50,000+ Refrens Freelancers connect with Clients on WhatsApp via AiSensy

Seamless Onboarding Experience

Refrens ensures a seamless Onboarding Experience for its users by automating a Broadcast on WhatsApp in contrast to Emails. 

5x more Open Rates

Refrens drives 80-90% Open-rates by sending messages on WhatsApp, 5x more than Emails. 

Problems Faced by Refrens 😥

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Refrens is a Marketplace built for Freelancers, helping them market their services to businesses & individuals. Refrens currently has a rich network of 150k+ Freelancers. 

Earlier, they used to face problems including:

1. Users did not open Emails - Whenever users signed up on Refrens, they were sent an onboarding mail, which was left unread by 70 - 80% users.

2. Cumbersome Process - The entire process of sending updates to customers & receiving responses was highly time-consuming & tiresome. 

3. Personalization Goal wasn't achieved - Freelancers signing up at Refrens were unable to enhance their personalization goals by sending emails to users. 

How AiSensy Helped Refrens overcome these Problems?⚡️

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    Automate Notifications & Updates on WhatsApp

    Refrens used AiSensy to Onboard new users to its platform. Automating onboarding messages on WhatsApp helped solve the problem of low open rates via Emails. 

    With a 98% Message-open rate on WhatsApp, they were able to reach the maximum audience in the minimum time period. 

    The users instantly received these updates instantly on WhatsApp & had the option to continue the Conversation if they had any queries.

    All crm's integrating with AiSensy
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    Scale to 50k+ Paid Users

    Refrens allowed Freelancers to send invoices to their clients on WhatsApp with its paid subscription model.

    This amazing feature has helped Refrens to scale to 50k+ paid users on the platform. 

  • 3

    Build a Strong Brand Identity with WhatsApp Green Tick

    AiSensy helped Refrens get the esteemed WhatsApp Green Tick on their WhatsApp Business Profile which enhanced their WhatsApp Business profile & put them as an authentic brand in the viewer's eyes. 

    Green tick verification in whatsapp business api

Results achieved by Refrens

Folks at Refrens were happy with the results from AiSensy's WhatsApp Marketing Solutions. 

They accomplished:

1. 50k+ Paid Users - By allowing users to send invoices on WhatsApp in a paid plan.

2. Personalized Customer Relationships - By providing 1:1 Live Chat to user's queries.

3. 5x more open-rates than emails - Achieved 5x more open rates than Emails & SMS.

We are helping Brands grow effortlessly on WhatsApp

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