How to explore AiSensy App instantly without the WhatsApp API


Send a WhatsApp Broadcast via Sandbox testing in AiSensy App

Earlier, you couldn't experience WhatsApp Broadcasting without getting access to WhatsApp Business API!

So, we've introduced Sandbox Testing to allow you to experience WhatsApp Broadcasting via AiSensy App without access to the WhatsApp API. 

In this tutorial, we'll tell you how you can explore the WhatsApp Broadcasting feature instantly without applying for the WhatsApp Busines API. 

Let's get you started!


What is Sandbox Testing?

 Sandbox is a zone which helps you explore the AiSensy platform Instantly without Applying for WhatsApp Business API.

In simple words, sandbox testing allows you to "Experience AiSensy, before you Buy."!

The number you enter becomes a test user for your AiSensy account on which you can now send broadcast messages on WhatsApp and explore the various platform features including:

1. Live Chat

2. Campaigns

3. Analytics

4. Contacts Page

Steps to explore the AiSensy Platform

  • 1

    Enter your Name & Phone Number

     Enter your Name and Phone number in the "Experience Platform in Sandbox" Section on the Dashboard!

    Enter name & phone number
  • 2

    Click on "Let's Broadcast"

     Click on "Let's Broadcast" to start the platform tour. You'll reach the "Contacts" Page 

    Click on let's broadcast
  • 3

    In Contacts Page, select "Broadcast"

     On the Contacts Page, Your contact will be already chosen. 

    To send a WhatsApp Broadcast, you now need to simply click on the Broadcast button.

    Click broadcast in contacts page
  • 4

    Fill the WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign Details

     Enter Campaign Name, for example, " Sample Campaign" & we already have a template message approved in the sandbox mode. Choose "Sample Shipping Confirmation" template message

    Enter whatsapp broadcast campaign details
  • 5

    Configure Dynamic Values in the Template message


    Once you choose the message, you'll need to configure the dynamic values in the message. This could be Name, Date, Amount etc depending on the message. In this case, it is the number of Days.

    Also, this can be sent via API Integrations when driving API based Campaigns

    Configure dynamic values
  • 6

    Click "Send Now" to shoot the WhatsApp Broadcast

     Click on "Send Now" to Shoot the Campaign! 

    Click send now to shoot broadcast
  • 7

    Track Real-time Analytics

     Click on "Go to Campaign" to see Real-Time Analytics of your WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign. 

    Track analytics
  • 8

    Monitor your Broadcast Campaign spends

     You can view Campaign Analytics & the amount spent on each campaign in real-time via the Campaigns tab. 

    Make sure you hit the "Refresh" Button to see updated Campaign details. 

    Monitor broadcast campaign spends
  • 9

    View Chat History

     Great! You've completed a Key tour of the AiSensy Platform and understood how Campaigns work.

    Next, you can also see your Chat in the History section. Since the user hasn't yet sent an incoming message, the chat stays in History.

    View chat history
  • 10

    Manage Live Chats

     Once you reply to this Chat, It goes to the live chat section and stays there for 24 hours from the user's latest message. In the Live Chat Section, You Chat goes to Requesting.

    All Chatbot Conversations remain in "Active" Tab, Once the User Requests intervention, they go to the "Requesting" Tab. Since there's no Chatbot installed, by default all chats go to the "Requesting" tab

    You or your team members (Agents) can intervene in the chat and start engaging.

    Manage live chats in aisensy
  • 11

    Intervene Chat


    Once you Click on Intervene, the user moves from Requesting to Intervened and you can now start chatting with them.

    Our Live Chat section contains numerous features, like tags, attributes, canned messages, user profile and more.

    You can tap on resolve, once you completely solve the user query. The Chat goes to Active Section after you click resolve and moves to requesting once the user asks anything again.

    Intervened chats in aisensy
  • 12

    Tap Manage to access more Features

     Furthermore, you can tap on Manage to view multiple features AiSensy has to support and manage your WhatsApp Engagement! 

    Tap manage to access more features
  • 13

    Apply for WhatsApp Business API

     Great! You've now been through how AiSensy works and are ready to get AiSensy going for your own Business.

    The First Step to that is Applying for WhatsApp Business API.

    Go to your Dashboard and Apply for WhatsApp Business API right now to start using AiSensy for your Business!

    Apply for whatsapp business api