How to get WhatsApp Business API for FREE⚡️

 The embedded signup is lightning-fast & will get you instant approval for the WhatsApp Business API Account (within 10 Minutes)

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Pre-Requisites to Apply for FREE WhatsApp Business API

You must have these three things ready before applying for WhatsApp Business API

  • Good team pana(1)
    Device frame
  • A Fresh Phone Number

    You need an active phone number that isn't currently registered with any of the WhatsApp accounts.

    You can use an old phone number too but you'll have to permanently delete the WhatsApp App/Account active on it. Read here how to do it.

  • Verified Facebook Business Manager Account

     You should have your Facebook Business Manager Account VERIFIED to get complete access to WhatsApp Business API! 

  • A Business Website

    A Business Website is a must to get access to the WhatsApp Business API. 

  • How to apply for FREE WhatsApp Business API?

    • 1

      Signup on AiSensy App

       Go to AiSensy Signup Page by clicking here & choose, "Continue with Google"


      Choose the Gmail account where you want to receive communication from AiSensy Team.

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    • 2

      Add Personal & Company Details

      • Enter your personal WhatsApp Mobile Number on which you want to receive the communications from AiSensy Team.

      • Once done, click on the “Complete Sign Up” button to proceed ahead.
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    • 3

      Create your first AiSensy Project


      • Enter your Business Project Name and click “Create & Continue” to create your very first AiSensy Business Project.

      • The Project Name is for the Businesses’ internal understanding.

      • E.g If you have different WhatsApp API numbers for different departments/ businesses, it'd be better to enter the department name/ Business name as the project name to prevent confusion. Like Finance, Marketing, etc. 
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    • 4

      You've entered 14-Day FREE Trial

      You've now entered your 14-Day FREE Trial which includes:

      1. Free WhatsApp Business API Verification

      2. Free 2000 Monthly Active Users

      3. Free 50 WhatsApp Conversation Credits

      4. Access all features & get going!

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    • 5

      Verify Facebook Business Manager Account before Applying

      Before you apply for the WhatsApp API, get your Facebook Business Manager Verified. 

      Click here to know how to get your Facebook Business Manager Account Verified.

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    • 6

      Click 'Continue' to apply for FREE WhatsApp Business API

      • Click on the “Continue” button to start the application process of the FREE WhatsApp Business API procurement.

      • Make sure you are ready with all the pre-requisites.

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    • 7

      Fill the WhatsApp Business API Application Form

      Fill out the WhatsApp Business API Account form carefully 👇 

      • Enter the email address (which you logged in to AiSensy) 
      • Your Name
      • Your Legal Company Name
      • And a password
      • After clicking the “Accept Terms” button - you’ll be redirected towards Facebook’s Embedded Signup page.

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    • 8

      Complete the Embedded Signup Process


      • You need to log in to your Facebook Account to proceed ahead.

      • Make sure your Facebook Account has Admin Access to your Verified Facebook Business Manager Account.

      • Choose your Facebook Business Manager Account very carefully since it can not be changed after the number is registered.

      • Choose or Create a WhatsApp Business Account - This is not the Display Name visible to your end-users. This is a WhatsApp Business Account where you can check your WhatsApp Business API’s Quality Rating, Broadcasting Limit, etc.
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    • 9

      Add WhatsApp Display Name & Mobile Number

      In Embedded Signup, add:

      • Business Display Name- This is the name that will be visible to your users. If your Display Name is different from the Legal Name of the company, you can provide a relevant business website to proceed ahead.

        Click here to understand how to pick your WhatsApp Business Display Name.

      • Your Business Category- Add the category which perfectly defines your Business.

      • Business Description- Add a suitable description that will be visible to customers when they click your profile button. 

      Complete the number Registration
      Complete the Phone Number registration by submitting the Phone Number and triggering the 6-digit code via SMS or Voice. Make sure the number is not registered on any WhatsApp Accounts.

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    • 10

      Generate your API Key


      • The embedded signup process will take some time to Procure WhatsApp Business API on the registered Phone Number and Complete.

      • Once done, click on the “Generate API Key” button to generate the API key.

      • Copy the API key and go back to your AiSensy Dashboard.
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    • 11

      Setting WhatsApp Business API Live


      • Click on the “Set WABA Live” button and paste the API Key copied.

      • Once done, the WhatsApp Business API will go into the Sandbox testing mode until all reviews are completed.

      • The majority of reviews are completed instantly (in under 10 minutes) - only the Display Name takes anywhere between 24 Hours - 48 hours for approval.

      • Once the Display Name is approved, you can get started with the AiSensy Platform.
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    • 12

      Approved WhatsApp Business API Account

      After review, if your application gets accepted, you'll receive an API Key which you need to submit in AiSensy Dashboard. 

      After a simple copy-paste action, just click 'Submit API Key' and your WhatsApp Business API Account will go Live. 

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