How to choose the best Display name for your WhatsApp Business Account?

updated on 10 May 2022

Picking the right WhatsApp Business Display name is important as it helps customers familiarize with your brand identity. Also, it's a prerequisite to get your WhatsApp Business API Account approved.

The WhatsApp display name helps customers know that they are talking to a reliable & trustworthy brand. It helps create a feeling of trust in people's minds about your brand image.

In this guide, we'll help you figure out the best WhatsApp display name for your WhatsApp Business Account.

Comparison between General & Official WhatsApp Business Accounts

For a general WhatsApp Business Account, the display name appears in small, to the right of your contact number.

General WhatsApp Business Account, POV- User's ScreenIC - Facebook
General WhatsApp Business Account, POV- User's Screen
IC - Facebook

For an official WhatsApp Business Account, the display name appears without a number on a user's screen. The Display name appears with a Green tick which is a direct acknowledgement from WhatsApp that the business is credible & trustworthy.

WhatsApp official Business Account, POV- User's Screen
WhatsApp official Business Account, POV- User's Screen

To be WhatsApp verified, you must be a recognized business with organic media coverage (paid media coverage doesn't count). Here's how to get the green tick on WhatsApp.

How to choose a WhatsApp Display Name?

How hard can creating a WhatsApp Business Display name be? After all, it's just a name. You might want to hold that thought! There are multiple guidelines you need to follow to create a WhatsApp Display

WhatsApp has provided some clear formatting guidelines. In order to get your display name approved, it is important to comply with these rules (unless the business is already branded in a specific way that may not be in line with the default rules).

WhatsApp Display Name Ideas & Formatting Rules

1. Your display name needs to represent your business, its product, service, or department. Even if it’s a test or demo account, it still needs to have a clear association with your business, reflected in the display name (e.g. “Jennifer’s Cupcake Bakery”).

WhatsApp will probably reject a display name if it is a person’s full name, a generic term (such as “Beer”), a generic geographic location (like “India”), a slogan, or a long description. Also, note that an organization affiliated with a government will need to get the WhatsApp team’s specific approval.

2. A display name should not contain all CAPITAL LETTERS. It must have grammatically correct capitalization, exactly the same as mentioned in your Business Name.

For example, PRIYA'S PICKLE E-STORE will get rejected. The correct display name would be Priya's Pickle E-Store.

Note: "PRIYA'S PICKLE E-STORE" display name would be acceptable if the business already brands using all caps.

3. The spacing used in the display name should not differ from the spacing in the Business name. For example, If a Business named Li'l Cupcake Store uses the display name Li' l Cupcake Store then it won't get approved.

There shouldn't be any extra characters, symbols, emoticons, or punctuations. So, Priya's_Pickle_E-Store or Li'l Cupcake Store™ will straightaway get rejected.

4. You shouldn't add any extra words to your brand name unless they indicate country or region, department or function, or, Test or Demo accounts. For example, Li'l Cupcakes Mexico or Li'l Cupcakes Customer Support is acceptable but Li'l Cupcake Official Account isn't.

5. Now, if you are adding permitted words, the first letter should be Capitalized. For example, "Li'l Cupcakes Test" will get approved whereas "Li'l Cupcakes demo" won't.

6. A display name must contain at least 3 characters. For example, for a Business named KT Sir, the display name "KT Sir" is acceptable, but only "KT" isn't as "KT" has less than two characters.

7. A display name should not be in the URL Format. For example, is not acceptable.

2 . Consistency with external branding

A display name must have consistent branding with external sources (e.g., a company’s website).

In simpler terms, your website should contain the display name of your choosing. An example of a product line named “Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices”:

Accepted: Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices (exactly as it is branded on your website)

Rejected: Fresh Produce Juices (you changed branding by removing ‘Cold Pressed)

Also Not accepted: FP Cold Pressed Juices (you added an abbreviation to the company name inconsistent with external branding).

3 . Have a clear relationship with your business.

Another thing required is that your display name needs to have an obvious relationship with your business.

In other words, it must be referred to on the business website or external media references. This means, for instance, that a name of a charity mentioned on a non-profit organization’s website will be accepted, but a name of a charity that is not mentioned on any external websites will not qualify.

If the relationship between the business and the brand is not clear, you should indicate it using “by [business name]”, such as “Accessories by Yogi Fashion”.

You also shouldn't use the name of a management agency or any other third party in your business’ display name. For example, you cannot use “Sunlight Agency for Jolanda’s Beer Mugs” as a display name.


Q. How to change the display name in your whatsapp business account?

You can change your WhatsApp Display name 10 times in 30 days, after which you need to contact Facebook support to change it again.

If you have an official WhatsApp Business Account (Green Badge), Contact Facebook's Direct Support & provide the following details to change display name in your WhatsApp Business Account:

  • Question Topic: Request an Official Business Account
  • Request Type: Update OBA Display Name

For a general WhatsApp Business Account, follow the below steps to change your display name:

  1. Go to Business Manager and select your business.
  2. Click "WhatsApp Accounts" & thereon choose WhatsApp Manager.
  3. In WhatsApp Manager, click on "Account Tools".
  4. Now, navigate to the left-most menu and click Phone Numbers.
  5. Under the Name column, hover over your current display name and select the pencil icon.
  6. In the Edit Display Name section, enter a new display name.
  7. Select Next.

That's it!

If your new Display Name is in line with the formatting rules, it will get changed in 2-3 hours!

Q How to show users WhatsApp display name instead of number?

Only official WhatsApp Business Accounts appear with their WhatsApp business name instead of number on a user's screen. General WhatsApp Business Accounts will appear with their number on the user's screen.

Get started with effective communication via WhatsApp business API

There's only one thing you need to do to get your WhatsApp Business Display name approved- Stick by the rules!

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