How to fix Floating Parameter Issue in WhatsApp Template Message?


What is the floating parameter issue?

While submitting WhatsApp Template Message, you might have encountered an error message mentioning, "Floating Parameters aren't allowed in Template format."

Here's a simple trick to rectify this issue & successfully submit your WhatsApp Template Message for approval. 

Steps to fix Floating Parameter Issue

  • 1

    Go to manage & add a New Template Message

    First, go to Manage and click on 'New' to add a template message. 

    Add the Template Label, Category, Template Type, language and Template message name. 

    If you don't know how to create a template message, check out this WhatsApp template message guide

    Create a template message
  • 2

    Template Format with floating Parameter Issue

    On the right is the Format for our Template Message. We've added the parameters containing value '1' in a separate line.

    If you do this, you will see an error message as shown in the below image while submitting the template message👇‍

    Template format with floating parameter issue
  • 3

    Floating Parameter Issue

    This is the Floating Parameter Issue that happens when you add a parameter to a separate line without adding anything else. 

    To resolve the issue, simply do this👇‍

    Floating parameter issue
  • 4

    Correct way of using Parameter in Template Message

    The image on the right shows the correct way of using parameters in a sentence. 

    You should add a word along with the parameters to resolve the Floating Parameter Issue. 

    Also, note that you can only add one blank line in-between sentences. 

    Adding multiple blank lines will prevent you from submitting the WhatsApp Template Message for Approval.

    Correct way of using parameters in template message
  • 5

    Submit Template Message for Approval

    After correcting the Floating Parameter Issue, proofread your Template Message. 

    Last, submit it for approval. You shall see a 'successfully submitted' message as shown in the image on the left. 

    Template message submission success

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