LiveLong wealth is building Strong Customer Relations with AiSensy

LiveLong Wealth used AiSensy to strengthen customer relationships by sending regular updates about all the latest happenings in the Stock & Trader market. 

Personalized Customer Relationships

LiveLong Wealth built personalized relationships with customers by humanizing their communication with automated notifications on WhatsApp. 

Strong Brand Identity

With the esteemed WhatsApp Green Tick, LiveLong Wealth portrayed a strong & trustworthy brand identity to customers.

Problems Faced by LiveLong Wealth

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LiveLong Wealth is an online platform helping people gain knowledge about Stock Trading & Online markets. 

Earlier, they used to face problems including:

1. Weak Customer Relationships - Before AiSensy, LiveLong Wealth were not able to crack the perfect platform to connect with customers & build personalized customer relationships. 

2. Delay in Responses with Emails - LiveLong Wealth used to send the latest updates & happenings in the Stock Market via emails but did not get enough responses quick enough. 

3. Limited Broadcasting Capability with WhatsApp Business App - The major limitation of using WhatsApp Business App for Broadcasting was the 256 people Broadcast limit. Also, the Broadcast did not reach people who hadn't saved their contact. 

4. Cumbersome Process - The entire process of sending updates to customers & receiving responses was highly time-consuming & tiresome. 

How AiSensy Helped LiveLong Wealth overcome these Problems?

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    1. Automate Notifications & Updates on WhatsApp

    LiveLong Wealth used AiSensy to automate notifications & updates for the latest happenings in the Stock Market. 

    With a 98% Message-open rate on WhatsApp, they were able to reach the maximum audience in the minimum time period. 

    The users instantly received these updates instantly on WhatsApp & had the option to continue the Conversation if they had any queries.

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    2. Build Personalized Customer Relationships with Customers

    LiveLong Wealth was able to successfully strengthen Customer Relationships by using WhatsApp as the medium to connect with customers for sending the latest updates & happenings of the Stock & Trader Market. 

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    3. Build a Strong Brand Identity with WhatsApp Green Tick

    AiSensy helped LiveLong Wealth get the esteemed WhatsApp Green Tick on their WhatsApp Business Profile. 

    The Green Tick helped portray their Business as reliable & trustworthy to both customers & potential customers. 

    Given that they provided updates & information about Financial Markets, the Green Tick helped provide the reassurance customers might feel wary about trusting just any business. 

    Green tick verification in whatsapp business api

Results achieved by LiveLong Wealth

Folks at LiveLong Wealth were happy with the results from AiSensy's WhatsApp Marketing Solutions. 

They accomplished:

1. Stronger Brand Identity - By getting the Green Tick on WhatsApp establishing trust & reliability.

2. Personalized Customer Relationships - By automating updates & notifications on WhatsApp.

3. Instant Responses & 5x high open-rate - Achieved 5x more open rates than Emails & SMS & got instant responses to updates sent on WhatsApp

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