How to manually add User Attributes?

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User Attributes

User attributes are qualification parameters collected automatically by AiSensy's Ai-enhanced WhatsApp Chatbot.  

Attributes are considered as the qualification parameters of the users. Moreover, according to these attributes, the WhatsApp chatbot will suggest to the users some products or courses according to different use cases.

Steps to add User Attributes manually

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    Go to Attributes in Manage Section

     To set up User Attributes, go to the 'Manage' Section in AiSensy App & click User Attributes.

    Go to attributes in aisensy app (1)
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    Create upto 20 User Attributes

    Go on & create User Attributes such as "Email, Name, Date, Type of Enquiry etc."

    You can create upto 20 User Attributes in AiSensy App which is more than enough to qualify your leads. Moreover, you can further segregate the leads through tags. 

    Create upto 20 user attributes (1)
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    Configure User Attributes Manually through Live chat or History Page

    If you want to change the User Attributes of a particular contact, you can do so right from the User Profile section in Live Chat or History Page. 

    Just click the Attributes drop-down icon & click on 'edit' to make the necessary changes. 

    Configure user attributes manuallty (1)

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