Automate Payment Notifications on WhatsApp

It's time to integrate Razorpay with WhatsApp via AiSensy!

Get 3x Payments Done. Faster.

  • Payment Links & Invoices

    Sends Automated Whatsapp Notification to customers whenever you create an Invoice or Payment Link on Razorpay

  • Refund & Subscription

    Send Automated Notifications whenever a refund is processed or Subscription is halted. 

  • Broadcasting & Live Chat

    All messages are driven from your official Whatsapp Business API Account. Broadcast Messages & Solve for Queries via Live Chat/Chatbots using AiSensy

Follow the Steps to Integrate Razorpay with WhatsApp Campaigns

You get approval for the Whatsapp Business API for FREE along with INR 50 FREE Messaging Credits on AiSensy to get started and use the Integration.

  • 1

    Signup on AiSensy

    To integrate Razorpay with WhatsApp, You need to Signup on AiSensy & Create a Project. 

    One Project basically represents on Business or one Whatsapp Business Number. 

    Signup on AiSensy to use Razorpay Integration
  • 2

    Go to the Integrations Tab

    After Creating the Project, Enter the Project and Click on the Integrations tab in the Left Menu bar. 

    Once on Integrations, In the Discover tab, you'll find Razorpay App. Please Click on the Razorpay App. 

    Go to integrations in aisensy
  • 3

    Apply for the Whatsapp Business API

    You now need to Apply for the Whatsapp Business API to get your Official Whatsapp Profile through which you will be automating all the notifications.  

    • Go to the Get Started tab on the Razorpay 
    • Click on the First Menu -> Get Whatsapp Business API
    • Click on "Apply Now"
    • Fill the 4 Step form. 
    • Whatsapp API might take 1-3 Days to get Approval
    Apply for whatsapp business api
  • 4

    Template Message Approval

    Once your Whatsapp Business API is approved, you'll need to get the Template Messages approved that you wish to trigger on various Razorpay Events. 

    • In the Get Started Tab, Click on Submit Template Messages
    • You'll see Sample Template messages, Review and Submit. 
    • Template Messages take 1 Day for Approval
    Get template message approved
  • 5

    Install Razorpay App

    • You can also go to the Settings tab for this Step or do it from the third step on Get Started tab.
    • Click on "Install App" and your App will go Live
    Install razorpay
  • 6

    Connect Your Razorpay Account

    • In the Settings section, Click on Connect Razorpay
    • It'll take you to a new tab, Authorize the permission
    • Now your Razorpay account is Connected to AiSensy
    Connect razorpay
  • 7

    Setup Activity - I

    An Activity simply means a connection between any Razorpay Event and AiSensy's Whatsapp Campaign. 

    • Go to Setup Activities Tab,Click on "+ Activity" within this tab

    • Give the Activity any name for reference For Eg. Payment Link

    • Choose the Razorpay Event for which you wish to trigger the campaign

    • Choose the API Campaign you wish to connect above Razorpay event

      (You can also create an API campaign by Clicking on Create)

    Setup razorpay activity
  • 8

    Setup Activity - II

    Map the Parameters for the Campaign you've Chosen

    • You can use Razorpay Parameters by typing $RPAY_Email, $RPAY_Amount, $RPAY_PaymentLinkId, $RPAY_Description, $RPAY_GrossAmount

    • Also You can use AiSensy Parameters by typing $Name, $MobileNumber, $FirstName, $LastName

    Note: AiSensy Parameters $Name and $RPAY_Name are the same when you send a user campaign for the First time. If the user already exists $Name is updated to the name user has setup on their Whatsapp. 

    • Hence, it is suggested to use RPAY_NAME for personalisation.
    • Also, It is suggestable to only use RPAY_NAME if all your Invoices, Payment Links etc on Razorpay are given a name. 
    Setup razorpay activity 2
  • 9

    You're Good to go!

    In the same manner, you can set up multiple Activities and Automate Campaigns for your Razorpay Events. 

    For Now, there are four Active Events in the Integration: Payment Link Created, Invoice Issued, Subscription Halted & Refund Processed. 

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