Click to WhatsApp Ads: Complete Guide

updated on 30 March 2024

Are you tired of boring, static ads that fail to capture your customers' attention? Want to make your Ads more engaging while driving 5x more conversions at the same cost?

Look no further than Click to WhatsApp Ads!

With a massive 40% increase in customer engagement, these ads are the real deal.

In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about Click to WhatsApp ads. We'll cover what they are, why you should use them, how to create them, and how AiSensy makes it 3x easier for you to run Click-to-WhatsApp Ads.

So, let's get started.

Table of Content

What are Click to WhatsApp Ads

Who should use Click to WhatsApp Ads

Pre-requisites to create Click to WhatsApp Ads

How to create Click to WhatsApp Ads

Why run Click to WhatsApp Ads

Click to WhatsApp Ads Tips & Tricks

What are Click to WhatsApp Ads?

Ever seen an ad on Facebook or Instagram that said, "Click to WhatsApp"? That's exactly what a Click to WhatsApp Ad is!

Click-to-WhatsApp ads are Facebook & Instagram ads that allow you to connect with potential customers directly on WhatsApp. When someone clicks your ad, they are redirected to your WhatsApp, where you can engage them in a 1:1 conversation. 

Who should use Click to WhatsApp Ads?

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads are a great option for businesses of all sizes. However, they're especially well-suited for businesses that:

  • Wish to connect with their customers in a more personal way.
  • Are looking for a cost-effective way to generate leads and sales.
  • Want to reach and engage a large audience

Requirements to create Click to WhatsApp Ads

Below are the pre-requisites you must meet to create Click-to-WhatsApp Ads:

1. Approved Facebook Business Manager Account 

If your account isn't approved, refer to this video & follow the steps included to get your Facebook Business Manager verified.  

2. Facebook Page 

You must have a Facebook Page to create a click to WhatsApp Ad.

3. Facebook Ad Account 

You must have a Facebook Ad account with an updated payment method.

Once these requirements are set, you can start running Click to WhatsApp Ads.

So, how do you setup Click to WhatsApp Ads?

Traditionally, you can setup

AiSensy allows you to create, run & monitor analytics for your Click to WhatsApp Ads campaign hassle-free.

Let's check out how you can create.

Note: the Facebook page and Ad account should be under the same Facebook business manager.

How to create Click to WhatsApp Ads easily with AiSensy

1. Go to Meta Ads

To create Click-to-WhatsApp ads, go to Meta Ads in AiSensy App & under Setup click on Continue with Facebook.

2. Continue with Facebook

Click to WhatsApp Ads
Click to WhatsApp Ads

Click Continue to log in to your Facebook Business Account on the next screen.

3. Add your Facebook AD accounts

Click to WhatsApp Ads
Click to WhatsApp Ads

Next, you'll see the Businesses and Pages linked to your Facebook Business account.

Tick the ones you wish to allow access to AiSensy.

Only those accounts which you tick will show on AiSensy & can be used to create Click to WhatsApp Ads.

4. Facebook Business Connected


As shown in the image, once you allow access to your Business Page, your Facebook Business account will connect.

5. Choose Ad Account & Facebook Page


Next, choose your Facebook Ad account & Page that you wish to use to run Ads on Facebook/ Instagram.

After selecting the accounts, click on Send OTP to link your WhatsApp API number to your Facebook page.

6. Link your WhatsApp API Number


You'll receive an OTP on your WhatsApp API number, which will be automatically detected & added.

Just click Submit to link your WhatsApp Business API number to your Facebook Page.

*In case the OTP doesn't get added automatically, you'll find the OTP in the Live Chat of AiSensy.

7. WhatsApp Number Linked successfully


Linking your WhatsApp API number will enable the Create Ad button at the top of your screen.

This completes your Meta Ads setup.

Now, let's get started with creating Click-to-WhatsApp Ads for your business.

8. Click Create Ad


Shift to Ads Manager & click +Create Ad.

