How to add Agents & Managers in AiSensy?

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How to create Managers and Agents in AiSensy App?

There are two types of Agents in the AiSensy App:

1. Live Chat Agent- Agents only have permission to intervene & respond to chats in AiSensy App. Also, they have access to modify user profiles on the Live Chat & History Page. 

2. Managers- Managers, on the other hand, can overlook everything and shoot WhatsApp Broadcasts & API campaigns. 

 As the owner, You can add multiple agents & assign roles to those agents in AiSensy App easily. 

In this tutorial, you'll know how to assign roles of managers & agents in AiSensy App. 

Steps to create Agents & Managers in AiSensy App

  • 1

    Go to Agents Page in Manage Section

    Only the owner can add Managers & Agents to AiSensy App. 

    Once you have the owner's access, go to the Agents Page in Manage Section. 

    Go to AiSensy Agents Page in Manage Section
  • 2

    Click 'Add Agents'

    Now, click 'Add Agents' as shown in the image on the right πŸ‘‰ 

    Add Agents in AiSensy App
  • 3

    Fill Agent Details

    Clicking this will open a pop-up box where you need to fill in the details of your agents. 

    These details include:

    1. User Name- This is the name the agent will use to log in to AiSensy App. E.g. Shivam411. 

    2. Display Name- The Display Name is the name of the agent that will appear in the AiSensy App. 

    3. Password- Add a login password for your agent to log in to AiSensy App

    After adding the details, press β€˜Create’

    Fill Agent Details
  • 4

    Assign Roles

    The final step involves assigning roles & responsibilities to the Agents. You can either assign 'Agents' or 'Managers' in AiSensy App. 

    Click the dropdown button as shown in the image on the right & assign them roles accordingly. 

    Assign Roles to agents

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