Connect Razorpay with WhatsApp via AiSensy: Get 3x Faster Payments Done

updated on 13 June 2022

Slow customer payments can disrupt your cash flow. Imagine a situation where you're unable to pay your suppliers, staff members & managers due to late payments made by your customers. 

So, do you want to know a simple hack to get 3x faster payments flowing? 

Well, this can be done easily by automating a WhatsApp notification along with a payment link reminding the user to pay their dues. This payment link created through Razorpay can be directly sent by connecting Razorpay with WhatsApp via AiSensy. 

Razorpay now has an EXCLUSIVE integration with AiSensy.

But, there's much more to the Razorpay Integration!

Before moving ahead, let's first know what is the Razorpay AiSensy Integration and how does it change the way you collect payments from your users?

Till now, most businesses relied on conventional channels such as emails and SMS to share payment links generated via Razorpay.

This changes, with this integration!

In this blog, we'll tell you how to automate payment links, invoices, payment confirmation messages & subscription updates on WhatsApp via AiSensy to 1000s of users.

Read on to know how Razorpay AiSensy Integration can help you boost your conversions up to 3x by sending payment notifications on WhatsApp!

Let's first understand what exactly are Razorpay & AiSensy?

What is Razorpay?

Razorpay is a payment solution gateway allowing businesses to collect, process and disburse payments through all popular payment modes. It is one of the most hassle-free payment gateways trusted by thousands of businesses, allowing them to fast forward their business.

Example- You want to collect payment from your customers. You go to Razorpay, create a payment link and share it with your customers on platforms such as WhatsApp, Emails, SMS etc.

What is AiSensy?

AiSensy is Your Complete WhatsApp Engagement Suite based on the top of Official WhatsApp Business APIs allowing you to :

1. Broadcast promotional messages to 1,00,000+ users 

2. Automate notifications for orders, payments & more through integrations.

3. Connect WhatsApp Chatbot to automate common customer queries & Product Discovery.

4. Provide multi-human Live Chat support

Sign up on AiSensy for Free & get started with these robust features right away!

Let's move ahead to the Razorpay AiSensy Integration!

Razor AiSensy Integration: What does this integration mean?

In the above video, our Founder & CEO Gautam Rajesh Shelley breaks down how to connect Razorpay with WhatsApp via AiSensy into simple blocks.

But, if you're in the mood to read & know everything about the integration, here's what it means.

Whenever you take action on Razorpay such as creating Payments links, Subscription updates, Refund Updates, Invoice and much more, you can automate the notifications for these on WhatsApp via AiSensy.

Whenever a user opens the chat and clicks on the link, they'll be redirected to Razorpay from where they can make the payment.

Goal of this Integration

In today's age, everyone uses WhatsApp to check messages from friends, relatives, college groups, office groups and more.

A fun fact is that people also have a sort of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) of reading every chat they receive. It's basic human nature!

With a 98% message open rate, 45-60% click-through rate and the preferred messenger channel of 2 billion monthly users globally, WhatsApp is the App you need to adopt!

With WhatsApp, you can speed up the payment process and get 3x more payments from users.

So, the goal of connecting Razorpay with AiSensy is to collect more & 3x faster payments from users via WhatsApp.

Sending these links to users will allow you to collect payments faster and collect more payments from such users.

Targeting such users on emails, SMS and other places where they are less active might not be as effective as sending these links on WhatsApp.

Use Cases of this Integration

  • Send automated WhatsApp Notifications to customers whenever you create an Invoice, Payment Link or Subscription Link on Razorpay. 
  • Send automated notifications on WhatsApp whenever a refund is processed or a subscription is halted.
  • Send automated notification to confirm as soon as payment is received via the Razorpay payment link.
  • Send notifications to merchants whenever you roll out payments via Razorpay Route.
    And many more...

Furthermore, you can boost your conversions with these use cases (exclusive to AiSensy)

  • Broadcast messages to 1,00,000+ users in one go.
  • Provide 1:1 Live Chat support on multiple devices.
  • Automate customer queries with a WhatsApp Chatbot.

Sign up on AiSensy for Free & fire up these robust features right away!

Benefits of connecting Razorpay with AiSensy 

AiSensy now live on Razorpay App Store
AiSensy now live on Razorpay App Store

By connecting Razorpay with AiSensy, you can achieve:

  • Higher conversions upto 45-60%
  • 3x Faster Payments
  • Quick subscription & payment Reminders
  • And much more.

You get an all in one platform where you can broadcast messages, reply to customer queries, provide 24x7 support, automate messages and collect payments; all in one place: AiSensy.

Impressed with the integration? We too are!

Let's know how to get started with sending payments links to users on WhatsApp

How to connect Razorpay to WhatsApp Campaigns

So, here's what you need to do to integrate Razorpay with AiSensy:

1. Sign up on AiSensy

Signup on AiSensy to Connect Razorpay to WhatsApp Campaigns
Signup on AiSensy to Connect Razorpay to WhatsApp Campaigns

The first thing you need to do is head on to the AiSensy platform and signup for FREE.

