How Facebook Ad marketers are using WhatsApp Chatbots to boost ROI?

updated on 29 April 2022

Imagine your user finds your product/service interesting and click on your Facebook Ad. Now, instead of getting directed to a landing page where they'd have to fill up a contact form and then wait for the agent, they get personalised assistance through WhatsApp Chatbot that solves their queries about the product and improves the customer journey.


In a nutshell, you are now getting the exact offline experience of personal guidance and attention when you go to a store, now online via a platform that is closely connected with everyone, WhatsApp.

From a user's perspective, it seems like the Brand is concerned about them throughout their journey. Now, the customer isn't landing on a static Landing Page where it is very little or no product information available, filling a contact form, waiting for the agent to call, and then guide them about the product and queries. They are instead landing on their WhatsApp screens and getting their queries solved through WhatsApp Chatbot instantly.

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Conventional Approach for Executing Ads

Marketers spend most of their time and effort on planning and executing the right digital marketing strategies according to different audience segments on different scales. They keep on analysing their past ad performances and reiterating the ad campaigns in order to improve the Return On Investment (ROI). Many brands and businesses also hire Performance Marketers, especially for this concern.


Now, after all these digital marketing strategies they execute the Facebook Ads and other social media Ads. The customer clicks on these Ads and lands on a Landing page.

They get some general information about the product/service and a contact form which they have to fill, then wait for the Agent to call them back for guidance.

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Everyone in the marketing industry knows that there is a standard conversion rate of Landing Page.

It doesn't really matter how well you execute Facebook Ads since the endpoint of contact with the customer is the Landing Page, which is very boring and static in nature.

It is seen that only 10% of the audience submits the details in the contact form. The root cause of poor ROI on Facebook Ads and other social media Ads is a non-conversational landing page.

Hence, you generate a low quantity of leads with minimum qualification of these leads.

AiSensy - WhatsApp Chatbot Approach | 5X Lead Gen Methodology

In the AiSensy approach, the entire procedure remains the same but WhatsApp itself replaces the Landing Page. Now, whenever customers find an Ad of some product/service interesting and click on it, instead of a boring landing page, they land on their WhatsApp screen with a pre-filled WhatsApp message which can be configured according to the use case.


This was exactly what the customer was looking out for, to ask a straightforward query about the product and not to fill some contact form. Here and now, when the customer is sending a message to the WhatsApp Business API number of your company, the basic lead is automatically collected, Thanks to Whatsapp API

The "Name" and "Mobile Number" of the customer are with you instantly. The lead generation via AiSensy - WhatsApp Chatbot Approach is around 6-7X times as compared to the Conventional Approach.

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If 100 customers are clicking on the Ad, with this approach it is sure to get 60-70 leads along with their initial query (pre-filled first message). On the other hand, the landing page was generating just 8-10 leads from these 100 customers.

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