AiSensy enables WhatsApp Ticket Booking for Delhi Transport Corporation

updated on 24 May 2024
DTC Bus ticket booking enabled on WhatsApp by AiSensy
DTC Bus ticket booking enabled on WhatsApp by AiSensy

AiSensy is absolutely thrilled to enable Delhi Transport Corporation’s WhatsApp Chatbot experience, enabling end-to-end ticket booking on WhatsApp🚀

The complex bus ticket booking experience of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has been simplified into a few simple & straightforward steps with bus ticket booking on WhatsApp. 

It's a multi-lingual Chatbot that allows users to book bus tickets within WhatsApp in Hindi & English, ensuring ease of use and accessibility. 

The user-friendly Chatbot flow covers the entire bus ticket booking journey within WhatsApp; from the conversational flow to selecting the stations & completing the payments, everything is done within the WhatsApp interface. 

The user can seamlessly book a ticket by dropping a 'hi' on Delhi Transport Corporation's WhatsApp number, "+918744073223"

Since it's launch, 1000+ people have successfully booked bus tickets on WhatsApp!!

This Chatbot experience has been built combining features including AiSensy's Chatbot Flow Builder, Webviews, & WhatsApp Payments.

  • Chatbot Flow Builder: The entire conversational journey of the DTC bus ticket booking experience on WhatsApp is built using AiSensy's Chatbot Flow builder. The straightforward conversational flow allows users to complete a ticket purchase in a few simple steps, significantly enhancing user engagement.

  • Webviews: After completing the conversational journey, the user needs to select the pickup and dropoff stations, which is made seamless via WhatsApp Webviews, a feature that opens a webpage within the WhatsApp interface without using any 3rd party apps. Webviews for this project has been built & powered by our partner PeLocal

  • WhatsApp Payments: The user can buy their tickets using the WhatsApp Payments feature, where they can pay via UPI, cards, or net banking & get their tickets. WhatsApp Payments increases payment collection by 23% & reduces the dropoff rates by 35%!

This exciting milestone even caught the attention of Zee News, The Indian Express, English Jagran and other top publications.

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