How to use parameters while creating WhatsApp Template Message?


Using Parameters to create WhatsApp Template Message

Parameters are brackets within which you need to keep your WhatsApp Template Message & sample message before submitting the message to WhatsApp for approval. 

Here's how to use parameters while drafting WhatsApp Template Message 👇 

How to use parameters to draft WhatsApp Template Message?

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    Go to Template Message Section & click 'New'

    First, create a new WhatsApp Template message by clicking 'New' in the manage section. 

    Click new in whatsapp template message page
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    Parameters in Template Format

    Check out our complete WhatsApp Template Message Guide to know how to fill Template Label, Type, Category & Language. 

    In Template Format, you need to add the format of your WhatsApp Template Message as shown in the image on the right. There are 2 rules for using parameters while drafting Template Format.

    •  Make sure to use variable parameters and that they have the correct number of curly brackets (i.e., there need to be 2 brackets on the left and 2 on the right of the variable) 
    •  Make sure the parameters (e.g., {{1}}) contains some text
      For example:
      Correct Format:
      Hello {{1}}

      Wrong Format:
    Add parameters in template format
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    Parameters in Sample Message

    In Sample Message, you need to copy-paste the same WhatsApp Template message as in Template Format. 

    The only difference is that instead of curly brackets, you need to use "[]" square brackets. Also, instead of the number (1), you must add a sample value i.e. name. 

    Similarly, if there's another bracket, you must add a solid figure, instead of a variable in Sample Message. 

    Don't worry, the parameters won't appear when your Broadcast goes live. 

    Add parameters in sample message

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