How to 7x your Sales this Diwali with WhatsApp using AiSensy

published on 01 October 2022

Looking to light up your sales this Diwali season?⚡️🚀

Diwali is one of India's most celebrated festivals. During this season the purchasing power of any user increases 5x.

Here's a crazy stat - D2C Brands drive 400% growth in Sales and revenue during Diwali!

This means that if you as a business are showing the right offers at the right time & the right place, you can influence a user's purchase decision in a heartbeat. 

So, how's your Diwali ki Taiyari for 2023? Do you want to drive such results for your business?

You can do that easily by using WhatsApp Marketing to drive sales for your brand with AiSensy!

Now, what is AiSensy & how you can use AiSensy to drive such crazy growth for your business?

We'll be discussing exactly that in this blog.

At a Glance

Why choose WhatsApp

What is AiSensy

#1 Broadcast Promotional offers & discounts to Unlimited users

#2 Offer Exclusive deals

#3 Provide end-to-end Shopping experience

#4 Automate useful notifications

#5 Tap into product catalogs

#6 Send actionable messages with clickable buttons

#7 Retarget users who are likely to convert

#8 Respond to multiple customer queries in one go

#9 Integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate customer support

#10 Run Direct to WhatsApp Ads

Why WhatsApp?

During the busy season of Diwali, people spend a lot less time online & focus more on enjoying the moment. 

But the channel where they stay highly active is WhatsApp - to communicate with their friends, family & colleagues. 

That's why WhatsApp is the perfect channel to focus on to drive more sales & revenue for your Business. 

WhatsApp is one of the best channels to not only drive 7x Sales & Revenue growth but also to personalize your customer experiences.

Having over:

  • 2.4 Billion Monthly Active Userbase
  • 98% message open rate
  • 45-60% click-through rate
  • 70% engagement rate
    WhatsApp should definitely be on your radar if you're looking to boost sales for your business.

What is AiSensy?

AiSensy is the Smartest WhatsApp Engagement Platform built on official WhatsApp Business APIs using which you as a business can:

✅Broadcast offers & discounts to UNLIMITED users in one go (to opted-in users)
✅Send discount offers with clickable buttons
✅Automate notifications by integrating Software & CRMs
✅Have Multiple Human-Agent replying on the same number
✅Retarget users who are more likely to convert
✅Integrate Chatbots to automate customer support & sales
✅Get verified Green Tick on WhatsApp

Wish to use AiSensy to boost up to 150x ROI for your Business this Diwali festival?

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Not convinced yet?

Let's discuss in depth how AiSensy can help complete your Diwali Ki Taiyari this year by growing your sales & conversions.

Strategies to use AiSensy to drive 7x Sales Growth this Diwali🔥

1. Broadcast Promotional Offers & Discounts to UNLIMITED Users


Instead of spending tons of money acquiring new users by running Google Ad Campaigns & increasing your Cost per Conversion vastly, you can target your already existing user base to upsell your products on WhatsApp. 

Remember when we said that a user's buying capacity increases 5x during festivals like Diwali? Well, you can capitalize on that! 😉

On WhatsApp, you can Drive 3x more sales & business growth by sending promotional offers & discounts on WhatsApp to UNLIMITED users in one go. You can send these messages only to users who've opted-in for receiving WhatsApp notifications from your business. 

WhatsApp allows you to send personalized festive wishes + discount offers, promotions, product launch messages, season-end-sale & much more to boost your business’ sales & conversions. 

Copy paste these promotional WhatsApp messages to skyrocket your sales this Diwali season:

  1. Diwali Discount offer message

Hey {{1}}, 😃👋
{{2}} wishes you a very Happy Diwali. ✨🎉
We are glad to have you with us. On the special occasion of Diwali, we have an exclusive offer for you. 🤩
Avail {{3}} discount on any purchase. 😍
Hurry, offer valid only till {{4}} ⏳
Apply Code: {{5}}
CTA- Buy Now

2. E-Gift Voucher message

Special E-Gift Voucher for you this Diwali season😍
Applicable on minimum purchase of {{1}}.
Apply Coupon Code {{2}} and get Flat {{3}} off. 🔥
Valid for Today only. Hurry Up!! ⏳
T&C Apply*
CTA- Buy Now

3. Diwali sale New Product Launch message

Hey {{1}}
The day is finally here! 😍
{{2}} is officially launched on the special occasion of Diwali festival & is available on our website. 🔥
Place your order today for guaranteed shipping in {{3}}⚡️
CTA- Buy Now

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2. Offer Exclusive Deals


Everyone loves a good deal. And everyone really loves an exclusive deal. Be sure to share exclusive deals and promotions with your WhatsApp subscribers to make them feel special.

Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency and boost conversions, so this is definitely one avenue you do not want to miss out on.

3. Provide end-to-end Shopping experience on WhatsApp

Imagine this: A user lands on your WhatsApp, scrolls through your products & services via Catalogues, adds the one they wish to purchase in their cart and the last step - make the payment directly within WhatsApp. Once the payment is completed, the user receives an order confirmation message on WhatsApp as well as receives updates till the order reaches their hands.

Yes, you can now enable this end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp with AiSensy. Just like how our client HRX by EatFit is doing (refer to the video above)

You can connect your catalogues in just 10 minutes and enable WhatsApp Pay seamlessly to provide this experience right on WhatsApp. 

4. Automate Notifications for Order Confirmed, Delivery Updates, COD Confirmation

AiSensy allows you to automate notifications for multiple events like order, shipping, delivery, abandoned carts & more to users by integrating 3rd party CRMs, software & Ecommerce platforms. 

