How to add Contacts in AiSensy App?


How to import upto 2,00,000 Contacts easily

 With WhatsApp Business API based marketing Platform AiSensy, you can import up to 2,00,000 user contacts easily by creating a .csv file. Along with the names & numbers of all contacts, you can also import helpful information like tags & the lead's source.  

How to import Contacts to AiSensy Dashboard

  • 1

    Create Tags & Attributes

    To add contacts to AiSensy with Tags & Attributes like email, source etc, you need to create Tags & Attributes with the same name in AiSensy App. 

    So, go to Manage & create Tags & attributes that match word-to-word with what you will add to your contacts .csv file. 

    Create tags & attributes
  • 2

    Go to Contacts Page & click 'Import' Button

     Click on the “Import” button which is placed on the top right corner of the Contacts Page adjacent to the “Export” button. 

    Click import button
  • 3

    Upload .csv File in this FORMAT

    Please refer to the above on the left as the standard format of the CSV file. The First Message Tag field is empty for Mohit Dua, it simply means this field will be empty in the contacts page as well after importing.

    The headers City, email and State are the Custom Attributes. Also, the mobile number is written with the country code and a '+' sign. All the other fields which are not in the CSV file will be updated automatically or will remain empty according to the field’s property. 

    Here's a sample Excel sheet for reference - Sample Excel Sheet 

    Note: The Blue Columns are mandatory sections

    Upload csv file
  • 4

    Upload your Contacts in a .csv File

     A window will open after clicking on the Import Button where you need to upload the contacts file. Click on “Upload File” and select the file from your system. The format of the file should be .csv 

    For Excel, make sure to download the file in .csv format!

    Upload contacts in csv file
  • 5

    Map the attributes in line with Column Entries


    After uploading the required file, you’ll have to map the attributes with the column entries of the .csv file.

    On the left side, there would be the Column Headings of the .csv file. On the right, there would be the attributes of your AiSensy Contacts Page. For example, “Name” will be mapped to “user name”, “Mobile Number” will be mapped to “phone number” and so on and so forth.

    Map the attributes in line
  • 6

    Hit the Import Button

     Once every entry is mapped, the final step is to click on the “Import” button placed at the bottom right of the page and all your contact details of users will get imported. 

    Hit import button
  • 7

    View Contact History

    You can view the Contact History & verify whether each of your contacts was imported successfully or not. 

    Click the button 'View History' to view all the list of all contacts added to the AiSensy App.

    View contact history
  • 8

    Download Contacts Added, updated or failed list

    Clicking the "View History" button will load a window as shown in the image on the left. There you can see the number of contacts added, contacts updated or contacts that could not be added. 

    The Contacts that are already added and you have again added them with updated attributes will show under 'Contacts Updated'. For updated contacts, chats won't be deleted!

    To know the reason for message failure, download the report & view the reason for failure. 

    Download added contacts

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