10 Essential WhatsApp Template Messages for all Businesses

published on 01 July 2023

Sending Business Notifications on WhatsApp is the best way to drive maximum user engagement to your business. With over 98% message open rate & 45-60% click-through rate, WhatsApp is the best platform to engage your audience.

If you're using WhatsApp Business API, you need to send WhatsApp Template Messages to initiate a conversation with users.

Each template message goes under the careful eye of WhatsApp to ensure that it fits the WhatsApp Message Template Guidelines.

But, all the formatting rules & guidelines might be too confusing if you're just getting started with creating WhatsApp templates.

In this blog, we'll cover 10 Essential WhatsApp template Messages useful for all businesses.

If you're looking for industry-specific messages, check out these 30 WhatsApp Business Message Templates covering 5+ major industries like Ecommerce, Education, Finance, Webinars etc.

Let's first get you familiar with the Key WhatsApp Template Message guidelines you shouldn't forget.

10 Essential Whatsapp Template Messages

Below are 10 WhatsApp Template Messages which are useful for all Businesses, regardless of your industry.

  1. Payment-related WhatsApp Template Messages

Send a Payment Due notification on WhatsApp to let users know about the due payment & get them to pay.

WhatsApp Template Message for Payment Due:

  • Your payment of [amount] is due on [date] and to make a payment please click the below button.

    CTA- Pay Now

Similarly, automate a Payment Reminder notification on WhatsApp to receive 3x more payments faster.

WhatsApp Template Message for Payment Reminder:

  • Hi [Name]!

    Here's your payment link for [Product/ Service] for the amount of [Amount].

    Once this payment has been made, your order will be processed immediately! Welcome to (Your Brand Name).

    Thank You

    CTA- Pay Now

Send a Payment Confirmation Message when users successfully complete their payments.

WhatsApp Template Message for Payment Confirmation.

  • Dear [Name],

    Thanks for Choosing (Your Brand name).

    Your Payment of [Paid amount] has been successfully submitted.

    Regards, (Your Brand name)

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2. Greetings / Welcome WhatsApp Template Message

Along with emails & SMS, make sure to send a Greeting/Welcome message to your users on WhatsApp. With over 98% message open rate, your message will get more traction & engagement.

General WhatsApp Template Messages for welcoming new users

  • Dear [Name], Welcome to (Your Brand Name) 😊

    We will use this chat to send you updates, reminders and offers.

    To stop receiving messages from us, please reply with 'STOP'.

    Quick Reply Button - STOP
  • Dear [Name],

    Welcome to (Your Brand Name).

    We are excited to welcome you aboard.

    Feel free to ask any queries.

3. Feedback WhatsApp Template Messages

Taking Feedback from customers is vital to know what to improve in your products & services. Send a Feedback Template Message 1-2 weeks after they've used your product/service.

WhatsApp Template Messages to ask for User Feedback:

  • Hi [Name]

    How was your experience with (Your Brand Name)??

    We are excited to know your feedback to improve ourselves in the best way to serve you in future.

    Kindly Rate us by choosing from the below buttons

    Team (Your Brand Name)

Quick Replies-

This message doesn't need to just end with the user providing their feedback. Automate a promotional offer sent by the WhatsApp Chatbot as soon as the user provides feedback. This is how the Feedback + promotion message strategy works.

Feedback + Promotion WhatsApp Template Message
Feedback + Promotion WhatsApp Template Message

3. Personalized Festive Greeting WhatsApp Message Templates

Send personalized festive wishes on WhatsApp to your customers.

Here are personalized WhatsApp Template Messages for Festive Greetings:

  • Dear [Name] 😄

    Wishing you all a Happy & Wonderful [Festival] ✨

    Team (Your Brand Name)
  • [Name], May this festive season bring you an ocean of good opportunities, good health, and prosperity.

    Start something new, stay positive and have faith in yourself 💐✨🎊

    Team - (Your Brand Name) !!

