3 Best Interakt Alternatives with better customer support (2022)

updated on 13 October 2022

Looking to switch from Interakt or searching for better Interakt Alternatives?

If you're looking for an Interakt Alternative with better features, cheaper pricing & robust customer support, continue on! You've landed at the right place. 

In this blog, we've compiled the 3 best WhatsApp Business API Providers that you can choose as Interakt WhatsApp Alternatives.

This blog covers:

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What is Interakt?

Interakt is an official WhatsApp Business API Solution provider allowing you to:

  • Automate notifications on WhatsApp,
  • Send Bulk Campaigns and,
  • Use Multi-agent team Inbox (to manage agents & chats)

Here's a look at its Pros & Cons


  1. Free Green Tick Verification
  2. Quick approval & access to WhatsApp Business API
  3. Track analytics (Chat & agent analytics)


  1. Costlier WhatsApp Business API platform solution in comparison with other providers.
  2. No WhatsApp Chatbot is available. This is a major disadvantage as most WhatsApp API platforms like AiSensy offer WhatsApp Chatbot integration. 
  3. Smart Dashboard features are unavailable.
  4. Only email support is available from the Interakt team that can take up to 2-3 days to reply. No facility for direct calling for queries.

Best Interakt Alternatives

That’s all about Interakt as a WhatsApp Business API provider!

Let’s jump right into the top 3 Interakt Alternatives that you choose as the best WhatsApp Business API provider.

(1) AiSensy- Top Interakt WhatsApp Alternative

AiSensy Platform-z9kwb

AiSensy is our #1 alternative to Interakt. 

AiSensy is a no-code WhatsApp Marketing platform based on the official WhatsApp Business API allowing you to channel the power of WhatsApp to scale your business to thousands of WhatsApp users.

This means that you can start using AiSensy to send messages to users on WhatsApp as soon as WhatsApp gives the nod (approves your application)

You can get approved for WhatsApp Business API in 10 minutes & get started with using the platform to boost conversions from Day 1!

AiSensy offers the complete WhatsApp Marketing solution along with its's platform which is built on official WhatsApp Business APIs.

With AiSensy you can:

·        Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to 1,00,000 users in one go

·        Automate payments, abandoned carts, order confirmation & delivery notifications via WhatsApp Automation

·        Provide 24x7x365 Customer Support with AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot

·        Get unlimited agent dashboards for Live Chat Support.


  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to up to 1,00,000 unique users in one go
  • WhatsApp Automation for abandoned cart, order confirmation & delivery notifications on WhatsApp
  • AI-based Natural Language Programming (NLP) chatbot integration that understands human language
  • Multiple eCommerce integrations available with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart etc
  • Most competitive pricing as per industry standards
  • Friendliest customer support- call, email, WhatsApp
  • Complete assistance with Template Message strategy, Chatbot integration & other system integrations.

Read this blog to know more robust AiSensy features.


·  UI could be better

If you want to switch from Interakt to AiSensy's WhatsApp Business API-based platform, click here.

AiSensy- Active User-based Pricing

  • You can start with the AiSensy Platform for as low as Rs 999/ month for upto 2000 Monthly Active Users

  • Irrespective of the plan you choose, you’ll have the same features across all the plans, except for the number of unique con whom you can connect within a particular month.

  • The pricing plans are based on your number of active users. E.g. If you have up to 2000 active users, you can subscribe to the 2000 Active Users plan for Rs 999. Similarly, we have a Rs 5000 plan for 2750 active users, Rs 5500 for 10,000 active users, Rs 10,000 for up to 20,000 active users and many more plans based on your number of active users.

  • With each plan, you get Free Green Tick Verification, 5 agents and no-extra template message charges. You only pay the 0.35p/ template message charged by WhatsApp (template message charge varies for each country)

  • If you opt for a yearly plan, you’d get an additional 10% off & enjoy Flexible Usage. So, if you opt for a yearly plan, you’d get 2000x12 = 24000 contact limit charged Rs 10,789/ yearly, 10x Less than what businesses spend on Google Ads monthly!

  • Flexible usage simply means that if you exhaust your monthly contacts before the month ends, you can use a part of your left-over contacts & balance it out.

  • Example of Flexible Use: Let’s say you start with 2,000 Active Contacts yearly plan. Hence, now you have a 24,000 contacts threshold. You can use 5,000, 10,000 or even 20,000 contacts without paying a surcharge fee or upgrading the plan. If you use 5000 contacts, you’d have 19,000 contacts remaining.

Get started with AiSensy for Free

(2) Tyntec

Top Interakt AlternativesImage Credit- Tyntec.com
Top Interakt Alternatives
Image Credit- Tyntec.com

Tyntec is our second-best alternative to Interakt out there!

