11 WhatsApp Templates for Education Institutes

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11 WhatsApp Template Messages for Education Industry

Application Dropoff Reminder WhatsApp Message

Reduce Application Dropoffs by 45-60% by automating reminder on WhatsApp!
Application Dropoff Reminder

Admission Announcement WhatsApp Message

Template Message to inform parents & students about Admission openings.

Admission Invitation WhatsApp Message

Template Message to drive 3x more admission applications.
Admission Invitation

Attendance Updates WhatsApp Message

Automate end-of-month attendance updates with this WhatsApp Template Message.
Attendance (1)

Student Enrollment Confirmation WhatsApp Message

Automate registration confirmation message on WhatsApp to enrolled students.
Attendance (3)

Orientation Invitation WhatsApp Message

Send invitation to 1st year students on WhatsApp to attend Orientation Program.
Orientation Invitation

Class Reschedule WhatsApp Message

Let students know about changes in class schedule with this Template Message.
Class Reschedule

Holiday Announcement WhatsApp Message

Template Message to announce immediate Holidays on WhatsApp!
Holiday announcement

Results Announcement WhatsApp Message

Template Message to announce student results on WhatsApp!
Exam results Announcement

Late Fee Reminder WhatsApp Message

Send a late fee reminder on WhatsApp to drive 3x faster payments from people who haven't yet paid.
Late payment (3)

Fee Payment Reminder WhatsApp Message

Send a payment reminder on WhatsApp to drive 3x faster payments.
Fee Payment Reminder

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