How to choose the best Software for WhatsApp Marketing

published on 06 January 2022

Your search for the best software for WhatsApp Marketing ends here!!!

Most blogs out there tell you some useful WhatsApp Marketing tools out there. Many even promote unofficial WhatsApp softwares that would do more harm to your business than benefit as they would recommend softwares that might get your number blocked. But, none of them will tell you how to choose the best WhatsApp Marketing Software for your business!

A WhatsApp Marketing Software can very well be the best in the market & still prove ineffective for your business. For example- if you choose software that doesn’t support WhatsApp Broadcasting, you won’t be able to send promotional messages to your audience. Or, if the software doesn’t provide WhatsApp Chatbot integration, you won’t be able to automate sales or provide customer support 24x7.

Thus, you must only pick a WhatsApp Marketing Software that fits your business needs!

And in this blog, we are going to cover just that!

We all know how effective WhatsApp Marketing is! With its 2.2 Billion monthly users globally who exchange over 65 billion messages every day, WhatsApp is one of the best marketing platforms for your business! So, it’s only plausible that you want to use that for your business.

Let’s get you on board with the Top 7 Keys to choose the best software for WhatsApp Marketing for your business.

At a Glance

#1 Figure out your Business' WhatsApp Marketing Goals

#2 Let's find out the best software for WhatsApp Marketing 

#3 Evaluate the software's features & functionalities. Do they align?

#4 Do they offer robust customer service?

#5 Don't ignore the implementation process

#6 Integrations Offered

#7 Verify vendor's reputation & expertise

#8 Book a Demo to Discuss 

1. Figure out your Business' WhatsApp Marketing Goals

Figure out your goals
Figure out your goals

The very first step you need to follow is brainstorming your business’ WhatsApp Marketing goals. What are your expectations from the software you want to implement for your business? What all things do you expect to achieve by taking your business to WhatsApp?

Picking the software before brainstorming on your goals can be disastrous for your business. This way, you could end up choosing software that won't align with your goals, thus wasting all your efforts, time & money!

Take some time to determine these goals. Brainstorm with your team for better ideas.

For reference, here are a few common WhatsApp Marketing goals businesses at AiSensy expressed to achieve:

WhatsApp Template Messages have Clickable buttons that drive 45-60% Click through Rates hence driving 3-5X Conversions as compared to Email/SMS Marketing

2. Done? Let's find the best WhatsApp Marketing Software

Search the best software for WhatsApp Marketing
Search the best software for WhatsApp Marketing

Figured out your goals? Great work! 

So, the next step involves shortlisting a few prospective software for WhatsApp Marketing that aligns with your business goals. 

Here are a few tricks to find out the most credible WhatsApp Business Marketing software:

  • Explore the internet- Type in a particular keyword to get the most suitable search results. E.g.- Searching for ‘best software for WhatsApp Marketing’ would give you more refined results than just searching for ‘WhatsApp Marketing’. Online software directories such as G2, Capterra, Saasworthy, are also a good place to begin!
  • Take references from friends, colleagues- Take references from friends & colleagues who’ve taken help from a WhatsApp partner themselves. However, perform your own research about them before finalizing.

Talking of prospective WhatsApp partners, you should add AiSensy to the list as well. AiSensy, an official WhatsApp partner, is the #1 software for WhatsApp Marketing. Check out this blog to know more about the top 12 AiSensy Features to grow your sales 5x.

3. Evaluate the software's functionalities & features: Do they align?

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Now, you have a list of prospective software for WhatsApp Marketing. But, are they good enough? Do they align with your goals?

In this step, research each of the WhatsApp partners you’ve short-listed. Find out the features, functionalities, and use cases of the software. Do they offer WhatsApp Broadcasting, Live Chat, Chatbot Integration that are a part of your business’ WhatsApp Marketing goals?

You can have a better idea of how these software function by booking a demo of all such platforms. You can book a FREE demo of the AiSensy Platform here.

At the end of this step, you’d have filtered out all softwares that doesn’t match your business’ visions. And that’s a great thing!

4. Do they offer robust customer service


“A company’s care for its clients shows in its level of customer service”

The ultimate step & the one you must not ignore is finding out the efficiency of customer service offered by the WhatsApp partner. As WhatsApp Business API feels like a whole new world, it becomes a lot easier when you have someone guiding you at each step of the way.

Read this WhatsApp Business API guide to know everything you need to know!

There are many businesses that have shifted to AiSensy because their previous WhatsApp partner didn’t provide quality customer support. AiSensy offers instant customer support via calls, WhatsApp messages or Gmeet/ Zoom. 

If a company offers only email support, you’d know that answers to all your queries would be delayed. Thus, choose a WhatsApp partner offering customer support via calls, google meet or ironically WhatsApp itself.