Tyntec is an official WhatsApp Business Solution provider bringing in feature-rich WhatsApp Business API that allows businesses to:

  • Become verified on WhatsApp (Green Tick verification)
  • Integrate WhatsApp Business API with an existing system or use their Support Inbox system to eliminate the coding effort
  • Send Rich messages (text, audio, video, image, files, pdfs, call to action buttons)
  • Use Interactive Buttons or clickable buttons to ensure robust customer support.

Here’s a look at the Pros and Cons of the WhatsApp Business API Provider.


  1. Lightning Speed Onboarding under 48 hours allows you to get started with WhatsApp Business API instantly.
  2. You can either integrate the API into your existing system or use their Support Inbox System. However, you’d need to pay separately for using the Support Inbox.
  3. Allows you to send Rich Messages (text, audio, video, image, files, pdfs, call to action buttons) for a personalized user experience on WhatsApp.
  4. Developer Friendly API.
  5. Tailored Integrations Possible with robust softwares.


  1. Costly pricing- You need to pay separately for the WhatsApp Business API plan & Support the Inbox system.
  2. No provision to send bulk messages on WhatsApp
  3. No WhatsApp Chatbot Integration available
  4. Developer team required if you opt to integrate WhatsApp API with the existing system


  • Tyntec offers 3 pricing plans (charged monthly): Starter plan costing $99, WhatsApp Growth Plan costing $199 and Enterprise Plan costing $349.

  • In the Starter plan, you can send messages to up to 1000 active contacts. After reaching the 1000 contact threshold limit, you’ll be charged $0.11/ unique contact. Subsequently, the Growth plan allows you to send messages to 3500 unique contacts, $0.06 for further additional contacts & Enterprise Plan allows you to send messages to 6000 unique contacts, $0.036 for further unique contacts.

  • There’s no setup fees & no limit to the number of messages you can send.

  • This pricing excludes the WhatsApp Business API messaging fees for template & session messages.

If you have a team of dedicated developers who can integrate the WhatsApp API with your existing system, Tyntec is one of the best Interakt Alternatives.

(3) 360Dialog

Top Interakt AlternativesImage Credits- 360dialog.com
Top Interakt Alternatives
Image Credits- 360dialog.com

360Dialog is our 3rd best alternative to Interakt. 

360Dialog is a verified WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider allowing businesses direct access to WhatsApp Business API. The most special thing about them is that the WhatsApp API updates arrive in the system as soon as they are launched by WhatsApp.

Let’s look at the major Pros and Cons of 360Dialog


  • Rich Messaging enabled (audio, video, text, images, files etc)
  • Green Tick Verification from WhatsApp
  • Branded Stickers, Interactive Buttons, Quick Replies available to personalize user experience
  • Integrate WhatsApp Chatbot easily
  • Developer-friendly API
  • Sandbox Testing available- Test WhatsApp Business API by sending messages to users on WhatsApp with 360Dialog’s Sandbox testing feature
  • Highly Performant API-100% message delivery rate
  • Integration with various CRMs available- Hubspot, Shopify & many more
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Analytics could be better
  • Lacks real-time session & messaging reports
  • Requires attention on part of your development team
  • No option for 24x7 customer support. Additionally, standard support isn’t included in the basic Dev’s plan for 360Dialog WhatsApp Business API.


  • 360Dialog pricing is platform-based.
  • There are 3 platform pricing plans available in 360Dialog: Dev’s Favourite Plan starting at $56, professional plan costing $114 & enterprise plan costing $232.
  • There’s also a standard hosting fee, $23 for Dev’s Favourite Plan and $11.60 for Professional Plan.
  • There are no charges for session messages. Template Messages cost the same as charged by WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for a better & more affordable solution to Interakt, choose AiSensy. AiSensy is an official WhatsApp Marketing platform built on WhatsApp Business APIs using which you can broadcast messages to unlimited users, automate notifications, provide live chat on multiple devices & integrate Chatbot.

Official WhatsApp partners are those who have been authorized by WhatsApp to help businesses get access to & use WhatsApp Business API to drive sales & improve customer support.

A good WhatsApp partner is one that provides you with a complete platform to make the most out of WhatsApp Business API, a guided onboarding session & offers quality customer support for all your queries.

If you have both pre-requisites ready, then it'll take anywhere between 10 minutes - 24 hours to get approved for WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy, an official WhatsApp partner.


There, you have it!

Above were the 3 best Interakt Alternatives that we think you can choose as your WhatsApp Business API provider. However, be sure to research in detail about each platform before contacting sales.

It'll help you make an unbiased decision in choosing the best WhatsApp Business API provider for your business!

The final decision ultimately boils down on you! Choose wisely to avoid the hassle of switching from one WhatsApp Business API provider to another.

We hope this blog helped you out with the information that you were looking for! If it did, make sure to share a word about it with others.

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