30 High-converting WhatsApp Business Template Messages (2023)

updated on 08 August 2023

If you're using WhatsApp Business API, you need to send a WhatsApp Template Message to initiate a conversation with users.

Each template message goes under the careful eye of WhatsApp to ensure that it fits the WhatsApp Message Template Guidelines.

But, all the formatting rules & guidelines might be too confusing if you're just getting started with creating WhatsApp templates.

So, in this blog, we have for you 30 WhatsApp Business message templates that you can use for your business right away!

These messages will help you get an idea of how WhatsApp template messages are created & what are the general rules you must follow to get them approved from WhatsApp.

Before we proceed, here are a few useful resources you'll find useful.

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At a Glance

What are WhatsApp Template Messages?

Key Points to remember while drafting WhatsApp Templates

30 WhatsApp Business Message Templates

WhatsApp Template Message Guidelines

How to send WhatsApp Message Templates


What are WhatsApp Template Messages - A Quick Intro

If a user messages a business, WhatsApp allows the business to talk to the user through any kind of message until 24 hours from the user’s last message.

Once this 24 hours window expires or if you want to initiate a conversation with the users, you can only send a WhatsApp Template Message that needs to be approved by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp templates were introduced to ensure that businesses do not spam the users on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Template messages can be anything ranging from promotional messages, product launches, weekly newsletters, abandoned cart reminders, festive greetings and much more.

Key Points while drafting WhatsApp Business Message Templates

Here are a few things you must keep in mind while creating WhatsApp template messages.

  1. Starting with “Thanks for your Enquiry” or “Thanks for Registering for our Event” has worked quite well for AiSensy users.
  2. You can Use *Bold*, _Italics_, ~Strikethrough~ in the template text along with emojis to make it more effective.
  3. The formatting of the message should be correct otherwise WhatsApp rejects the message.
  4. You can add Call to Action or Quick Reply Buttons in a message with a character limit of 20 characters. 
  5. You can't use a URL shortener while adding links. 
  6. You can use emojis to personalize your messages. 

Below are two examples of WhatsApp template messages sent by businesses to boost engagement with users.

Image above: Sample WhatsApp Business message template
Image above: Sample WhatsApp Business message template
Image above : Sample WhatsApp Message Template
Image above : Sample WhatsApp Message Template

30 WhatsApp Business Message Templates for your Business

1. For Ecommerce Businesses (Abandoned Cart Recovery, Product details & more)

Ecommerce Businesses can broadcast WhatsApp template messages for various use cases. These can be to recover abandoned carts, send product details, and order & payment details.

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders

50-70% of people add items to their cart but forget to check out. You can re-win them by simply automating a WhatsApp template message. Here's how the Abandoned Cart Reminder Notification works:


Abandoned Cart message Template example:

Hi [User Name]!👋
The awesome products😍 from *(your brand name)* are waiting to be yours!
Get your products here👇

CTA- Buy Now

Note - You can attach clickable Call to Action Buttons & Quick replies with a WhatsApp message template.

  • Product Details

Whether's it a new product launch or you want to share your product's features & benefits; Send Images, Videos & Docs related to your product to 1000s of leads in one go on WhatsApp!!

Here's a sample WhatsApp Business Message template for sending product details:

Hi [User Name],

Thank you for showing interest in *[Product Name]* by [Your Brand Name]. Here are the details of the same :

Price: [Pricing]
Detail 2: [Product Detail]
You can complete your order by clicking on the link below! In case of any query, you can contact us directly.

CTA - Confirm Order

  • Order Confirmation

Here's an order confirmation template message that you can automate to users whenever they purchase a product from your Ecommerce Store.


Your order *[Order No.] of *[Product name]* for *[Amount]* has been confirmed & will reach you shortly 🛳

Thanks for shopping with us! 😇

  • Cross-selling

Convert back an existing customer by cross-selling your existing products with this WhatsApp template:

Hey [Name] 👋😇

[Product name] will be delivered soon. 🚚

Just had a thought that you might like *[2nd product name]* with *[product name]* 😉.

