10 Unique WhatsApp API Benefits you need to know

updated on 12 August 2022

Let's face it; we all use WhatsApp multiple times a day & open texts from family, friends as well as Businesses.

So, if you're thinking of using WhatsApp for your Business, you're on to something.

WhatsApp has over 98% message open rate & 45-60% click-through rate & carries a fantastic potential for Business Growth.

That's why, many top-tier Brands like Skullcandy, Rentomojo, Vivo, SpringWorks & many more are using WhatsApp API from AiSensy to scale their sales & notch up their customer support.


So, should you put your foot forward & get started with WhatsApp API for your business?

Hell Yeah!

Let's find out why. 

In this blog, we'll list the top 10 Benefits of using WhatsApp API for Business.

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What exactly is WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API isn't an App like WhatsApp Business! It is more like a medium built for small-mid-sized businesses & enterprises, helping them scale their sales & provide top-notch customer support using WhatsApp.

It is the best medium for businesses looking to engage a massive audience on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp doesn't provide a platform or an application to use the API. You'd need the help of a WhatsApp API provider like AiSensy to use WhatsApp API. Using AiSensy, you can:

  • Broadcast messages to Unlimited users in one go
  • Integrate your CRMs & Software to automate Notifications on WhatsApp. E.g. Order Confirmation, Delivery Updates.
  • Send WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns to segregated audiences
  • Provide Multiple Human Live Chat on unlimited devices using the same phone number
  • Install WhatsApp Chatbots to automate common customer queries
    And much more...

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At a Glance

1. Skyrocket your Business' reach with WhatsApp

2. Build a strong Brand Identity

3. Sell like crazy by sending Messages with Clickable Buttons

4. Provide Unmatched Customer Support

5. Connect with Customers Globally

6. Guarantee safety of User's Privacy with end-to-end Encryption

7. Send personalized communication to customers

8. Connect your CRM & send automated Notifications

9. Affordable Pricing

10. Best platform for 2-way Communication

Top 10 Benefits of WhatsApp API for Business

1. Skyrocket your Business' reach

There are 2.2 Billion Monthly Active Users on WhatsApp, using it for 38 minutes/ daily on average.

What's better is the 98% message open rate & 45-60% Click-through rate for messages sent on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the perfect place to send Broadcasts to hundreds & thousands of users with the Smartest WhatsApp Engagement Platform like AiSensy.

Using AiSensy, send WhatsApp Broadcasts to unlimited users (only for Tier 4 Users) & Skyrocket your Business' reach smoothly using WhatsApp.

2. Build a Strong Brand Identity

7 in 10 people buy from brands they trust!

WhatsApp API helps set this trust by establishing a Strong Brand Identity with the esteemed WhatsApp Green Tick.

WhatsApp Green TickĀ 
WhatsApp Green Tick 

The Green Checkmark is a direct confirmation from WhatsApp, confirming your Brand's reliability. Whenever a user sees the Green Tick on your WhatsApp Profile, they'll know they are talking to a trusted Brand.

Also, with the Green Tick, your contact will appear with the name instead of the number, even to users who haven't added you to their contact.

With AiSensy, apply for WhatsApp Green Tick for free & establish an authoritative presence on WhatsApp.

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3. Sell like Crazy by sending Actionable Messages with Clickable Buttons

WhatsApp API helps 3x your conversions, by allowing you to make messages more actionable with Clickable Buttons.

Adding Clickable CTA Buttons & Quick Replies to messages make them more engaging & powerful.

Not just clickable buttons, your messages can include rich media like Images, Videos, Files, emojis & more.

As the below image shows, a Green Tick on your Profile, an image of your product, a personalized promotional offer & clickable buttons make your messages highly actionable!

Send Clickable Button with WhatsApp API platform AiSensy
Send Clickable Button with WhatsApp API platform AiSensy

4. Provide Unmatched Customer Support

67% of customers buy from brands providing quality Customer Support.

WhatsApp is the perfect platform to provide amazing Customer Support in real-time to users.

Whether it's a query about a product, a complaint or a warranty claim, everything can be handled efficiently with a 1:1 Live Chat.

Now, using WhatsApp Business App, you can provide customer support on up to 5 devices (1 Mobile + 4 PCs).