AiSensy allows you to sign up and apply for WhatsApp Business API free of cost. Also, we are one of the only few WhatsApp Marketing platforms listed at the top position on the Razorpay AppStore.

After filling in your personal details, create a project by adding your business name or a name relevant to your business department.

2. Go to the Integrations tab

Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Go to Integrations Tab
Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Go to Integrations Tab

Once you signup, you'll see a dashboard, shown in the above image.

Now, head on to the Integrations tab on the left corner of AiSensy Dashboard and click the Razorpay App.

3. Apply for the WhatsApp Business API

Now, to benefit from the Razorpay AiSensy integration, you must get your WhatsApp Business API approved. Here's how to apply for Free WhatsApp API

Don't worry! With AiSensy, you'll get approved within 10 minutes to 6 hours.

Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Apply for WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy
Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Apply for WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Hit the 'get started' tab on Razorpay. 

2. Click on First Menu👉 Get WhatsApp Business API

3. Click on 'Apply Now'.

4. Fill out the 4-step form that'll ask you for GST, website & other details to verify your business credentials. Know more about the approval necessities.

5. Currently, it takes 10 minutes to 6 hours to get your WhatsApp Business API account approved. However, many AiSensy clients have got WhatsApp API approved in just 10 minutes. 

4. Get Template Message Approved

Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Get template messages approved
Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Get template messages approved

Once the WhatsApp Business API approval arrives, the next step is getting approval for Template messages that'll trigger various WhatsApp notifications like payment links, subscription updates and much more based on Razorpay events.

AiSensy provides you sample template message guide to help you know what kind of messages are approved by WhatsApp.

These template messages fulfil various use cases such as abandoned carts, and application drop-offs and allow you to utilize various WhatsApp Marketing Strategies.

After creating template message drafts, review them with a keen eye for errors and submit them for approval. It takes usually takes 15 minutes - 4 hours to get approval for template messages.

5. Install Razorpay

Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Install Razorpay
Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Install Razorpay

Within 4-5 hours, you'll be ready to utilize the Razorpay AiSensy Integration! Woohoo- we are happy for you!

Now, install the Razorpay app. You can do it directly from the 'Get Started' tab or go to settings and do the same.

Click on 'Install App' and it'll go LIVE

6. Connect your Razorpay Account

Razorpay AiSensy Integration-Connect Razorpay Account
Razorpay AiSensy Integration-Connect Razorpay Account
  • In setting, hit the 'Connect Razorpay' button.
  • A new tab will open where you need to fill in the details of your Razorpay account if you already have one. If you don't, signup on Razorpay by clicking here.
  • Once you authorize, your Razorpay account will be activated on AiSensy.

7. Setting up your first Activity- Part 1

Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Setting up first Activity
Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Setting up first Activity

Activity here means on which Razorpay events you want to send Template messages via AiSensy. Follow the below steps to create your first activity:

  • Go to Setup Activities Tab,Click on "+ Activity" within this tab
  • Give the Activity any name for reference For Eg. Payment Link
  • Choose the Razorpay Event for which you wish to trigger the campaign. E.g. payment created, subscription updated, etc
  • Choose the API Campaign you wish to connect above Razorpay event (You can also create an API campaign by Clicking on Create)

8. Setting up your first Activity (Part 2)

Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Setting up first Activity
Razorpay AiSensy Integration- Setting up first Activity

The final step you need to do to create your first activity is mapping out the parameters for the activity you've chosen.

So, parameters are values that will display in the template message sent to the user. For E.g. writing '$Name' in parameter 1 will trigger particular user names when sending them those messages.

There are two types of parameters included:

Razorpay Parameters-  $RPAY_Email, $RPAY_Amount, $RPAY_PaymentLinkId, $RPAY_Description, $RPAY_GrossAmount

AiSensy Parameters- $Name, $MobileNumber, $FirstName, $LastName

Here's something useful- Parameter $RPAY_Name and $Name are the same and will trigger the names of the users. However, it's suggested to use RPAY_NAME while creating your first activity for personalization.

It's also recommended to use RPAY_NAME if all of your invoices, payment links etc are given a name.

9. Setup Multiple Activities & Trigger events

Congratulations on creating your first activity!

You can create multiple activities & automate campaigns, in the same way, using Razorpay AiSensy Integration.

Right now, the integration includes 4 active events:

  • Payment Link Created,
  • Invoice Issued,
  • Subscription halted and
  • Refund Processed
  • Payment Captured

Many more events will go live soon as per your requirements!

10. You're good to go!

That's all the information you need to set up your first activity & send payment links to upto 1,00,000 users on WhatsApp in one click.

Here's an added bonus: If you counter any difficulties, just contact our experts.


The Razorpay AiSensy Integration is just one out of the 20+ AiSensy Integrations

  • What is RazorPay AiSensy Integration,
  • What are it's goals,
  • It's benefits and
  • How to use AiSensy platform to trigger your first Razorpay Activity to upto 1,00,000 unique users in a single click.

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