Here's a special offer so that you can enjoy your purchase. 🤩

Use Code *[Code]* at the time of checkout for instant *[Discount] off*.
CTA- Buy Now

  • Convert COD orders into prepaid orders

Many users choose COD as their mode of payment, but, refuse to accept the order at the time of payment. This leads to the return of the product back to the warehouse, leading to double shipping charges for business.

By converting COD orders into prepaid orders, you can reduce up to 50% losses due to Return to Origin (RTO). Here's the sample template message for reducing COD:

[Name], your order for *[Product Name]* is confirmed. 🎉🤩

Pay Now & Get Flat *[Discount]* off on your purchase. 🤑

Click the below link & apply CouponUse Code - *[Code]* 👇

Button- Pay Now

  • Order Tracking

93% customers want to track the delivery status of their orders. Help them keep track of their order by broadcasting a WhatsApp message template for Order Tracking:

Hey [Name],

Great news🤩!

Your order of *[Product Name]* from *[Your brand name]* has been shipped.

Track your order here 👇‍

CTA - Track Now

  • Order Feedback

Customer Feedback is important for you to know what upgrades & improvements can be made to your products & services. Here's a WhatsApp message template to ask order feedback from customers:

Hello {{1}}, 👋😇

We hope you liked the {{2}} you purchased on {{3}}.✨

Can you share your experience with us? We would love to hear from you.

Simply choose from the options below👇

Quick Replies -I'm Happy, I'm very Happy, Not satisfied

2. Education Industry (Application Dropoff, enrollment confirmation & more)

There are multiple use cases of WhatsApp Templates for the education industry. Here are a few:

  • Application Dropoff Reminder 

Many people start to fill out the enrollment application but leave before completing it. You can send a WhatsApp message template to get them to come back & complete the application. Here's how the Application Dropoff reminder notification works:

Image above: WhatsApp Application drop-off reminder message Loop
Image above: WhatsApp Application drop-off reminder message Loop

Dear [Name],

Thanks for choosing [Course name] as your course preference on our website.

The Last date to submit your application is nearing by.

You can complete your application by clicking the button below!

CTA - Complete Application

  • Course Detail

You can boost your course sign-ups by sending course details to users who have registered or shown an interest in applying. Here's the template message for course details:

Hi [Name],

Thank you for choosing *[Course Name]* as your course preference on our website. Here are the details of the same :

Fees: *[Fees]*
Eligibility: *[Eligibility]*
Important dates: *[Date]*

Also, you can complete your application by clicking on the link below! In case of any query, you can contact us directly.

CTA - Complete Application

  • Registration & Enrollment Confirmation

Send registration & enrollment confirmation messages on WhatsApp to notify users about their enrollment in the course.

Dear [Name], 👋

Welcome to [Institute Name]

Your enrollment has been confirmed for the [Course Name] Course😃

Regards, [Course Name]

  • Fee Payment Reminder

Send reminders to students to pay their fees on time.

Hey [Student name], 👋

Just a reminder that your college fee amounting to [fee amount] is due by [due date] and can be submitted from your student portal.

Just login here to access your dashboard👇

Avoid if paid already.

CTA - Login

  • Event Invitation

Invite students to participate in school & college events with this Event Invitation WhatsApp template message.

Dear [Student Name],

We are excited to announce that this year’s [event name] will be hosted on [Day/ days]. 😍

Participation is absolutely free & you’re invited to take part in various hosted activities. 😉

To confirm your presence, fill out this form👇

CTA- Fill form

3. Banking & Financial Industry

WhatsApp is one of the safest platforms for the Banking & Financial Industry to exchange communication with customers. WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted & are a great source of sharing OTPs, passwords, bank statements etc. Here are a few WhatsApp Business message templates for the BFSI Industry.

  • Registration Dropoff

Someone started filling out your Insurance application form but left in between. You can get them back to fill out the form by sending a reminder on WhatsApp. Here's how the Registration dropoff notification loop works:

WhatsApp Loan Application Reminder WhatsApp Message Template
WhatsApp Loan Application Reminder WhatsApp Message Template

Here's a sample WhatsApp message template for the Loan Application reminder.

Dear [Name],

Thank you for choosing [Company Name] as your Insurance preference on our website.

You can complete your registration by clicking the button below!

CTA - Complete Application

  • Loan Approval

Use this template message to inform users who applied for a loan that their loan application has been approved.

