WhatsApp Chatbot: Top 10 Use Cases And Applications

updated on 29 April 2022

With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most popular Messenger application in the world. Facebook Provides WhatsApp Business API to businesses in order to reach their customers directly via WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business API enables the support of implementing WhatsApp chatbot to the business number through which businesses can generate:

  • More Qualified leads
  • Provide 24*7*365 automated support
  • and much more

In this blog, we look at the Top 10 Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for industries as diverse as yours. We'll also take a look at how you can utilize these use cases to automate your business' Customer Support all day, everyday!

WhatsApp Chatbot Use-Cases

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 use cases of a WhatsApp Chatbot in various industries.

1. Landing Channel

WhatsApp Chatbot Use Case- WhatsApp as a Landing Channel<br>
WhatsApp Chatbot Use Case- WhatsApp as a Landing Channel

On a WhatsApp Chatbot, you always interact with the most active internet audience in the world. With the help of 'Direct to WhatsApp Ads' on Facebook, you can redirect your audience to your WhatsApp chatbot where you can engage with them.

Once you start running Facebook or Instagram Ads, each click sends your audience to your verified WhatsApp Business so you never need to worry about building landing pages and websites anymore.

WhatsApp allows not just text-based messages but also Images, Videos, Gifs, Emojis, Documents, Voice messages and Location too. Combining these elements, you can personalize the experience of your customers on WhatsApp.

 WhatsApp for Business builds your entire mobile marketing strategy which includes channels like in-app messages, notifications etc, allowing you to deliver cross-channel experiences to your users.

2. Promising Lead Qualification

Since WhatsApp is a chat app, it's a great platform for conversational marketing. Using a WhatsApp chatbot on this platform will help you interact with your customers more naturally making promotions and advertisements smoother for the customers.

 Here are the main reasons why WhatsApp Chatbot is essential for Lead Qualification:

  • Once the users start interacting with your WhatsApp Chatbot, you don't need to worry about getting their contact number anymore.
  • The users are highly active each day, sending billions of messages to their friends and family every day.
  • The users are already technology enthusiasts, every WhatsApp feature is very popular among them.
  • Once the users interact with your WhatsApp chatbot, it shows their trust for your business. 

3. 24*7 Automated Customer Support

Whether you are an e-commerce business or selling some services, customer support is very crucial. With the WhatsApp Chatbot, you can enable automated customer support on your WhatsApp Business where the users can easily navigate the FAQs and can resolve their queries.

An AI-based WhatsApp Chatbot can easily replace your live agents and will save you money. However, it is recommended that there should be at least one live agent present in case the chatbot fails to answer some important queries.

Once you implement a Chatbot on your WhatsApp Business number, you don't need to worry much about handling your customers even during non-working hours.

It's very easy to build and install a well-trained chatbot on your WhatsApp Business Number. AiSensy provides NLP based chatbot templates in which you can easily customize responses according to your business requirements.

4. Automated Sales

  WhatsApp chatbot is a well-trained salesman that works 24*7*365 tirelessly (and doesn't asks for a raise). Users can ask for the details of your products and services and once the WhatsApp Chatbot answers their questions, they can easily proceed to buy them via a link to your web page.

WhatsApp chatbot helps the users in product discovery, recommendations and checkouts too. Delivery tracking, offers, product return or exchange and order details can be shared with your users directly via WhatsApp Chatbot.

5. Broadcast Messages on WhatsApp

Using a WhatsApp chatbot, you can send broadcast messages to thousands of your users without getting blocked.

Not only texts, you can also send files, media and documents. You can even send those files with a size up to 5MB. It will surely help your business which sometimes needs to send files to customers easily, quickly, and saving a lot of your time and customers will receive the message without having to wait for a long time.

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6. WhatsApp Notifications

You can remind your customers about their delivery, bills and tickets. You can also deliver appointment reminders, purchase confirmations, or urgent alerts with the WhatsApp Business API Chatbot.

Once the user replies to that particular notification, your WhatsApp Chatbot can handle the conversation from there.

7. Reduce Drop-off In Signups

Let's understand this with an example. A user visits your website and begins to signup for your services. However, the user leaves with incomplete signup due to some network issues.

What would you do? The best way to remind them to complete the signup is to send a notification over WhatsApp with the link for the remaining steps to complete the signup process. 

This method has had a success rate of 45-60% for businesses using our platform!

8. Abandoned Cart Recovery

WhatsApp Chatbot Use Case- Recover Abandoned Carts<br>
WhatsApp Chatbot Use Case- Recover Abandoned Carts

For e-commerce businesses, it is important to remind their customers to proceed to pay for what they've kept in their shopping cart. A personalized text on their WhatsApp will remind them to proceed to checkout. Users often neglect the push notifications on their smartphones but a WhatsApp message will be very effective.

This Use Case helps one of our clients recover Rs 30,000,000/ year making it one of the most effective WhatsApp Chatbot Use Cases.

9. Feedback & Reviews

Through WhatsApp Chatbot, you can send your customers quick reply buttons on WhatsApp instead of asking them to fill a feedback form for you. Filling up a feedback form seems too much of a task for a customer, whereas, with a quick reply button, the customer doesn't need to make an extra effort that seems more feasible for them.

They just need to click a button to provide you Feedback. Moreover, once they do that, a session window pops open allowing you to send any message for upto 24 hours. In that period, you can send them latest offers of your business like shown in the image below.

10. Verified Business Benefits

WhatsApp Chatbot Use Case- Verified Business Benefits<br>
WhatsApp Chatbot Use Case- Verified Business Benefits

Due to the increase in social media marketing, scams have also increased. In such an era, it is very difficult for the user to trust the Business for their transactions.

A verified Business Mark on WhatsApp helps gain the trust of your customer. They will automatically trust you more when they see that the account they are talking to is verified. It will also help you to increase your Brand visibility.


These were the Top 10 WhatsApp Chatbot Use Cases that can genuinely help you notch up your Business' ROI by as much as you want!

Looking forward to having your business open 24*7*365 with a top quality salesman awaiting to answer customer queries?

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