PhysicsWallah nails Marketing & Support with AiSensy

Here's how PhysicsWallah boosts its Course sales & bridges the Communication Gap with online learners using AiSensy👇  


PhysicsWallah is an affordable Ed-tech learning platform providing a live interactive classroom experience with personalized attention to all students. It's a growing platform that has recently joined the elite group of Unicorns in India.  

Problems Faced by PhysicsWallah

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1. Communication Gap Existed

Users found it difficult to get all their queries resolved with the website live chat. The website chat wasn't the best means for users to get answers to course-related queries and more. 

2. Low Conversions from Promotional Campaigns

PhysicsWallah's promotional campaigns run via emails and SMS had extremely low conversions. With just about a 20% open rate and 2-5% click-through rates, results driven from email marketing did not justify their efforts.

3. Delayed Student Support and FAQs

Students found it difficult to get answers to their queries. 

4. Low Attendance Rates for Webinars

Users registering for Webinars did not show up

5. Tracking Conversions Was Difficult

Tracking conversions and success rates were difficult!

To fix this, PhysicsWallah started looking for a way to boost course sales and bridge the existing communication gap. 

How AiSensy Helped PhysicsWallah overcome these Problems?

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    Running Click to WhatsApp Ads within AiSensy

    PhysicsWallah drives 3x more leads by running Click to WhatsApp Ads, getting leads Segmented in Campaigns, and driving engagement via Broadcasting, Chatbots and catalogues. 

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    1. Broadcast promotional offers to Unlimited Users

    PhysicsWallah used AiSensy to Broadcast promotional offers on courses and increase engagement & course sales by 5x.

    3x engagement via whatsapp broadcasting
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    Resolve Customer Queries & FAQs with Live Chat

    Instant addressal of user queries with 1:1 Live Human Chat Support

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    4. Increase Webinar Attendance Rates

    Increased Webinar attendance rate by 4x via automating webinar reminders on WhatsApp. 

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    5. Automate Common Queries with WhatsApp Chatbot

    Automate common customer queries & provide information with WhatsApp Chatbot

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Results that Exceeded Expectations

PhysicsWallah experienced remarkable success with AiSensy's WhatsApp Marketing Solutions. They achieved:

1. Tripled Lead Generation - By leveraging AiSensy's Click to WhatsApp Ads, PhysicsWallah generated three times more leads.

2. Increased User Engagement - Through broadcasting and providing personalized 1:1 live chat on WhatsApp, PhysicsWallah achieved five times higher user engagement.

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