How to edit WhatsApp Business Profile in AiSensy?


You can directly view, edit & update your WhatsApp Business Profile from AiSensy Dashboard. 

Business information such as Description, Address, Email, Business Vertical can be updated in seconds!

Note: Only owners can edit the Business Profile. You must have the owner's access to the WhatsApp Business API Account.

Here's how to do it๐Ÿ‘‡โ€

Steps to edit WhatsApp Business Profile in AiSensy

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    WhatsApp Business Profile

    The image on the left is how your WhatsApp Business Profile appears to your customers. 

    As you can see, the profile includes details such as:

    1. Business Logo

    2. Business Description

    3. Website URL

    4. Official Email

    5. WhatsApp Business API Number

    So, how can you too customize your profile? 

    It's very easy!

    You can do it right from the AiSensy Dashboard. 

    Here's how๐Ÿ‘‡โ€

    Go to whatsapp business profile in aisensy app
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    Reach the AiSensy Dashboard

    The image on the left shows how the AiSensy Dashboard.

    You can check your WhatsApp profile by clicking the 'View Profile' button. 

    To edit your profile, click the pen icon as shown in the image which will open this window๐Ÿ‘‡โ€

    Reach aisensy dashboard'
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    Customize your WhatsApp Business Profile

    You can customize these things in your WhatsApp Business Profile via AISensy Dashboard:

    1. Logo- Upload a 640x640 (recommended) size logo of your brand. Make sure that the file is below 5 MBs. Otherwise, it won't upload. 

    2. Description- Add a small description of your brand in under 256 characters. 

    3. Address- Add your official business address here in less than 256 characters. 

    4. Email- Here, add your business email where you want to receive communication from customers. 

    5. Vertical- Add the industry that your business belongs to. If you can't find one, choose the one that comes closest to your industry. 

    6 Website URL- Add your Website URL, which upon clicking will redirect people to your website. 

    When you've made the respective changes, don't forget to press save & close the window. 

    Customize business profile
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