10 Effective Strategies to use WhatsApp for Business (2024)

published on 25 July 2022

Wondering how to use WhatsApp for Business?

With a 98% message open rate & 45-60% click-through rate, WhatsApp is one of the best platforms to connect with your audience.

From small Kirana stores to big Ecommerce Brands like Skullcandy; Leading Brands & Businesses are using WhatsApp to drive sales.

You're missing out on atleast 25-40% increased ROI if you aren't using WhatsApp Marketing for your Business. 


So, how do you use WhatsApp for your Business?

Well, when you get creative, there are endless possibilities for using WhatsApp as a channel to grow your Business!

In this blog, we'll tell you the Top 10 Strategies you can use to grow your business on WhatsApp.

Top 10 Strategies to use WhatsApp for Business

1. Shoot Promotional WhatsApp Broadcasts to Unlimited users in one go

Since October 2021, WhatsApp has allowed businesses to send promotional messages on WhatsApp. Send non-transactional messages like discount offers, promotions on festivals, product launch messages, season-end-sale & much more to boost your business’ sales & conversions. 

You can send these messages only to users who've opted-in for receiving WhatsApp notifications from your business. 

Add clickable CTA & Quick Reply Buttons to make your promotional messages more actionable with AiSensy. 

Here's an example of a promotional WhatsApp message:

Promotional Message sent on WhatsApp
Promotional Message sent on WhatsApp

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2. Retarget WhatsApp Broadcast to a particular audience group and get repeat orders

WhatsApp Retargeting is one of the best strategies to use WhatsApp for Business. Imagine retargeting a particular audience group but on WhatsApp. Yes, you can now do it with smart Campaigns manager through AiSensy only.

WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns allow you to retarget a particular set of users by sending them a WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign.

Let's say you wish to Broadcast a message:

  • To only those who have Read your previous Broadcast Campaign message or
  • To those who responded to the WhatsApp Broadcast with a particular reply

You can do this in a jiffy with AiSensy’s WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns. 

Here's an example of WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns:

WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns-k7l6d

In the above image, we are retargeting users who read the Delivered WhatsApp Broadcast but did not reply. 

Similarly, you can Retarget users based on several more use case scenarios. 

Check out some more amazing use cases of WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns.

3. Automate notifications on WhatsApp for multiple events

Use WhatsApp for Business to automate notifications for multiple events like order, shipping, delivery, abandoned carts & more to users via integration. 

Basically, you can set up automated notifications that will be sent to a user's WhatsApp whenever they trigger an event. E.g. order confirmation notifications / delivery updates.

Now, whenever a user buys a product they will receive a confirmation on WhatsApp for the same. Similarly, if they add an item to their cart & don't check out, they'll receive an Abandoned Cart notification reminding them to complete their purchase.

AiSensy integrates with all major CRMs, software & Ecommerce platforms such as HubSpot, Shopify, WooCommerce, Pabbly, OpenCart & more. 

Simply connect your CRM with AiSensy & get started!

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Automated Notification Reminders (1)-rr38a

4. Run Direct to WhatsApp Ads

You can run direct to WhatsApp Ads on Instagram & Facebook to drive instant lead generation & reduce cost per lead.

With 'Direct to WhatsApp Ads', users instantly redirect to your WhatsApp where you engage them in a live 1:1 conversation. 

A major benefit here is that when a user lands on your WhatsApp, you'll instantly get their name & Mobile number (without having them fill tiring forms).

You have a 3x better chance of converting a user by getting them on WhatsApp than on your landing page.

You can run Click-to-WhatsApp-Ads on Instagram/ Facebook directly via AiSensy (AiSensy Exclusive feature😉) & reduce as much as 60% ad-spends.   

Run Direct to WhatsApp Ads
Run Direct to WhatsApp Ads

5. Send Automated Payment Reminders/Link on WhatsApp

With AiSensy’s exclusive integration with Razorpay, you can:

  • Automate payment link notifications on WhatsApp to drive 2x instant sales
  • Send invoice generated via Razorpay driving them to complete payment.
  • Automate Refund processed notification
  • Automate Subscription Halted Notification (e.g. Netflix subscription stopped) 

By sending payment links on WhatsApp, you collect payments 3x faster!

6. Send Messages with Rich Media to enhance Personalization

You can use WhatsApp for Business to send personalized messages to users. WhatsApp allows you to send messages across multiple fun formats with rich media including Images, Videos, PDFs, GIFs & much more. 

Not to forget that you can use emojis to personalize the text!

Also, with AiSensy, you can attach Clickable CTA & Quick Reply Buttons that make your messages highly actionable. 

Like as shown in the image below:

Automated Notification Reminders (3)-y9typ

7. Integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate Sales & Support

Your customer support agents can't be available 24x7. 

Still, you can keep your business running all year long with a smart WhatsApp Chatbot. 

