How to download the AiSensy Browser Application on PC?


Download the AiSensy Browser Application on PC

Want to access the AiSensy App in a single click? 

It's very easy! 

You only need to download the browser application on multiple devices like PCs, mobiles, tablets etc.

In this tutorial, we'll look at how to download AiSensy Browser Application on PC devices. 

To know how to install the App on Mobile devices, click here

Here's how to download the AiSensy Browser Application 👇 

Steps to download AiSensy App Browser Application in PC?

  • 1

    Open AiSensy App in your Browser Window

    First, Log in to AiSensy App by clicking here

    Download aisensy browser application
  • 2

    Open Browser Settings

    If you're using Chrome Browser, click the three dots at the top right corner👉‍Click More Tools👉‍Press Create Shortcut.

    The settings are more or less the same across all Browsers. 

    Open browser settings
  • 3

    Click 'Create'

    Name how you want to save the AiSensy App & click "Create". 

    This will download the AiSensy App on your PC Desktop. 

    Like this👇‍

    Click on create shortcut
  • 4

    App Created🎉

    The App will download on your Desktop. 

    Double-clicking the "AiSensy App" icon will automatically open the app, making it far easier to access!

    Aisensy browser application shortcut created

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