landing Channel

With the help of 'Direct to WhatsApp Ads' on Facebook/ Instagram, you can redirect your audience to WhatsApp & let the WhatsApp chatbot engage them.

Your WhatsApp Chatbot acts as a skilled salesman, showing users personalized recommendations & converting them into customers.

Image above: WhatsApp Chatbot completing sales
Image above: WhatsApp Chatbot completing sales

In the above image, the Chatbot shows personalized recommendations based on the user's preference.

The user picks the one that's best for him/her & purchases it, resulting in a sale.

2. Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification includes collecting valuable user information like a user’s email ID, nationality, company/school & more useful information.

This is critical in the case of financial institutions, webinars & event planning companies who need to qualify a user before providing them services or adding them as a qualified lead.

A WhatsApp Chatbot can automate the lead qualification process completely, saving plenty of time that can be used for other important tasks.

E.g. of lead qualification by WhatsApp Chatbot- Let's consider you host Digital Marketing webinars. You’re planning a webinar on content writing. With the lead qualification process, you can filter & send invites to the audience interested in Content Writing.

3. 24x7 Automated Customer Support

95% of users believe customer service to be the major beneficiary of Chatbots.

With a WhatsApp Chatbot, you can enable automated customer support where the users can easily navigate the FAQs and can resolve their queries.

An AI-based WhatsApp Bot can easily replace your live agents and will save you money. However, it is recommended that there should be at least one live agent present in case the chatbot fails to answer some important queries.

Once you implement a Chatbot on your WhatsApp Business number, you don't need to worry much about handling your customers even during non-working hours.

Vivo, Skullcandy, Rentomojo, Byju's & many more leading brands using AiSensy automate customer support through a WhatsApp Chatbot!

4. Automate Sales

50% of females like talking to a Chatbot before making a sales decision!

WhatsApp chatbot is a trained salesman that works 24*7*365 tirelessly.

Users can ask for the details of your products and services and once the WhatsApp Chatbot answers their questions, they can easily proceed to buy them via a link to your web page.

WhatsApp chatbot helps the users in product discovery, recommendations, and checkouts too.

Delivery tracking, offers, product return or exchange and order details can be shared with your users via API Campaigns which are an add-on provided exclusively by AiSensy. 

5. Automate Feedback

Image above: WhatsApp Chatbot automating offer after user provides feedback
Image above: WhatsApp Chatbot automating offer after user provides feedback

Feedback is detrimental to upgrading the level of your products & services.

To ensure customers provide feedback : automate a feedback message 6-7 days after the product gets delivered.

You can automate a WhatsApp message with Quick reply buttons via WhatsApp API Campaigns.

Once the user provides feedback, have your WhatsApp Chatbot send enticing offers to get the user to convert again.

You can provide a 10% discount or some other benefit to entice the user to purchase again.

Check out some more WhatsApp Bot Use Cases.

Purpose of a WhatsApp Bot

Now, depending on the industry, a WhatsApp Bot can be used for multiple purposes.

If you’re an E-commerce business, a Product Details Chatbot that sends details about your products would fit your needs.

That’s why there are multiple Chatbot templates you can use to create a Chatbot that fits your needs.

Here are a few WhatsApp Chatbot free to download templates:

1. Basic 1-9 FAQ Chatbot

If you find your customer support agent answering repetitive queries, consider implementing the 1-9 FAQ Chatbot.

With the 1-9 FAQ WhatsApp Chatbot you can automate those repetitive customer queries 24x7, save time & allow agents to work on other important tasks.

2. Course WhatsApp Bot Template

This WhatsApp Chatbot will provide users with information about your various courses & answer queries related to your courses.

3. Product details WhatsApp Bot Template

This WhatsApp Bot can answer all queries related to your products. It responds instantly when a customer texts their query.

4. Event Details WhatsApp Chatbot Template

This Chatbot can answer queries related to your online/ offline events. Whenever a user messages you, the WhatsApp Chatbot automatically responds.  

5. Feedback/ Survey WhatsApp Chatbot Template

This WhatsApp Bot asks for feedback/ surveys from customers easily & effectively.

