How Skullcandy Boosted 150X ROI with AiSensy

Skullcandy reduced their abandoned carts by 45-60% & got 3x engagements with AiSensy. Here's how 👇 

Abandoned cart


Well, this is a brand that needs no introduction - Skullcandy is one of the most popular Global Headphone & audio products brands. It has been recognized as one of the coolest headphone brands since 2008!

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Problems they faced

  • A huge chunk of users who added products to their carts didn't convert.

  • Promotional Emails & SMS had extremely low conversion rates.

  • Customer engagements from platforms like Emails & SMS were low.

They recognized this as a lost opportunity & started looking for a way to recover their sales. 

Problems faced by skullcandy

Our Solution

Skullcandy chose WhatsApp as their preferred Marketing platform & partnered with AiSensy to get started with WhatsApp Marketing. 

 We helped them set up an official WhatsApp Business Account to:

  • Send Abandoned Cart Recovery Notifications.
  • Send Delivery updates on WhatsApp
  • Drive Sales & Support via WhatsApp Live Chat
  • Broadcast offers on various occasions to 1,00,000+ users in one go
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Game changing Results from Day 1!

WhatsApp's 98% Message Open Rate & 45-60% Click-through rate resulted in 👇 

  • 150x ROI

    Boosted 150x ROI with WhatsApp!

  • 25% Cart Recovery

    Recovered 25% of total Abandoned Carts 

  • 3x User Engagement

    Enjoyed 3x more customer engagement on WhatsApp

We are helping Brands grow effortlessly on WhatsApp

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Why choose AiSensy

WhatsApp is the perfect place for Ecommerce & D2C Brands to set up their WhatsApp Ecommerce Stores & boost sales on WhatsApp. 

AiSensy makes it easier for businesses to grow with an end-to-end WhatsApp Marketing solution.

With AiSensy, you utilize the complete potential of WhatsApp Marketing: 

 ✅ Drive engagement with 1:1 Live Chat

 ✅ Boost sales with WhatsApp Broadcasting

 ✅ Automate order, and delivery Notifications via integrations

 ✅ Install WhatsApp Chatbot to automate sales & support

And much more...

We are the only WhatsApp Marketing CRM providing you customer support via Call, WhatsApp, Emails & Google Meet to attend to all your queries. 

The potential to grow your Business with WhatsApp via AiSensy is worth the switch from emails & SMS. 

Your competitors are using WhatsApp- Are you?

 SIGNUP NOW on AiSensy for FREE & Skyrocket your conversions up to 5x from DAY 1 with 👇

  • WhatsApp Broadcasting

    Send promotional messages on WhatsApp to UNLIMITED users in one go 🚀 (to opted-in users)

  • WhatsApp Automation

    Automate Notifications on WhatsApp via Integrations & reduce response time by 3x 🎯  

  • Live Chat & Chatbot

    Keep your business up & running 24x7x365 with Live Chat & WhatsApp Chatbot 🧑‍💻