7 Best Wati Alternatives in 2024 (Better + Affordable)

updated on 28 March 2024

Looking to switch from Wati or just searching for better Wati Alternatives before finalizing?

If you're looking for the best Wati Alternatives providing better pricing & customer support, you're at the right place.

With a plethora of WhatsApp Business API providers available in the market, it can be tedious to evaluate the perfect WhatsApp API provider for your business.

We genuinely understand this, so we have created a list of the 7 most competitive WhatsApp Business API providers that you can choose as a Wati Alternative.

These API providers dominate the market in India & Latin America.

In this blog, you'll know:

Let's get started!

What is Wati?

Wati is a WhatsApp support tool, a product of parent company Clare.ai. Wati is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) enabling businesses to engage in real-time with clients through their WhatsApp tool.

Let's jump to the Pros & Cons of Wati's WhatsApp Business API solutions.


  • No-Code Chatbot builder is available. However, in the standard plan, you get a basic Keyword-based Chatbot builder that only performs basic tasks & doesn't understand human language.
  • 5 Live Chat Agent support in Base Plan. 


  • WhatsApp Business API approval isn't free- you need to pay to get approved. Additionally, you need to pay a separate amount for Green Tick Verification while AiSensy provides this for FREE. 
  • You can connect with Wati support only via email- customer support is extremely disappointing as reported by many Wati customers (who switched to AiSensy)
  • No provision for Template Message Strategy or consultation
  • Chatbot integration is self-serve. There's no provision for Chatbot & other software integration.

Most genuine Wati Alternatives

Well, that was all you need to know about Wati!

Let's jump to the three Wati Alternatives that you can pick as your WhatsApp Business API provider.

1. AiSensy- Top Wati Alternative

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AiSensy is our first Wati alternative out there!

The first question in your mind must be: Why have you placed yourself as number 1?

You see, most of the platforms providing WhatsApp Business API are Developer-based platforms, meaning that they require coding efforts on part of your developers.

AiSensy is a no-code WhatsApp Marketing platform based on the official WhatsApp Business API allowing you to channel the power of WhatsApp to scale your business to thousands of WhatsApp users.

With AiSensy, you can signup & apply for WhatsApp Business API for Free. You can try the platform FREE with the 14-day free trial with all premium features. 

Generally, it takes 10 Minutes- 24 Hours to get your WhatsApp Business API Account Live. 

AiSensy offers a complete WhatsApp Marketing solution along with a platform built on official WhatsApp Business APIs.

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With AiSensy you can:

  1.  Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to Unlimited users in one go
  2.  Automate payments, abandoned carts, order confirmation & delivery notifications via WhatsApp Automation
  3.  Provide 24x7x365 Customer Support with an AI-based WhatsApp Chatbot
  4. Send WhatsApp Catalogues and collect payments directly within WhatsApp.
  5. Get unlimited agent dashboards for Live Chat Support.  


  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to up to Unlimited unique users in one go
  • Be the first to get access to all latest WhatsApp API feature launches. 
  • WhatsApp Automation for abandoned carts, order confirmation & delivery notifications on WhatsApp.
  • AI-based Natural Language Programming (NLP) chatbot integration that understands human language.
  • Multiple Ecommerce integrations are available with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart etc. 
  • Most competitive pricing as per industry standards. 
  • Friendliest customer support team- call, WhatsApp, email anytime!
  • Complete assistance with strategy, template message approvals, integrations & Chatbot Integration. 

AiSensy- Unlimited Users Plan Pricing

  • You can start with the AiSensy Platform for as low as Rs 999/ month for the Basic Unlimited users' plan. This means that you can send messages to Unlimited users by only paying Rs 999/ charged monthly. You get 10 tags & 5 Attributes with this plan. 

  • There's also a Pro-plan that costs Rs 2399/ month which includes all features of the basic pan & offers additional features like Broadcast Scheduler, Click-tracking (upcoming), Campaign Budget & up to 100 Tags & 20 Attributes.

*We also have an Enterprise plan where the pricing depends on the features required per client. 

Get started with AiSensy for Free

Check out: AiSensy's Platform Pricing

To switch from Wati to AiSensy, connect with our Customer Support Team.


2. Twilio

Twilio for WhatsApp Business API- Best Wati Alternatives
Twilio for WhatsApp Business API- Best Wati Alternatives

Twilio is one of the best alternatives to Wati allowing businesses to use programmable APIs to build robust customer experiences. Twilio can be used for any Digital experience with capabilities on platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, messenger, voice, video, email, and IoT.