6. Lead Generation WhatsApp Chatbot Template

This WhatsApp Bot nurtures leads by collecting crucial customer details to qualify them based on various attributes like email, age, gender & more.  

7. Insurance WhatsApp Chatbot Template

This WhatsApp Bot Template is an expert at answering queries related to car & other insurance policies.

Details like Covered, Non-Covered, Add Ons, Advantages are covered by this Chatbot. Whenever a user sends the respective number or texts its questions, the WhatsApp chatbot responds accordingly.

8. Automobile WhatsApp Chatbot Template

This WhatsApp Chatbot can answer queries about your automobile product. Whether It’s Details like Features, Specifications, Looks or Booking a Test Drive; this Chatbot covers it all.

Check out the various free to download WhatsApp Chatbot Templates provided by AiSensy.

How to build your WhatsApp bot?

Building a Dialogflow WhatsApp Chatbot with AiSensy is extremely easy. After learning the basic concepts from the WhatsApp Chatbot Masterclass, it'll take you less than 30 minutes to create a suitable WhatsApp Chatbot for your business.

What's easier is the WhatsApp Chatbot Integration with AiSensy App!

You can test the WhatsApp Chatbot on AiSensy without having access to the WhatsApp API.

So, signup to Google Dialogflow & follow the below-mentioned steps to create your WhatsApp Chatbot.

1. Signup  on to Google Dialogflow


2. Setup a Profile & Agent name


To create a Dialogflow Chatbot, you need to add an agent name. 

The name can be anything like your business name or the name you want to assign your WhatsApp Chatbot. 

Set up the default time period & hit Save.

Check out this tutorial to know how to create an agent.  

3. Go to the import & export section in Agent Profile


It's now time to use a pre-made Chatbot template to create your WhatsApp Chatbot. 

Go to your agent's profile & hit the Import & Export page. 

4. Download WhatsApp Chatbot Template


Pick any WhatsApp Chatbot Template from the many templates available & download the one which appeals the most to your business. 

E.g. If you run an Ecommerce Business, pick the Basic 1-9 FAQ Chatbot or Feedback Chatbot or Product Details Chatbot. 

Once you've downloaded the Chatbot Template, here's what you need to do👇‍

5. Upload Chatbot Template in Google Dialogflow


Now, extract the Zip file to a different location. 

Once you do it, upload the extracted file to your Dialogflow Chatbot, enter RESTORE & click the restore button to add the Chatbot Template successfully. 

Here, we've added the 1-9 Basic FAQ Chatbot Template to Dialogflow. 

Now, let's add the intent or purpose to the WhatsApp Chatbot. 

6. Understanding WhatsApp Chatbot Intent


The intent here means the user's purpose for one conversation turn. For each agent, you define many intents, where your combined intents can handle a complete conversation. 

One intent performs one particular action or gives one particular piece of information. For a deep dive into intents, check out this tutorial

There are 2 things you need to fill to implement 1-9 Basic FAQ Chatbot:

1. Default Welcome Intent- This is the default welcome message triggered by the WhatsApp Chatbot upon receiving a particular message from the user. E.g. Hi, Hello. 

2. Queries- Queries refer to the general queries your user might have. You have to add the queries & their respective answers in this section. 

Let's first set the default intent 👇 

7. Setting up default Welcome Chatbot Intent


While setting default welcome intent, you need to think & fill in these two things:

1. Training Phrases- These are the user phrases that will trigger the Chatbot's Welcome intent. It can be anything you think your customer will message you. It can be a simple 'Hi', 'Hello', 'just saying hi' etc.

2. Responses- This would be the message automated by the WhatsApp Chatbot, triggered upon receiving the training phrase. 

Your user can then pick from any of the options, depending on their query. 

8. Setting up Queries


In Queries, you need to set up the answers to the 1-9 FAQs one by one. 

For each query, you need to add a separate answer that will be automated when the user asks a query. 

E.g. If the user wants to know the answer to 'What is AiSensy?', they'll have to send '1' or ask 'What is AiSensy?" and the Chatbot will automate the answer to them. 

Queries are character sensitive. One word out of the place and the Chatbot won't recognize the user's intent. 