Basically, you can set up automated notifications that will be sent to a user's WhatsApp whenever any event gets trigerred. E.g. order confirmation notifications / delivery updates.

Now, whenever a user buys a product they will receive a confirmation on WhatsApp for the same. Similarly, if they add an item to their cart & drop off from the checkout page, they'll receive an Abandoned Cart notification reminding them to complete their purchase.

AiSensy integrates with all major CRMs, software & Ecommerce platforms such as HubSpot, Shopify, WooCommerce, Pabbly, OpenCart & more. 

Automated notifications on WhatsApp are 5x better than that sent via Emails & SMS & will help personalize your communication with customers.

Simply connect your CRM with AiSensy & get started! 

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Use these WhatsApp Templates to set up automated notifications on WhatsApp:

  1. Automated Notification for Abandoned Cart Reminders

Hey {{1}}👋
We noticed you added some amazing items to your cart but were unable to complete the purchase.
Here’s an exclusive code for {{2}} off 🤑- if your cart value is above {{3}} - Use Code {{4}}
Click the below button to complete your purchase👇
CTA- Buy now

2. Automated Notification for Order Confirmation

Your order No. {{1}} of {{2}} for {{3}} has been confirmed & will reach you shortly 🛳
Thanks for shopping with us! 😇

3. Automated Notification for Order Tracking

Hey {{1}}🙋‍♀️
Your order from (your brand name) is out for delivery. 🎉
Your delivery window is {{3}}. ⌚
Track your order here 👇‍
Button - Track Order

5. Tap Into Product Catalogs

WhatsApp Catalogues
WhatsApp Catalogues

WhatsApp Business API allows you to tap into the power of WhatsApp Catalogues. Using AiSensy, you can showcase your products and services in a visually appealing manner. Not only will your users be able to add items to their carts, but also purchase the products directly within WhatsApp made possible with WhatsApp Payments feature launched recently by AiSensy.

An updated catalog allows customers to browse products or services and connect with your business. Plus, customers can share catalog items with their friends or message your business to ask questions.

Ensure that your catalog is always well-organized to facilitate smooth browsing for customers, and you are well on your way to a boost in sales with this simple-to-adopt feature.

6. Send actionable messages with clickable buttons

Make your Diwali Sale & Offer messages more actionable & powerful by adding Clickable CTA Buttons & Quick Replies.

By adding clickable CTA buttons, you can have users instantly redirect to your product page & completing the purchase.

Not just clickable buttons, your messages can include rich media like Images, Videos, Files, emojis & more.

As the below image shows, a Green Tick on your Profile, an image of your product, a personalized promotional offer & clickable buttons make your messages highly actionable & ready to skyrocket your sales volume this Diwali festival!

Promotional offer message with clickable buttons
Promotional offer message with clickable buttons

7. Retarget users who are more likely to convert

WhatsApp Retargeting is one of the best strategies to drive more sales this Diwali. Imagine retargeting a set of users who are far more likely to convert than others.

Yes, you can now do it with smart Campaigns manager through AiSensy only.

WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns allow you to retarget a particular set of users by sending them a WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign.

So, let's say you wish to Broadcast a message on Diwali to those who have:

  • Read your WhatsApp Broadcast Campaigns
  • Haven't read your Broadcast Campaign
  • Read and Responded to your Broadcast

You can do this in a jiffy with AiSensy’s WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns. 

Here's another example - You launched a Broadcast to ask people if they'd be interested to join your New Product Launch waitlist. 

With WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns, you can retarget those users who replied 'Yes' to your Broadcast. 

Using AiSensy's WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns, businesses drive at least 3x more conversions & sales while spending lesser time & money.

Psst...Want to know more about WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns? Check out the below guide. 

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8. Respond to multiple customer queries in one go

67% of customers buy from brands providing quality Customer Support.  

WhatsApp is the perfect platform to provide amazing Customer Support in real-time to users.

Diwali is sure to bring in a flood of messages from users having queries regarding your business & products.

Make your customer support highly responsive by replying to multiple customers at once.

With AiSensy, you can have unlimited customer support agents answering multiple customer queries at once. Your agents can answer customer queries on the go from a PC, Mobile or Tablet by using AiSensy's WebApp.

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AiSensy's Live Chat Dashboard
AiSensy's Live Chat Dashboard

9. Integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate customer support

Diwali will undoubtedly bring a flood of customer queries, keeping your agent's busy neck-deep.

Relieve their pressure by automating customer queries via WhatsApp Chatbot.

A WhatsApp Chatbot will help reduce your agent's workload & keep your business running 24x7, especially during busy times like Diwali.

A WhatsApp Chatbot can answer 80% of user queries without any hindrances. 

It acts & responds just like a human agent, understanding & responding to queries instantly. 

Also, it can show personalized recommendations, helping users find the right product & complete sales without human intervention. 

Just create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot with a Drag & Drop function in AiSensy and use it to automate sales & support. 

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10. Run Direct to WhatsApp Ads

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads example
Click-to-WhatsApp Ads example

You can run direct to WhatsApp Ads this Diwali on Instagram & Facebook to drive instant lead generation & reduce cost per lead.

With 'Direct to WhatsApp Ads', users instantly redirect to your WhatsApp where you engage them in a live 1:1 conversation. 

A major benefit here is that when a user lands on your WhatsApp, you'll instantly get their name & Mobile number (without having them fill out tiring forms).

You have a 3x better chance of converting a user by getting them on WhatsApp than on your landing page!

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Well, these were 7 Strategies you can use to make this Diwali big for your business.

Liked them?

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