Twilio is a simple, reliable and efficient WhatsApp Business API platform. It's the best API provider for you if you have a dedicated IT team with advanced coding & development skills. The platform is built for developers & you'd need a dedicated team of developers, to begin with, Twilio's WhatsApp Business API solution.

There are various pros as well as cons of choosing Twilio as your WhatsApp Business provider:


  • Convenient budget-friendly pricing
  • Easy integration with existing systems and CRMs
  • Sandbox-testing is available before the actual purchase
  • Quick approval for WhatsApp Business API
  • Updates arrive as soon as released by WhatsApp


  • Developer oriented- you must have a dedicated development team to implement the solution, perform integrations and build chatbots. Twilio has a self-serve model- you'd need to be prepared with your own tools!
  • Difficult to learn & might require training sessions for agents to get used to the messaging Dashboard
  • Messages take time to deliver at times
  • Customer support is not that robust
  • Limited Dashboard features as well as no smart analytics available

Twilio- Pay-as-you-go Pricing

  • Twilio has a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model. You pay only for the template & session messages you send. Starting at $0.0042 to send a WhatsApp Template message and $0.005 for WhatsApp Session messages.

3. CM.com

The third API provider we have as our Wati Alternative is CM.com. As a leading WhatsApp Business API provider, CM.com unlocks the complete potential of WhatsApp Business API for your business.

It allows you to provide robust customer support and scale up your sales on WhatsApp. However, it does come with a hefty price tag.

Here are the pros & cons of CM.com as a Wati Alternative!


  • Allows you to provide 24x7x365 Customer support with No Code Chatbot builder using Drag & Drop editor to automate recurring queries.
  • No-code platform to use WhatsApp Business API
  • Share rich media, delivery updates, location & much more with users
  • 24x7 Robust customer support from the CM.com support team
  • Free trial available.


  • Costlier in comparison with other WhatsApp Business API providers
  • Campaign functionality can be better
  • Analytics function not much insightful
  • WhatsApp Broadcasting feature unavailable- Biggest con of the platform.

CM.com- Pay-per-user-model

Let's have a look at CM.com pricing model:

  • CM.com charges you based on the number of unique active users you talk to every month. This means if you talk to 500 unique customers/ month, you'd have to pay Rs 1499. The prices increase along with number of unique customers
  • There is a separate charge of Rs 7499 for onboarding on their WhatsApp Business API platform.

(4) Infobip

Infobip - Wati Alternative
Infobip - Wati Alternative

Infobip is an omnichannel communications platform meaning that using Infobip you can manage communications for multiple platforms like email, WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger through one Dashboard.

Infobip is a fantastic Wati Alternative that gets the job done by providing a hue of features like Broadcasting, WhatsApp Chatbot & automated notifications.

What sets Infobip apart from others is its smooth sailing experience & robust customer service.


  1. Mobile App is available.
  2. Robust customer support
  3. Multiple integrations available
  4. Omnichannel Capabilities


  1. Pricing is quite high in comparison with other WhatsApp Marketing Softwares providing the same features.
  2. While the UI is easy to use, it is quite old-school & un-exciting.
  3. You need to pay separately for customer support.
  4. Since their focus is on building Omnichannel relations, WhatsApp isn't their major expertise. 
  5. Omnichannel can be overwhelming for new users. 

Free Trial

Yes, a free trial is available. You get 100 Conversational points that you can use to talk to customers. Once they exhaust, the trial gets over.


Infobip offers customized pricing for each business. You need to connect with their customer support team to know their pricing.

(5) The Convertway

The Convertway - Wati Alternative
The Convertway - Wati Alternative

The Convertway is a cutting-edge SMS and WhatsApp automation tool that empowers Shopify merchants to grow conversions effortlessly. 

It's a great Wati alternative that focuses on three main parameters:

  • Subscriber Growth: Convert website visitors into first-time buyers and subscribers.
  • More Conversions: Increase sales with automated, personalized messaging on SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Boosting Retention: Drive 40% additional revenue from their Existing Customers!


  • Pre-approved Template to run broadcast, cart recovery or winback campaigns
  • Gamification options to increase customer engagement on website
  • Custom customer segmentation for precise targeting
  • Send notifications in more than 5 languages
  • Free plan available with 2 automation flows
  • Competitive Pricing for SMS & WhatsApp Notifications
  • 2-way conversation panel & Chat widget for quick support
  • Analytics to measure campaign performance
  • Free WhatsApp Green Tick Verification


  • ‍‍The Free Plan does not offer integrations.