5. Don't ignore the implementation process

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We’ll say it once, we’ll say it 100 times- DONT choose a WhatsApp partner who won’t provide help with onboarding & implementation. The initial phase of transformation to a WhatsApp Marketing software can be tricky or tough to grasp & require help from your team.

Also, don’t ignore the User Interface of the software. If the interface isn’t well-organized or categorized properly, you won’t be able to achieve more with WhatsApp Marketing. E.g. AiSensy’s in-built CRM categorizes chat into three different parts- Active, requesting & Intervened Chats. Also, the dashboard offers smart audience segmentation to categorize your audience based on tags & attributes.

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Thus, find out whether the WhatsApp partner you’ve shortlisted offers an easy-to-use UI & on-boarding support or not! Your business deserves software providing proper onboarding & implementation.

6. Verify vendor's reputation & Expertise

It's important to verify the credibility & reputation of the WhatsApp partner you've short-listed for your business. More than 45% of businesses witnessed an increase in fraud during the pandemic. Don't fall prey to such businesses.

Do your own research before finalizing the deal! Are they worth the salt? Are they credible enough? Do they have a solid reputation in the market? To find out the credibility of your chosen software for WhatsApp Marketing, do these things:

  1. Check their social media presence- A good WhatsApp partner would have a good social media presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.
  2. Sift through Online Reviews- No business in their right mind would list down their shortcomings. To find these, check google reviews & reviews listed out on software directories like shown in the image below. It's these places where you'd get to know the true shortcomings & benefits of these software for WhatsApp Marketing.
  3.  Go through their Customer list- This will help you discover the businesses they've helped & whether or not they can help you achieve your business' marketing goals like 3x ROI, robust customer experiences & much more. E.g. AiSensy has helped businesses across various industries such as Ecommerce, Finance, Education, Automobile, Technology etc. These include Skullcandy, Byju's, Vivo, Rentomojo, PhysicsWallah & many more. 

7. Integrations offered


In this step, you need to find out whether your shortlisted software for WhatsApp Marketing offers integration with other software solutions used by your businesses. Even the best WhatsApp Marketing software won’t bring any good to your business if you can’t exchange crucial data such as lead information between the two softwares.

Let’s understand this with an example- Let's suppose you use Shopify to host your online ecommerce store. Now, let’s consider that the WhatsApp marketing software you choose doesn’t integrate with Shopify. Now, you won’t be able to automate order updates, delivery updates, abandoned carts & other important notifications generated on Shopify to your users on WhatsApp.

You also won't be able to transport lead information from one software to the other. You’d have to do it all manually.

Thus, it’s important that you choose a software for WhatsApp Marketing that offers integration with other software solutions used by your business.

AiSensy offers integration with all robust CRM & Ecommerce portals such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Pabbly, OpenCart, Google Sheets, Razorpay & more. Check out all our integrations here.

8. Book a Demo to Discuss

The final step on our list is asking the WhatsApp partner for a demo. A demo will give you a first-hand experience to analyze whether the software fits your business' marketing goals or not! 

If you find the software to be feature-rich and fitting your expectations, you can go along & finalize the deal. 

If you'd like to book a free demo with AiSensy, click here.

Also, you can attend a Live Demo at 4 P.m. every day by clicking here

So, who's the best software for WhatsApp Marketing?

The right WhatsApp Marketing software will give wings to your business & even rid you of poor conversion marketing channels like Emails & SMS as it has done for clients at AiSensy. We’ve helped various clients such as Skullcandy, Byju’s, Vivo, Rentomojo & more get their ROI’s up by as much as 150x. Join us to become of such business.

If you implement all these steps, you will find the best software for WhatsApp Marketing for your business.

Want trusted references for WhatsApp Marketing Softwares? Check out the top 10 Official WhatsApp Marketing Softwares you can get started with right now. 

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The best WhatsApp Marketing Software is one which is official & provides robust features like WhatsApp Broadcasting, WhatsApp Automation, Live Chat & Chatbot Integration & quality customer support at an affordable solution."

Yes, WhatsApp Marketing is legal, if you’re using an official WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy! Many top-tier businesses like Skullcandy, Flipkart, Rentomojo, Vivo & Byju’s use WhatsApp Marketing to drive sales & answer customer queries on WhatsApp.

You can use a WhatsApp Marketing Software like AiSensy to Broadcast messages to Unlimited users, automate notifications for orders & delivery by integrating CRMs, software & e-commerce portals, provide Live chat on multiple devices and integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate sales & support.

Using an Official WhatsApp marketing software is better because it won’t get your number blocked. Using unofficial WhatsApp software increase the chances of getting your number blocked.

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