How NMIMS generated 5x more Leads & Application Signups

NMIMS, a globally reputed University generated 5x more leads & automated 83% of it's queries on WhatsApp with AiSensy

Problems Faced by NMIMS 😥

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NMIMS is a globally reputed University, with 40+ years of legacy as a top education University located across different Indian states. They have 8 campuses, and 17 specialized schools located throughout the country with, 17000+ students and 750+ faculty members.  

 Being an educational institute, they faced day-to-day challenges such as:

  • Application Drop-offs- 40% of the audience used to fill out the applications only till midway & left after filling only half the form.

  • Low Attendance at Webinars & Events - Only 50-60% of the signed-up audience showed presence at webinars & events.

  • Low Lead Generation & Qualification- A good part of the audience left the website without giving their email IDs or numbers. They hesitated to fill in their details.

  • Confusion in students’ minds regarding admission & updates - Students did not have access to a direct communication channel for admission-related & other queries. There wasn’t any facility for 24x7 customer service. 

How AiSensy Helped NMIMS overcome these Problems?⚡️

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    Recovered 45-60% Application Dropoffs

    Earlier, NMIMS faced an application dropoff rate of 60%. 

    To recover this, they started to automate an application dropoff notification on WhatsApp to users who dropped mid-way while filling out their applications. 

    With this dropoff notification itself, they were able to recover 45-60% of Dropoff applications. 

    They boosted 5x more application signups with this effective WhatsApp notification.

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    3x increase in Webinars & Event Signups

    NMIMS wanted to increase engagement for Campus Events & Webinars.

    They increased signups for their Events & Webinars by Broadcasting an Event/ Webinar invitation message on WhatsApp via AiSensy. 

    By doing this, NMIMS was able to drive 3x more signups for their Events & webinars. 

    Nmims event invite
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    Automate attendance notifications & emergency updates

    NMIMS understood that WhatsApp is the one-platform where their users (students) were most active. 

    They started automating notifications for important updates like attendance, changes in class timings & other crucial notifications on WhatsApp. 

    Nmims attendance
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    Automate 83% repetitive queries with Chatbot

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    Nmims chatbot automation

Results achieved by NMIMS

Folks at NMIMS were happy with the results from  

  • 5x more leads generated - NMIMS now generates 5x more leads with AiSensy. In total, they have gained, 45000+ leads (and counting) with AiSensy. Not just this, they collect more qualified leads with automated attribute collection via the WhatsApp Chatbot.

  • Reduced reliance on Live Chat by 83% - They now have implemented an AI-based smart WhatsApp Chatbot on their website with an 83% efficiency rate. The rest 17% of queries are transferred to & solved by live human chat agents.

  • 45-60% Application Dropoffs recovered - 45-60% audience now completes the application signup process after automated reminder notifications on WhatsApp.

  • 3x Event & Webinar Signups - They now receive more signups & attendance for events & webinars due to event reminder notifications sent on WhatsApp.

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