How to create Media Link from Live Chat Textbox?

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Media Link Generation

You need to send a media Link for approval from WhatsApp to send media items in your WhatsApp Template message like images, audio, video, pdfs & much more. 

You can easily upload your preferred media items directly from Live Chat Textbox and send them to your users in one click! 


With this feature, you can:

  • Send any media type like images, audio, video, files etc to users on WhatsApp,
  • Directly send pdf catalogues through Live Chat Textbox,
  • Share invoices with users

How to generate media link directly from Live Chat Textbox?

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    Click the Folder Icon in Live Chat Textbox

    Whenever you intervene a user in the AiSensy App, the Live Chat Textbox appears so that you can answer the customer query in real-time. 

    To open the media library, click the folder icon as shown in the image on the left. 

    Click folder icon in aisensy live chat
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    Add Media items to the Media Library

    Clicking the folder button will pop open the Media Library Box. Here, you can add media items such as images, audio, video & other files.

    In the media library you can upload file size up to these dimensions:

    • Image- 5 MB
    • Audio- 16 MB
    • File- 100 MB
    • Video- 16 MB

    Supported file types:

    • Audio- aac, MP4, AMR, MPEG, Ogg
    • Document- Any valid MIME-type
    • Image- Jpeg, png
    • Video- MP4, 3gpp
    Add media items to library
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    Copy the Media Link

    To copy the media file link, simply hover your mouse above the respective media file & click the 'Link' button highlighted in the image on the right. 

    You're good to go!

    Copy media link
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