12 WhatsApp Templates for Automobile

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12 Automobile WhatsApp Template Messages

New Automobile Launch WhatsApp Message

Drive 3x engagement & bookings for new automobile launches with this WhatsApp Template.
New car

Out of Stock + Upsell new Car WhatsApp Message

Upsell another automobile to users when the car they want goes out of stock with this WhatsApp Template!

Book test drive WhatsApp Message

Get users to book test drive for automobiles with this WhatsApp Template!

Follow-up after showroom visit WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp Template to follow up with users for finalizing deal after Automobile showroom visit!
Shopping list

Automobile Enquiry WhatsApp Message

Engage users interested in purchasing an automobile with this WhatsApp Template.

Automobile Service Confirmed WhatsApp Message

Template Message to inform users about successful Booking confirmation of Automobile service.

Follow up with referral WhatsApp Message

Drive referrals from customers to buy automobiles with this WhatsApp Template.

Automobile Feedback WhatsApp Message

Get 45-60% more people to give feedback for sold automobiles with this WhatsApp Template!
Car rental

Automobile Sales Event Invite WhatsApp Message

Drive 3x more people to automobile sales event with this WhatsApp Template!

Car due for Service WhatsApp Message

Remind users due date for car servicing with this WhatsApp Template!

EMI Reminder WhatsApp Message

Drive 3x faster payments by reminding users of upcoming EMI with this WhatsApp Template.
Car loan

Test Drive Reminder WhatsApp Message

Remind users about their upcoming automobile test drive session with this WhatsApp Template.
Driving test

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