Hi [first name], your loan with [bank] has been approved.

We have attached your loan docs below.

For any query, call us.

Kind regards, [bank].

  • Transactional Message Samples

Here are some common transactional WhatsApp template messages for Amount Debited & OTP sent. 

  • Amount Debited from Account
  • Your account ending with [xxxx] has been Debited by [Amount].

    Updated Balance- [Balance]

    If this was not you, contact us immediately.

    CTA Button - Call Now

  • OTP Sent

    [OTP] is your OTP for the transaction of [amount] on the card ending [xxxx] and is valid for 5 mins. Do not share OTP for security reasons- [Bank Name]

You can tweak these template messages a little to create transactional messages for Amount Credited, Money withdrawn from ATM etc.

  • Month-end Bank Statement

Banks & Financial Institutions can send month-end bank account statements to users on WhatsApp without any worries with its end-to-end encryption guarantee. Here's a sample WhatsApp message template for the Month-end Bank statement.

Hi [Name],

Your statement for the month of [month name] is ready.

Take a look at the attached PDF for a detailed breakdown.

Regards, [Bank Name]

Note - Select 'Media' as template type while creating this template message so that you can attach the month-end statement

  • Promotional Offer (Loan)

You can send promotional offers to customers for services like loans, credit cards etc. Here's an example of a promotion template message for a loan.

Hey [customer name], we’re thankful to have you as a customer.

To show our appreciation, we’ve got a special offer for you — you’ve been pre-approved for a [amount] loan/new credit card/bank services.

Act before [DD/MM/YYYY] to take advantage of this offer.”

CTA- Call Now

4. Event Registration & Webinar related WhatsApp Template Messages

Below are a few WhatsApp template message samples using which you can boost your event registrations & webinar signups.

  • Webinar Registration Confirmation

Send registration confirmation messages on WhatsApp to notify users about their successful registration for your Webinars.

Hi [Name],

Since You have registered for the webinar on [Topic of webinar]

I have compiled a list of Blogs that YOU MUST READ before attending the webinar.

[Link 1]
[Link 2]
See you at the webinar on [Date] at [Time]!

(Company Name)

  • Webinar Invitation

Invite people to join your webinar by telling its many benefits with this Event Invitation WhatsApp template message.


Join us in [Company name] latest webinar to grab knowledge of [Reasons to join].

It’s free; Register now by clicking the below button.

CTA- Register Now

  • Webinar Reminder

Most people, amidst their busy schedules, forget that they even registered for your webinars. So, send them this reminder message to get them to join your webinar.

Are you joining the [Webinar Name] by [Host Name]??

🔴🔴First [Number] participants only allowed! (No Recordings)

Yes, due to the zoom limit, we can only facilitate [Number] participants LIVE on the call.

So, make sure you join in the session LIVE

It’s first-come, first-serve 😁

We’ll see you inside the Mega Webinar!

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General WhatsApp Business Message Templates

Till now, we've seen industry-specific WhatsApp template messages. But, there are a few messages that are generally the same for most businesses. Let's have a look at them.

  • Payment Confirmation

Payments acknowledgements are an important part of most businesses because it helps customers know & feel safe about their money. Here's a general template message for all businesses.

Hi, Dear [Name],

Thanks for Choosing [Brand Name].

Your Payment of [Paid amount] has been successfully submitted.

Regards, [Brand Name].

  • Payment Reminders

Your payment is due for amount [Amount] with date [Date] and to make a payment please click the below button.
CTA- Pay Now

  • Welcome Message

Again, every business acknowledges customers' registration on their platform. Here's a WhatsApp message template for welcoming new users.

  1. Dear [Name],

    Welcome to [Brand Name].

    We are excited to welcome you aboard.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

  2. Dear [Name],Welcome to [Brand Name].😊

    We will use this chat to send you updates, reminders and offers.

    To stop receiving messages from us, please reply with 'STOP'.
  • Festive Wishes

  1. Dear [Name],

    Wishing you all a Happy & Wonderful [Festival]

    Regards, Team [Brand Name]

May this festive season bring you an ocean of good opportunities, good health, and prosperity.

