How to drive traffic to WhatsApp Business for 5x ROI?

published on 28 July 2021

We have generated a massive amount of Leads by following the AiSensy - WhatsApp Chatbot Approach. Till now, we have dramatically increased the number of leads and improved the Facebook Ads ROI.

Now, We need to Qualify these leads, and who better than a WhatsApp Chatbot can do it. By getting the WhatsApp Business API approved for your brand/company, one can easily install Dialogflow Chatbots using the AiSensy Platform.

Don't know how to build Dialogflow Chatbots? Don't worry we have various Pre-made Flows and Chatbot Templates with us ready. You can configure it according to your use case. Check out all the Chatbot Templates here.

With WhatsApp Chatbots in place, the customers can get answers to their queries straight away. They have their personal assistant now which is guiding them with everything they want to know about. With more number of queries, Qualification of lead is more. There are various other things that the WhatsApp Chatbot & AiSensy Platform can do such as:

  1. Solving each and every query of the customers instantly without making them wait for some Agent to call them and then explain.
  2. Providing them with product/service details such as specifications, eligibility, requirements, return policy, and many more according to various use cases and domains.
  3. Sending the customers the required Catalogue File, Description File, Product Images, Product Videos, and all those media files that WhatsApp allows.
  4. Moreover, with the AiSensy Platform, broadcasting messages to thousands of users can be done in a single click. Smart audiences can be created and segregated on the basis of various attributes, tags, active status, previous campaigns, etc.
  5. Also, regular payment receipts, contact form submission messages, premium reminders, and all other API campaign messages can be sent via the AiSensy Platform.

In short, the AiSensy Platform is your complete WhatsApp Chatbot, CRM and Marketing Solution.

WhatsApp business automation is possible once you get the WhatsApp Business API. Click here to apply for it.

Ways To Direct Customers On WhatsApp Chatbot

There are broadly 5 ways to get your customers on your official WhatsApp Business API number and get them to start the conversation with your WhatsApp Chatbot.

1. Direct To WhatsApp Ads

This would be the channel through which the majority of the customers would be landing on your WhatsApp Chatbot. In Facebook Ads and other social media Ads, there is an option to run Direct to WhatsApp Ads. By choosing this option, you can configure the pre-filled first message that the customer will be sending to the WhatsApp Chatbot. This pre-filled first message is configured according to different pages so that the customers can be tagged accordingly in the AiSensy Platform.

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Once the users are tagged, the marketers can use the AiSensy Platform to send very targeted and personalised campaigns to a different set of users according to their tags. For instance, a customer came to your WhatsApp Chatbot looking for Email Marketing, a tag for "email marketing" will automatically be assigned to the user. Now, it's more likely for him to opt for other marketing services as well such as SMS Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. Hence, the marketers can send the users with "email marketing" tag the SMS Marketing & Content Marketing campaigns. Moreover, these campaigns can be Dynamic as well!

2. Through SMS Campaigns

SMS campaigns may not have proven beneficial as a part of your marketing campaign to convert customers but they can be used to get the customers on WhatsApp. To get all the old leads and newly generated leads on the WhatsApp Business API number, a dedicated SMS campaign insisting the users get connected with the company's Official WhatsApp account can be sent. Once the user clicks on the WhatsApp link, they will be directed to their WhatsApp apps with a pre-filled message that they would send to the company's official WhatsApp Business API number.

Check out this amazing website to generate a WhatsApp link with a pre-filled message with is super easy to use. Click here!

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In this manner, you can start a conversation with your old leads who were there in your CRM for ages and were doing nothing. Not just the conversation, but also can convert them to buy a product or a service. Moreover, with AiSensy you can assign a 'First Message Tag' according to the users' first message which is framed differently for different products and services. This helps the company to segregate the audience based on their interests right from the beginning of the conversation.

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3. Through E-mail Campaigns

Similar to SMS campaigns, running an E-mail Campaign is also one of the ways to get old leads and newly generated leads through contact forms to get on a conversation with the official WhatsApp account. SMS and Email campaigns are the bookish ways to get the customer on WhatsApp where now the WhatsApp chatbot qualifies the leads. These two marketing strategies should be implemented by every company.

You can draft the E-mail copy yourself, but to make it more convincing & reader-friendly, you can take help from Content Writers at Refrens.

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Apart from sending a WhatsApp link to the users, a QR code can also be sent in the mail which also does the same thing. With the QR code, they just need to scan it and they will be directed to their WhatsApp apps with a pre-filled message.

Check out this website for generating a QR code with a WhatsApp link in it. Click here.

4. Placing a WhatsApp Button on Website

A WhatsApp Button can be placed in the footer of the website with a pop-up caption to ask users to chat. Once they click on the button, they can be directed to send the message to the Company's WhatsApp account. The strategy to get the maximum number of clicks on the button is to have unique pop-up captions according to the page the user is visiting. For example, a user is on the Skin Care products page. The caption could be " Would you mind if I help you find the right Skin Care Cream for you? 😉".

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These personalized and unique pop-up captions can only be beneficial if we can map the users according to their interest for future WhatsApp Campaigns. This can be perfectly done in the AiSensy Platform. With AiSensy, you get the benefit to assigning an automated First Message Tag. Now you can segregate the audience on the basis of which page they have landed on WhatsApp and run targeted campaigns accordingly.

5. Display WhatsApp Number

This particular way is best suitable for companies that run offline Ads such as TV Ads, Billboards Ads, Print Media, Flyers, etc. In these kinds of Ads, the company can place the WhatsApp Business API number somewhere in the Ad graphic or ask the users to message this number on WhatsApp where the WhatsApp chatbot is there to welcome and convert them. Such kinds of campaigns are done by various big companies such as Asian Paints, Xiaomi, etc.

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In 2021 and coming years as well, there is no competition for WhatsApp Marketing. Every digital marketing strategy must include the huge role of WhatsApp to drive crazy results. Since WhatsApp being the closest channel to the audience, it has high conversion rates to improve marketing ROI.

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WhatsApp is one of the most used communication apps across the world with an active community of 2.2 Billion global users. Messages on WhatsApp have a 98% open rate & a 45-60% click-through rate - 5x more than emails & SMS. That's why you should definitely use WhatsApp for your business marketing & support.

You can drive 3x more customers to WhatsApp by: WhatsApp Link - Share WhatsApp links on social media channels WhatsApp Button - Add WhatsApp Button to direct website visitors to WhatsApp WhatsApp Pop-ups - Add pop-up banners on your website

The best way to grow your online business on WhatsApp is by using an official WhatsApp Marketing platform like AiSensy built using WhatsApp Business APIs. Using AiSensy, you can broadcast messages officially to Unlimited users, automate notifications, provide live chat on unlimited devices & integrate Chatbots.

WhatsApp Business API is a programmable API, launched by Facebook in 2018 allowing businesses to Broadcast & receive Unlimited messages to a Global audience & drive better customer experiences on WhatsApp.

While WhatsApp Business is tailored for small businesses & individual owners, WhatsApp API is built for medium to large businesses with large message volumes.  But, if you want to: Use WhatsApp on multiple devices, Send WhatsApp broadcasts to over 1,00,000 users in one go, Automate WhatsApp Chatbot, and Send clickable buttons with messages, Then choose WhatsApp Business API.

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