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But, there's no way to assign chats or monitor an agent's performance.

So, if you're dealing with large message volumes, choose WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy.

With AiSensy, you can have unlimited customer support agents answering multiple customer queries at once. Your agents can answer customer queries on the go from a PC, Mobile or Tablet by using AiSensy's WebApp.

AiSensy Agents Dashboard to manage all agents from one place
AiSensy Agents Dashboard to manage all agents from one place

5. Connect with Customers across the Globe

2.2 Billion Users from 190+ countries across the globe are active on WhatsApp.

It is the most popular communication platform across countries like India, Brazil, the US, Saudi Arabia & more.


This makes WhatsApp the most accessible Marketing Platform to offer your products & services on a global level.

No matter where you operate, you can target audiences across multiple countries easily by connecting with them on WhatsApp.

6. Unmatched Security with End-to-End Encryption

Users are highly concerned about their security!

87% of people won't involve with businesses in case of security concerns.

WhatsApp eliminates this security question with End-to-End Encrypted messaging enabled.

Similarly, all messages exchanged between Businesses & Customers via WhatsApp API are safe & end-to-end encrypted.

This makes WhatsApp the safest place for Banks, Financial Institutes & many more businesses to share sensitive information without any safety concerns.

7. Send Personalized Communication to Customers

71% customers feel frustrated if their shopping experience is impersonal.

WhatsApp is the perfect platform to personalise your customer experience.

With emojis & the availability of rich media options like Images, audio, files, clickable buttons & more; you can create personalized messages to enhance your customer's shopping experience.

8. Connect your CRMs & Softwares to Send Automated Notifications on WhatsApp

Automated Notifications are ones that get triggered whenever a user makes an action; e.g. purchases a product, makes a payment, etc.

Now, these notifications are generally sent via Emails & SMS.

The benefit of automating these notifications on WhatsApp is that you'll get more Open rates & conversions.

So, if you have a very high Abandoned Cart Rate, you can automate an Abandoned Cart Recovery Notification on WhatsApp & recover 25-60% of Abandoned Carts on average.

This is possible by integrating your Ecommerce store or software with AiSensy.

Connect your CRM, Payment Portals, and eCommerce Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Hubspot, Zapier via APIs to automate these notifications on WhatsApp.


Check out 2000+ AiSensy Integrations.

9. Affordable Pricing

WhatsApp is the most affordable platform to market your Products & Services.

If you use WhatsApp Business App, you won't be incurring any marketing costs. But, the WhatsApp Business App offers extremely minimal features which might not fit the needs of businesses with high message volumes.

In that case, you should use WhatsApp API.

There are 2 charges for WhatsApp API:

  • WhatsApp Charges - Charged by WhatsApp directly for the number of monthly conversations with users. WhatsApp Conversation is a 24-hour messaging window initiated only when a business messages a user. Check out this Conversation Based pricing guide to know more.

  •  WhatsApp API Provider Cost - WhatsApp API providers like AiSensy charge for providing a No-code, all-in-one Platform to utilize the complete potential of WhatsApp API.  

To know more about WhatsApp API pricing, click here.

Top-tier Businesses like Skullcandy, Vivo & more are enjoying 150x ROI by using WhatsApp API with AiSensy. Want to be one such business?

Get started with Free WhatsApp Business API

10. Best Platform for 2-Way Communication

Customers prefer direct communication with brands before making a purchase.

WhatsApp helps by making 2-way communication possible between brands & users.

On WhatsApp, customers can connect with you & get answers to their queries in real-time instantly.

If you use AiSensy, you can assign customer chats to your agents easily & let them handle their queries; all under one single platform.

To monitor Agent's performance, hop on to Agent Analytics & view how many assigned conversations they solved.

With AiSensy, drive awesome Marketing Campaigns, sales & two-way communications; all under one single platform.

Before you Leave

These were 10 Benefits of WhatsApp API for your business.

WhatsApp is the best platform to nail your Business' Marketing strategy.

From WhatsApp Broadcasting to multi-human live chat to WhatsApp Green Tick; WhatsApp API platform AiSensy helps you utilize the max potential of WhatsApp Marketing.

Interested in knowing more? Check out 12 Use Case Scenarios of WhatsApp API with AiSensy.


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