To set up queries, all you need to do is add the query number in the user expression (in this case '1') & add the answer to the query in 'Text Response'. 

Press 'Save' & go back to intents & do the same for other queries. 

9. Default Fallback Intent


No matter how intelligent your WhatsApp Chatbot is, there will be times when it won't understand the user expressions. 

It could be that the user sent a particular phrase in their native language that the Chatbot is unable to grasp. 

In such cases, the default fallback intent is matched when your agent doesn't recognize an end-user expression. 

The intent is further automatically configured with static responses such as, "I didn't get that. Can you say it again?"

To set up Fallback Intent, go to 'Default Fallback Intent" & add a response that will be automatically triggered when the Chatbot doesn't understand the user's expression. 

For a deep dive into fallback intent, check out this tutorial

10. Create JSON Key


1. In Agent settings, click the Project ID button. 

2. Now, tap the three lines on the top left corner & choose 'Service Accounts' under 'IAM & Admin'.

3. Create Service Account

4. Add Service Account ID & press 'Continue'

5. In roles, select 'Dialogflow API Client'& press 'Done'.

6. Under actions, choose 'Manage Keys'.

7. Create 'New Key' & make sure to choose "JSON'!!

8. If all the above steps are performed correctly, the JSON Key will download on your device. 

Now, let's discuss how to connect the JSON Key with AiSensy to activate your Dialogflow WhatsApp Chatbot. 

11. Connect JSON Key to AiSensy


To connect your JSON Key, sign up on AiSensy & create your unique project if you haven't done it already. 

In Dashboard, click on "Upload Key" & add the JSON Key to activate your WhatsApp Chatbot. 

To test the assistant, add your number, send a 'Hi' & let the magic begin. 

Magic Done! Your WhatsApp Chatbot is ready to be tested!

Try it out.

Tip: Start creating the WhatsApp Chatbot only when you've completed the WhatsApp Chatbot Masterclass.

Or save the hassle. Get our tech team to create the WhatsApp Chatbot for you! Connect them here. We are proud to be the only WhatsApp partner providing assistance over calls.

Integrate WhatsApp Chatbot with AiSensy to automate Support & Sales on WhatsApp

Without access to the WhatsApp Business API, you can't have your WhatsApp Chatbot handling sales & customer queries.

AiSensy helps you get WhatsApp Business API for Free. Also, you can:

  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to Unlimited users in one go (to opted-in users).
  • Automate payments, abandoned carts, order confirmation & delivery notifications via WhatsApp Automation
  • Provide 24x7x365 Customer Support with AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot.
  • Multi-human live chat support is available
  • Send Razorpay payment links on WhatsApp to receive 3x faster payments (AiSensy exclusive)   

To apply for the WhatsApp Business API, you'd need these 3 things:

  1. Verified Facebook Business Manager Account- Check out how to get your Facebook Business Manager Account Verified.
  2. A fresh Phone Number- This phone number should not be connected with any of the WhatsApp Applications.
  3. A business website- You must have a business website registered under your company name.

Once you have these 3 things ready, apply for the WhatsApp Business API. Check out how to apply for the WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy.

WhatsApp Chatbot FAQs

A WhatsApp Chatbot functions on WhatsApp & can deliver a human-like customer experience by performing tasks like answering common customer queries, Completing sales, nurturing & Collecting User Attributes.

Yes, you can create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot free of cost with Google Dialogflow & integrate it with a WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy to get started. Or you can also connect with us to create a WhatsApp Chatbot for you at a small fee (which differs based on your needs & complexity of the Chatbot flow).

Yes, you can create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot free of cost with Google Dialogflow & integrate it with a WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy to get started. Or you can also connect with us to create a WhatsApp Chatbot for you at a small fee (which differs based on your needs & complexity of the Chatbot flow).

You can create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot for free easily with Google Dialogflow & further integrate it with AiSensy, a WhatsApp API-based marketing platform to automate support & sales.

Before you Leave

From answering common customer queries to handling sales; a WhatsApp Chatbot can be a huge asset for your business.

So, automate your marketing & support by creating a WhatsApp chatbot & integrating it with AiSensy.


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