9. Fields that you need to fill


On the next screen, you'll see the fields you must fill in to create your Click to WhatsApp Ads.

Let's create an Ad that entices users to click & reach your WhatsApp.

10. Create your Click-to-WhatsApp-ad


Fill in these fields to create your Click-to-WhatsApp Ad:

  • Advertisement Name - Name your ad. The name can be anything.
  • Advertisement Caption - This caption will be visible to users to read. Make sure you nail the copy to get maximum clicks on the ad.

    Make sure not to use any special characters, as Facebook restricts their use while creating the Caption for your Ad.
  • Website Link - Here, add the link to your website.
  • Headline - This is the Headline that will appear in Bold beside the clickable WhatsApp icon.
  • Media - This is the image users will view while interacting with your Click-to-WhatsApp Ad. You need to upload a 1080x1080 (square) dimension image to AiSensy's Media Library.

After filling in these details, verify once before proceeding to the next step.

11. Fill in your Ad Demographics


Next, feed in the audience demographics whom you wish to target.

Add the locations where you wish to run your Facebook/ Instagram Ads, gender & your audience's targeted age group.

12. Pick a Budget


Next, select your per-day budget & duration of the advertisement.

Once you pick the budget & duration, you'll get an estimated budget for your Click-to-WhatsApp ad.

After picking your budget, click Next.

13. Click Create to Publish the Ad


Once you've verified your Ad details, click Create to submit your Ad for approval.

14. CTWA Ad in progress


Go to Ads Manager to view your Ad status.

Click the Sync Status button to update your ad status.

Generally, in 5 minutes, you'll see the status of your ad as In Progress.

15. Your CTWA Ad is LIVE 🎉🎊


Sit back & relax.

Facebook generally takes 15-20 minutes to verify & approve/reject your Ad content.

If your Ad gets rejected, you can view the rejection reason in your Facebook Ads account.

16. Monitor your Ad Analytics


You can easily monitor your Ad performance by going to Ads Manager & clicking on your CTWA Ad.

That's it!

It's time to start creating Ads on Facebook/ Instagram via AiSensy & drive leads to your WhatsApp Business account.

Why run Click to WhatsApp Ads with AiSensy?

Here's a secret; you can create & run Click to WhatsApp Ads directly using AiSensy!!

There are many reasons why businesses should use Click-to-WhatsApp Ads using. Here are just a few:

  • One-click Lead Generation: Click to WhatsApp Ads drive users to WhatsApp, from where you instantly get their name & mobile number (with AiSensy), allowing you to boost One-click lead generation.
  • Cost-effective: Click to WhatsApp Ads are 5x more cost-effective for generating leads and sales than normal Facebook/ Instagram ads.
  • Personalized Communication: Click to WhatsApp Ads allow you to drive customers to WhatsApp and engage them in 1:1 business conversations, personalizing your communication.
  • Engage with Chatbot & Catalogues: Once the user lands on WhatsApp, you can show them your wide range of products along with their description & images as well as automate the chat flow with a Chatbot.

Tips for running high-converting Click to WhatsApp Ads

  • Crafting Compelling Ad Copy - You want to write copy that's so good your customers will want to slide into your DMs. Use persuasive language and include a strong CTA to encourage users to initiate a WhatsApp conversation
  • Rotating Ad graphics & copies - you should have at least 3-4 ad copies and graphics running for a better CTWA ad campaign to avoid Creative fatigue
  • Leveraging WhatsApp Features - Don't just run Click to WhatsApp Ads; nail them by using top AiSensy features. You can connect your Ads run through AiSensy with WhatsApp Chatbot, send Broadcast to leads obtained through these ads, retarget them, and much more.
  • Tracking and Optimization - Track detailed analytics of your Click to WhatsApp Ad Campaign in AiSensy and optimize your ads accordingly.

Before you Leave

Click to WhatsApp Ads in itself is an extremely powerful means of driving 3x more leads & conversions! Combine Click to WhatsApp Ads with AiSensy & you have got the perfect Revenue printing machine for your business!!

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