ConvertWay has a Free Plan with Pay-as-you-go Pricing, and further, the Premium Plan Pricing Starts from $29/ month and goes up to $299/month for Enterprise Plans. The plans include unlimited messaging, unlimited subscribers, WhatsApp Green Tick, automation flows, a personal account manager, WhatsApp migration & Setup Support.

(6) Respond

Respond - Wati Alternative
Respond - Wati Alternative

Respond is a great Wati Alternative that helps you easily connect with thousands of users on WhatsApp. Just like Infobip, they too are an Omnichannel platform; not focused entirely on WhatsApp.


  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Great platform for providing customer service
  • Free Plan available with unlimited messaging to up to 100 contacts
  • WhatsApp Chatbot integration is available


  • No option to automatically delete inactive contacts
  • Pricing is a bit on the higher side in comparison with other WhatsApp Marketing Softwares
  • Customer support only via email (takes 2-3 days to reply)
  • Very high pricing

Free Trial
Yes, a Free trial is available for 3 days during which you can send unlimited conversations with up to 50 contacts. You can also opt for a free plan in which you can message to up to 100 unique Contacts.

Respond's pricing starts with $79/ month for the base plan suits small businesses where you get unlimited messaging to up to 1000 unique contacts & 10 agent access.

There's another plan for $249 (Rs 6168) with 25 user access & 3000 Monthly Active Contacts suitable for large businesses. For higher plans, you need to connect with their customer support.

(7) Tyntec

Tyntec - Wati Alternative
Tyntec - Wati Alternative

Tyntec is our 7th best alternative to Wati out there!

Tyntec is an official WhatsApp Business Solution provider bringing in feature-rich WhatsApp Business API that allows businesses to:

  • Become verified on WhatsApp (Green Tick verification)
  • Integrate WhatsApp Business API with an existing system or use their Support Inbox system to eliminate the coding effort
  • Send Rich messages (text, audio, video, image, files, pdfs, call to action buttons)
  • Use Interactive Buttons or clickable buttons to ensure robust customer support.

Here’s a look at the Pros and Cons of the WhatsApp Business API Provider.


  1. Lightning Speed Onboarding under 48 hours allows you to get started with WhatsApp Business API instantly.
  2. You can either integrate the API into your existing system or use their Support Inbox System. However, you’d need to pay separately for using the Support Inbox.
  3. Allows you to send Rich Messages (text, audio, video, image, files, pdfs, call to action buttons) for a personalized user experience on WhatsApp.
  4. Developer Friendly API.
  5. Tailored Integrations Possible with robust softwares.


  1. Costly pricing- You need to pay separately for the WhatsApp Business API plan & Support the Inbox system.
  2. No provision to send bulk messages on WhatsApp
  3. No WhatsApp Chatbot Integration available
  4. Developer team required if you opt to integrate WhatsApp API with the existing system

If you have a team of dedicated developers who can integrate the WhatsApp API with your existing system, Tyntec is one of the best Wati Alternatives.


If you’re looking for a better & more affordable solution to Wati, choose AiSensy. AiSensy is an official WhatsApp Marketing platform built on WhatsApp Business APIs using which you can broadcast messages to unlimited users, automate notifications, provide live chat on multiple devices & integrate Chatbot.

Official WhatsApp partners are those who have been authorized by WhatsApp to help businesses get access to & use WhatsApp Business API to drive sales & improve customer support.

A good WhatsApp partner is one that provides you with a complete platform to make the most out of WhatsApp Business API, a guided onboarding session & offers quality customer support for all your queries.

If you have both pre-requisites ready, then it'll take anywhere between 10 minutes - 24 hours to get approved for WhatsApp Business API with AiSensy, an official WhatsApp partner.


There, you have it!

Above were the 7 best alternatives to Wati, we think you can choose as your WhatsApp Business API provider. However, be sure to research in detail about each platform before contacting sales.

It'll help you make an unbiased decision in choosing the best WhatsApp Business API provider for your business!

The final decision ultimately boils down on you! Choose wisely to avoid the hassle of switching from one WhatsApp Business API provider to another.

We hope this blog helped you out with the information that you were looking for! If it did, make sure to share a word about it with others.

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