Connect Integrately with WhatsApp via AiSensy

Automate Notifications on WhatsApp

You can connect Integrately with WhatsApp via AiSensy for 1-Click integration of multiple apps like Hubspot, Calendyly etc to AiSensy with ease. 

AiSensy Integrately Integration
Integrated system

Connect your favourite apps (Hubspot, Calendly etc) with AiSensy to automate WhatsApp API campaigns like sign up confirmation, event reminders, Abandoned Carts, orders, application dropoff, and more via Integrately

You can do it easily by integrating Integrately with AiSensy, an official WhatsApp Business API based marketing platform.

Here, we'll tell you how you can integrate AiSensy with Integrately to connect AiSensy with multiple apps to automate API-based campaigns on WhatsAppπŸ‘‡ 

How Integrately works!

Integrately acts as an intermediate, connecting one application to another in 1-Click

It works on triggers & actions. A trigger is basically some activity from the user that enables an action!

A trigger on one app will lead to an action on the other app.

Here are some trigger examples for better understanding-

1. A customer purchases something from your store.Β 

2. A person books an appointment.

3. A person makes a payment.Β 

Here are the actions that you might want to follow:

1. Deliver notification on WhatsApp for the same event

2. Add the person to your AiSensy contacts

3. Add the person to your CRM.

and much more...

Let's understand this with an example of how you can connect Calendly to AiSensy via Integrately to automate WhatsApp API Campaigns.

Steps to integrate Integrately with AiSensy

  • 1

    Sign Up with Integrately for Free

    To connect Integrately with AiSensy, you must sign up for an Integrately account. (If you already have, skip to the next step)

    Sign up on Integrately with your Google Account for Free by clicking here.  

    Signup to integrately
  • 2

    Choose Apps

    In Integrately's Dashboard, search for the apps you want to connect. 

    Here, we are connecting Calendly & AiSensy.

    For AiSensy, you can type the Keywords, "WhatsApp" or "AiSensy". 

    Choose apps (1)
  • 3

    Select Triggers & Actions

    For what purpose are we connecting Calendly with AiSensy?

    Create Triggers & Actions. Triggers are the events that will lead to an action

    So, in Calendly, you can choose from triggers; "Invitee is created" or "Invitee is Cancelled".

    Note- You can only choose one trigger for one WhatsApp API Campaign!

    Now, what will be the result of the trigger?

    A WhatsApp message will be automated to the user upon activation of the trigger. 

    When a trigger activates, it will initiate an action via AiSensy. i.e. Send a WhatsApp Template Message

    After selecting the Trigger & Action, press "Go", to create your automation.  

    Choose triggers & actions (1)
  • 4

    Go to Integrations in Calendly

    Now, we need to copy the API Keys of both the Apps to integrate them. 

    First, go to Calendly & reach the Integrations page. 

    Then, scroll down & click on, "API & Webhooks". 

    Go to integrations in calendly
  • 5

    Copy Calendly's API Key

    In the next screen, copy Calendly's API key. 

    Copy calendly's api key
  • 6

    Paste the API Key in Integrately

    Go to Integrately's Dashboard & paste Calendly's API Key. 

    Click "Continue" after you paste the API key. 

    Paste api key in integrately
  • 7

    Copy Meet Key from Calendly

    On the next screen, you'll be asked to send a test record in Calendly that will fire up when an "Invitee is created" (our trigger). 

    You can also make changes to the "Meeting" like adding questions, changing meeting duration etc. 

    In a fresh Tab, open the link & schedule a test meet!

    Copy meet link from calendly
  • 8

    Hit "Refresh Data"

    Back in Integrately, hit "Refresh Data". 

    It will appear as shown in the image.

    If not, go back πŸ‘‰ Schedule another meet πŸ‘‰ Refresh Data.  

    Hit refresh data
  • 9

    Copy AiSensy API Key

    Now, let's connect the API Key of AiSensy to connect Calendly & AiSensy. 

    Go to AiSensy App πŸ‘‰ Manage πŸ‘‰ API Key πŸ‘‰ Copy API Key

    Copy aisensy api key
  • 10

    Paste AiSensy API Key in Integrately

    Paste the AiSensy API Key by clicking "Add Connection" in Integrately. 

    Paste aisensy api key
  • 11

    Map Attributes

    In the next step, Map the User Data with the data included in Calendly. 

     Here, add your Campaign name exactly as it shows on AiSensy Campaign Page.Β 

    If you haven't yet set an Active Campaign live in AiSensy, do it! Check how to set API Campaigns in AiSensy. This step is compulsory for the integration to work!

    Map the name & Mobile Number of the user along with their country code.

    Mapping here means that whenever a user adds their name, mobile number or other data, it gets stored in the AiSensy App. 

    So, to map the data, just select it from the data in the right column as shown in the image. 

    Perform the same for Number, Email etc.

    In the source, just add Calendly as these are all Calendly leads. 

    Map attributes (2)
  • 12

    Add Tags & Attributes

    Adding tags & attributes is optional, but recommended as it will help you segregate the leads. 

    In this example, we segregate based on Gender. 

    So, we added Male or Female Tags in AiSensy App.

    Adding these tags will show in the user's profile in AiSensy App. (Refer to the last slide to know more)

    Check out how to create tags & attributes in AiSensy App.

    Add tags & attributes
  • 13

    Test & Activate Automation

    Once you've mapped all data, verify & hit "Test & Activate" to activate your automation. 

    Test & activate automation
  • 14

    Automation Activated SuccessfullyπŸŽ‰

    If all steps were performed correctly, you'll see the screen shown in the image.

    This means your automation is successfully activated. 

    Whenever a user schedules a meeting, they will receive an automated notification with their name & time of the meeting. 

    Automation success
  • 15

    Message received

    Here, you can see that upon scheduling a meeting, a message was automated instantly on WhatsApp. 

    Here's a look at how the lead would appear in AiSensy App πŸ‘‡ 

    Message received
  • 16

    How the lead appears in AiSensy App πŸŽ‰

    Automated messages do not appear in Live Chat until the user replies. 

    In this case, the user replied with a "Thanks".

    Here, you can see that in Tags, the user has been assigned a "Male Tag". Similarly, if it's a female, then the 'female' tag would be assigned. 

    How message appears in aisensy

 Magic Done!

That's it. Now, go on & connect Integrately with WhatsApp Business API based platform AiSensy to connect multiple apps & automate API Campaigns. πŸŽ‰ 

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