Start something new, stay positive and have faith in yourself 💐✨🎊
#[Person Name]

Team - [Brand Name] !!

  • Newsletter Signup

Automate this WhatsApp template message every time a user signs up for your newsletter.

Thanks for subscribing to our WhatsApp Newsletter.

Stay tuned for more updates, trends and tactics of the latest [Industry Name] trends in the industry.

Best Regards, [Brand Name]

  • Feedback

Hi [Name]

You had purchased [Product Name] from us.

We are eager to know about your experience with us.

Did you like it?

Is there anything we can do to improve?
Thanks, Team [Brand Name]

  • Booking Confirmation

Thanks for confirming! We’ll see you at [Time] on [Date]. Kindly call or reply to this message for any questions.
CTA - Call Now

WhatsApp Template Message Guidelines you must follow

You must know these WhatsApp Message template guidelines to create templates that get easily approved by WhatsApp.

  • Proofread your content for spelling and grammar before submitting it for review. Messages with incorrect spellings, grammatical errors or incorrect punctuations might not get approved & may prompt customers to view these messages as spam.
  • Make sure to use variable parameters (e.g. {{1}}, {{2}}, etc.) and that they have the correct number of curly brackets (i.e., there need to be two curly brackets on the left and right each).
  • Make sure the parameters (e.g., {{1}}) contains some text with it
    For example:
    Correct Format ✅:
    Hello {{1}}

    Wrong Format❌:

    Note: If there's a line with only a variable, then WhatsApp rejects the template message. 
  • Make sure the language selected matches the content of your message template. If you select Spanish as the message template language but the content is in English, your message template will be rejected. Ensure that your content is in one language. A mixture of languages such as "Hinglish" or "Spanglish" will not be approved.

  • Refrain from using a URL shortener for your links (e.g., bit.ly, TinyURL, or goo.gl) because they obscure the intended link destination.

  • The URL domain in your links should belong to your business or some publicly accessible URL. 

  • Refrain from adding double line space between your texts. For example;
    Correct Format✅:
    Hello {{1}},

    How may I help you?

    Incorrect Format❌:
    Hello {{1}}, 

    How may I help you?

  • Avoid using Emoticons in Quick Reply Buttons.

  • Phone Number as Call to Action: The Phone Number must be written along with the country code without the plus (+) sign. If the number is submitted without the country code, it violates the format and gets rejected by WhatsApp.

We have approved multiple WhatsApp templates for our clients across various industries. Let's check out these templates.

How to send WhatsApp Template Messages?

WhatsApp Templates can only be sent via WhatsApp Business API-based platforms like AiSensy. Using AiSensy, you can create Template Messages hassle-free & get them approved in 10 minutes to 6 hours. Check out how to create & get WhatsApp business message templates approved easily with AiSensy.

Furthermore, you get:

  • A Smart Broadcast Campaigns Manager
  • Segregated Chat Sections
  • No-complex User Interface
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard

WhatsApp Template Message FAQs

WhatsApp allows businesses to interact with their users with any message until 24 hours from the user’s last message. Once this window is closed, you can only send a Template Message that needs approval from WhatsApp. This is done to ensure that businesses do not spam the users on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Template message can be anything ranging from a promotional message, product launch, weekly newsletter, abandoned cart, festive greetings etc."

Yes, each WhatsApp template message undergoes rigorous checks by the WhatsApp Team personally. The message only gets approved if the team finds the message to be correct & rid of any errors such as grammar errors.

No! Once a WhatsApp Template Message is approved, you can not make changes or edit the Template Message. Only the dynamic values in the Template Message can be edited which is set while submitting it.

The WhatsApp Template Message formats can be Text, Image, File or Video. With any of these media formats, text must be included since it is mandatory. This means only Images, Files or Videos can not be sent to the users as a Template Message.

No! Once a WhatsApp Template Message is approved, you can not make changes or edit the Template Message. Only the dynamic values in the Template Message can be edited which is set while submitting it.

WhatsApp doesn’t allow spamming and harmful content. So, these are four things on what Business cannot send a Template Message: 1. No threatening content 2. No content promoting whiskey or other harmful consumer items. 3. WhatsApp Business message templates cannot contain threatening or abusive content.


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