Reports suggests that a Chatbot can answer 80% of user queries without any hindrances. 

A WhatsApp Chatbot acts responds just like a human agent, understanding & responding to queries instantly. 

Also, it can show personalized recommendations, helping users find the right product & complete sales without human intervention. 

Just create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot with Google Dialogflow & integrate it with AiSensy in 3 simple steps to automate sales & support. 

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8. Redirect your Website Traffic to WhatsApp

A website landing page has an average conversion rate of 2.35%

But, there's a simple strategy using which you can triple the conversions easily. 

By getting website visitors on WhatsApp & engaging them in 1:1 Real-time communication. 

The best way to do this is to integrate WhatsApp on your website with a WhatsApp Button.

Now, whenever a user clicks the WhatsApp Button, they’ll redirect to your WhatsApp where you engage them, solve their queries about your products/ services & convert them into customers.


Check out some more ways to integrate WhatsApp on your Website.

If you have a good amount of website visitors, what you should do is connect with a platform like AiSensy. With AiSensy, you get multi-human live chat support on as many devices as you want.

Have as many agents answering customer queries in real-time & boost your engagement 3x.

Get started with AiSensy for Free

9.  Run Successful Product Launch Campaigns on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Notifications has a 98% Message Open Rate & a 45-60% Click-through Rate. 

Using a WhatsApp CRM like AiSensy, you can Broadcast Product Launches to unlimited Users on WhatsApp. 

But, simply launching the product won't be as effective as it will be if you create hype around the product. 

Multiple Brands like Adidas, Absolut Vodka have run successful Product Launch Campaigns on WhatsApp with this strategy.

They created a hype around those products by hosting interesting contests, leaking interesting product specifications & much more. 

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10. Share WhatsApp Link everywhere

WhatsApp Links are simply click-to-chat-links, clicking which redirect the user to your WhatsApp.

Sharing these links on social media will help you drive engagement to your WhatsApp Business Account for Free.

The best thing about a WhatsApp Link is that you can share it everywhere on the internet!

Whether it's your Social Media Bios, posts Email Campaigns & more; share the WhatsApp Link everywhere & drive users to WhatsApp.  

Create Free WhatsApp Link with AiSensy’s Link Generator Tool.

As we discussed above, use a tool like AiSensy to further respond to customer queries in a jiffy.

How to implement these WhatsApp Business Strategies? 

By now, you must have figured out that you can't implement these strategies with WhatsApp Business App. 

This is because of the multiple restrictions of the WhatsApp Business App such as:

1. WhatsApp Broadcast Limit of 256 users.

2. No option to track  analytics

3. Can't track agent's performance.

4. Can't integrate WhatsApp Chatbot to automate customer support

To counter these limitations, you can use WhatsApp Business API for multiple users.

WhatsApp Business API Account is more suited for mid-large-sized businesses who want to engage a wide audience on WhatsApp. Using AiSensy, a WhatsApp CRM built on official WhatsApp Business APIs, you can:

  1. Send WhatsApp Broadcast to UNLIMITED users
  2. Automate notifications for Orders, Delivery & more through integrations
  3. Provide Multi human Live Chat on unlimited devices
  4. Install WhatsApp Chatbots to automate sales & customer queries


WhatsApp is one of the most used communication apps across the world with an active community of 2.2 Billion global users. Messages on WhatsApp have a 98% open rate & a 45-60% click-through rate - 5x more than emails & SMS. That's why you should definitely use WhatsApp for your business marketing & support."

Well, with WhatsApp Business API, you can target a wide audience by sending messages to UNLIMITED users in one go. You can send clickable CTA buttons & quick replies, integrate WhatsApp Chatbot & do much more by using an official WhatsApp Marketing platform like AiSensy.

WhatsApp Business App is absolutely free! But, if you want to target a wide audience then you should choose WhatsApp Business API, which isn't free to use. You'll need to pay for WhatsApp Conversations & WhatsApp partner cost to use WhatsApp Business API.

If you're an individual business with low message volume, then yes, the WhatsApp Business app is worth it! But, if you get hundreds of messages each day on WhatsApp & wish to send messages to thousands of users in one go, then maybe it's time to shift to a WhatsApp API-based platform like AiSensy.

While WhatsApp Business is tailored for small businesses & individual owners, WhatsApp API is built for medium to large businesses with large message volumes.  But, if you want to: Use WhatsApp on multiple devices, Send WhatsApp broadcasts to over 1,00,000 users in one go, Automate WhatsApp Chatbot, and Send clickable buttons with messages, Then choose WhatsApp Business API.



Well, that sums it up!

These were some creative ways you can use WhatsApp for Business.

Your success on WhatsApp depends on how effectively you drive & handle customer engagement.

If you ace it, you’ll certainly boost your sales & provide robust customer support on WhatsApp.

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