Also, you can combine Festive wishes with a promotional message to double your conversions during festive. Here's a sample WhatsApp Template Message for Festive Wishes + Promotion of your products & services.

Festive Wishes + Promotion WhatsApp Template Message
Festive Wishes + Promotion WhatsApp Template Message

4. Newsletter Signup WhatsApp Message Template

With over 98% message open rate, WhatsApp is the best place to get maximum reach for your Newsletter. Whenever a user signs up for your newsletter, send a welcome notification on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Template Message to welcome Newsletter Signups:

  • Hi [Name],

    Thanks for subscribing to our WhatsApp Newsletter.

    Stay tuned for more updates, trends and tactics of the latest [Industry Name] trends in the industry.

    Best Regards, (Your Brand Name)

5. Event Invitation WhatsApp Template Message

Increase your event / webinar signups by sending invitations on WhatsApp. Add benefits that the user will receive upon attending the event/webinar.

WhatsApp Message Template for Event/ Webinar Invitation:

  • Dear [Name],

    We invite you for a FREE Webinar by [Host Name].

    They will share some valuable tips & tricks on [topic].

    Book Your Slot Now.

    Date: [Date]
    Time: {Time]

    Regards, (Your Business Name)

6. Referral Programme WhatsApp Template Message

Boost the reach of your Referral Programme on WhatsApp by converting your customers into referees. Send a template message offering rewards to users to onboard their friends & family.

WhatsApp Template Message to increase Referral Signups:

  • You’ve signed up for WhatsApp updates from (Your Brand Name)!

    Refer friends and get [Amount] off your next purchase for each friend who signs up with your referral code- [Referral Code]

7. Appointment / Check-in Reminder WhatsApp Template Message

Confirm with your customers about their appointments/check-ins & provide them with an option to reschedule the appointment.

WhatsApp Template Message for Check-in reminder:

  • Hey [Name],

    Respond with YES to confirm your appointment tomorrow scheduled with [Business Name] at [Time] or reply with NO to reschedule.

    Quick Replies - Yes, No

8. Customer Service WhatsApp Template Message

WhatsApp is the best platform to provide 1:1 Live customer support to users. Whenever a user reports an issue or has a query about your product/service, automate this WhatsApp Template Message:

  • Hey [Name],

    Looks like you had an issue with your order with us. Sorry about that!

    We're working on it & will instantly inform you once the query is resolved.

    Regards, (Your Brand Name)

9. Customer Engagement WhatsApp Template Message

Customer Engagement is important to get repeat orders from customers. Send updates on products or wish them on Birthdays to create a personalized experience on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Template Message for Customer Engagement:

  • Hey [Name], wishing you a very Happy Birthday 🎉

    As a birthday present, take this exciting deal.

    Use code [Coupon Code] to get a special [Discount]% on your next order with us.

    Offer valid only till midnight.

    CTA - Buy Now

10. Loyalty Programme WhatsApp Template Message

Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded. Make them feel special by sending personalized offers on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Template Message for Loyalty Programme:

  • Hey [Name], Congrats on your 10th purchase with us.

    As a Thank You gift, here's a 50% off on your next purchase with us.

    Apply code [Coupon] on the checkout page.

    Minimum Cart Value should be [amount] to avail this offer.

    Regards, (Your Brand Name)

Key Points while drafting WhatsApp Template Messages

Each template message goes under the careful eye of WhatsApp to ensure that it fits the WhatsApp Message Template Guidelines.

Here are a few Key Points you need to remember:

  1. You can Use *Bold*, _Italics_, ~Strikethrough~ in the template text along with emojis to make it more effective.
  2. The formatting of the message should be correct otherwise WhatsApp rejects the message.
  3. Add Call to Action or Quick Reply Buttons in a message with a character limit of 20 characters. 
  4. Use emojis to personalize your messages. 

How to send WhatsApp template Messages?

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