7 Reasons to integrate WhatsApp Business API for seamless Conversations

published on 07 October 2023

With 333.34 million businesses in the market today, communication is one of the crucial parts of determining a business’s success. Since customers want quick and straightforward answers directly from the brand they engage with, using different ways to talk to people has become integral for most firms.

That's why it's crucial that you automate all your business notifications on a platform where your customers are most active: we're talking of WhatsApp.

A Platform that gets over 2.3 Billion Monthly active users using it for over 30 minutes on average daily.

And to enable businesses to utilize the potential of WhatsApp Marketing, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business API, helping businesses to connect & engage with audiences at scale.

Do you want to know how to harness the power of the WhatsApp Business API? This article will show you why it is essential to link the WhatsApp Business API with other platforms.

WhatsApp Business API: Quick Intro

WhatsApp Business API is an application programming interface, launched by Facebook in 2018 allowing businesses to Broadcast & receive Unlimited messages on WhatsApp to a Global audience. WhatsApp Business API is the best means for businesses looking to engage a massive audience on WhatsApp across the globe.

While WhatsApp did launch the WhatsApp API, it did not provide any application to utilize the WhatsApp Business API. That's where WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs) like AiSensy come into play.

With the help of a WhatsApp Marketing Platform like AiSensy, businesses can utilize the potential of WhatsApp Business API.

Wish to know the exact benefits of integrating WhatsApp Business API to your business?

Importance of Integrating WhatsApp Business API with your Business

Integrating the WhatsApp Business API to your business delivers various benefits, so we should know why it is important.

1. Real-Time Interactions 

Integrating the WhatsApp Business API with your business enables real-time communication with your customers. You can help them quickly, answer their questions, and give them regular updates. This makes them feel like they can trust you.

For instance, Zomato, a popular food delivery platform, tackled the challenge of order delivery reminders with WhatsApp integration. Previously, customers occasionally missed delivery updates due to email clutter or app notifications. By integrating the WhatsApp Business API, Zomato addressed this issue effectively. 

Zomato using WhatsApp Business API to automate food delivery updates
Zomato using WhatsApp Business API to automate food delivery updates

Now, customers receive timely order tracking messages on WhatsApp, ensuring they are well-informed about their food's journey. Implementing a Multi-channel approach not only reduced order tracking-related queries but also significantly increased customer satisfaction by letting them stay informed through their preferred communication channel.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

The Man Company automates personalized customer updates on WhatsApp
The Man Company automates personalized customer updates on WhatsApp

Utilize data management to personalize your communication with customers on WhatsApp by leveraging customer data gathered from various sources. With the help of customer data collected from numerous sources, you can personalise your way of communicating with your customers over WhatsApp. This customised approach improves customer satisfaction by making them feel valued and understood.

3. Build a Strong Brand Identity

7 in 10 people buy from brands they trust!

WhatsApp API helps set this trust by establishing a Strong Brand Identity with the esteemed WhatsApp Green Tick.

The Green Checkmark is a direct confirmation from WhatsApp, confirming your Brand's reliability. Whenever a user sees the Green Tick on your WhatsApp Profile, they'll know they are talking to a trusted Brand.

Also, with the Green Tick, your contact will appear with the name instead of the number, even to users who haven't added you to their contact.

With AiSensy, apply for WhatsApp Green Tick for free & establish an authoritative presence on WhatsApp.

4. Marketing Opportunities

You can use the WhatsApp Business API for targeted marketing campaigns. For instance, you can send personalised promotions or product recommendations based on previous interactions and the purchase history of your buyers.

India's leading e-commerce brand, Flipkart, has revolutionised its customer experience with WhatsApp Business API. It sends rewards and offers through WhatsApp to its customers on WhatsApp, especially during

This streamlined approach to sending promotional messages based on previous purchases ensures that customers stay informed about the ongoing offers and that their carts get instantly filled with items. 


This e-commerce site enhanced its sales along with customer satisfaction by harnessing the power of WhatsApp business API. This move aligns with their customer-centric approach, making the shopping journey smoother and more engaging. 

5. Automation and Efficiency 

The WhatsApp Business API helps you do repetitive tasks and answer questions all by itself. When things get integrated, you can make machines do the same repetitive tasks. It helps save time and do things better and faster.

You can create a dynamic Drag & Drop Chatbot that answers the most common customer queries, saving your customer support agents' valuable time.

Besides this, AiSensy integrates with 1000+ CRMs, Softwares & Ecommerce portals, allowing you to seamlessly connect & automate notifications on WhatsApp in a flash.

6. Unmatched Security with End-to-End Encryption

Users are highly concerned about their security!

87% of people won't be involved with businesses in case of security concerns.

WhatsApp eliminates this security question with End-to-End Encrypted messaging enabled.

Similarly, all messages exchanged between Businesses & Customers via WhatsApp API are safe & end-to-end encrypted.

This makes WhatsApp the safest place for Banks, Financial Institutes & many more businesses to share sensitive information without any safety concerns.

7. Cost-effective Solution 

The ROI you receive with WhatsApp is totally worth the invested cost. Businesses using the WhatsApp Business API are driving as much as 150x ROI through WhatsApp via AiSensy.

Also, it essentially eliminates the need for other communication platforms, reducing your cost by a huge margin.

For instance, imagine you run a travel agency and want to keep your customers informed about all their bookings, itineraries, emergency contacts & so on. You can drive all these communications on WhatsApp, eliminating the need for other communication channels.


How does AiSensy help you get started?

With a platform like AiSensy, you are essentially creating a connection that bridges the gap between your business and the robust infrastructure of WhatsApp. 

AiSensy takes care of all the tricky technical things, so you can spend time making fun stuff for people. Also, there is a simple dashboard. It helps you Broadcast messages, monitor your analytics, see if things are going well, and learn important stuff.

Once the setup is up & running, you unlock the power to send templated messages, promptly address customer inquiries, and even automate responses started by specific conditions.


In an evolving internet world, businesses need to talk to people if they want to do a good job. WhatsApp Business API platforms like AiSensy makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers quickly. From sending customised messages to automating replies, this multi-platform integration can help you. 

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